Best Rainmeter Skins And Themes For Windows in 2018


Best Rainmeter Skins: If you are the one who wants to explore new ways to customize your Windows desktop. Skin is nothing but a simple, single-purpose tool as Windows desktop gadgets. All the skins are made from same building blocks but work differently depending on its choice. Users who are interested to mod Windows can use multiple skins for creating the best desktop. If you are looking for the extra information to add on your PC or for skins with modern UI then Rainmeter Skins are worth to check out. Have a glance at the blog for knowing in detail about Rainmeter Skins.

Best Rainmeter Skins 2018

What is Rainmeter:

Rainmeter is a free open source application for the desktop that lets for customization. It completely modifies the way your desktop looks like which is used to display an extra information. Rainmeter customizes the skins like memory and battery power, Clock, Network Statistics, Email, and Weather Forecasts on your desktop.

Rainmeter is compatible with all Windows version as XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. In order to use these skins on your Windows PC, you need to install the Rainmeter.

Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows:

With Rainmeter skins you can customise your desktop as you like & you can use few widgets like clock, Processor usage, Email, RSS feeds, Network Statistics and much more. There are number of skins in the market which makes user more confusing to select the right one so here we are providing you the Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows which we used personally are the below four skins and also we listed few more skins which are good to use.

#1. IronMan Jarvis
#2. Tech A
#3. Aliens
#4. Razor

Best Rainmeter Skins:

1: IronMan Jarvis

Jarvis is also stylized as J.A.R.V.I.S known as Just A Rather Very Intelligent System. The IronMan Jarvis Rainmeter Skin will work in a finer way. As it is a super customizable with multiple modules that can be repositioned easily. Includes the information displayed on a desktop as Clock/Date, Hard Disk Capacity, RSS feeds and shortcuts to the system folder.

 IronMan Jarvis rainmeter skin

2: Enigma

Enigma is the best Rainmeter Skin where you need to spend much time for configuring. Almost every wallpaper can be designed as per your desire. Nearly 100 customization tools are available for the user-friendly interface. And this skin was chosen as a default Rainmeter skin in 2009. All the submodules are highly configurable that can be rearranged in an individual way. Displays the information that includes multiple RSS feeds, RAM, CPU usage, Picture Slideshow, Weather, World Time, and Media playback control on the desktop.

Enigma skin 2018


PILEUS is specially designed Rainmeter Skin with unique subelements that are drawn and scrubbed. One of the popular skin for the users who like to have a huge amount of content on their desktop. Available in both the light and dark versions to attract the users by its appearance. Various Applets are available on the skin where you get everything from internet access and WinAmp to Notepad. It can display the insane amount of information as Power status, RSS feeds, Time, Date, and system folders to desktop shortcuts.



TECH-A is an amazing Rainmeter skin by being futuristic. The users who need all the information about their system and works on their desktop within an animated core. Displays all the information such as CPU usage, RAM utilization, date and time, and also provides the shortcuts for system and disk partitions.


5: Mass Effect

Mass Effect Rainmeter Skin was developed by the company BioWare as a gift for all fans. As it gives a feel of being part of the game when the person uses their system by this Mass Effect. The skin display includes a number of modules such as time, date, media playback and control panel, Network statistics graph which can be rearranged in a freeway.

Mass Effect


ALIENS is a perfect skin that customizes for a background wallpaper. Pairing using this skin to a right wallpaper can get the proper advantage for users. It makes sense when paired with the companion Aliens wallpaper that comes. Includes almost every module that are configurable from disk partition, date and time, power status, network upload, and disk partition shortcuts.


7: Eker Lina

Eker Lina provides a neat and clean information to the users as it is a well designed Rainmeter skin in a beautiful way. The sub-elements of skin are arranged as per the requirements for creating all sorts to look great. It consists of small modules like small widgets with a consistent design. Eker Lina displays a lot of data, system folder, drive shortcuts, RSS feeds, media controls, current weather and time and date.

Eker Lina Rainmeter Theme

8: Before Dawn

One of the simplest Rainmeter skin and easier to set up with zero tweaking. Every information can be seen in the center of display neatly without creating any disorder. The only thing you have to do is run it with stunning information from the entire width of the desktop. Before Dawn displays all the content including Time, date, shortcuts, temperature, RSS feeds, and shortcuts for the system.

Before Dawn

9: Razor

Razor is the only Rainmeter skin that depends mainly on the type of wallpaper a person use. Keeping a correct wallpaper can make your desktop look wonderful by your own decision. Includes full of transparency glass effects by minimizing the wallpaper. Razor displays all the information that includes Power strength, network strength, customizable dock, temperature, time, date and system shortcuts.


10: Speed

Speed is other Rainmeter skin which looks with frosted glass and transparency effects with the minimal wallpapers. All the speed modules have consistent look and can be rearranged to choose desktop in different resolutions. It displays all such as system time, date, RSS feeds, Network status, CPU or RAM usage, Temperature and email.


11. Battlefield 3

This Theme pulls the attention of Gamers as it was based on “Battlefield 3”. The themes include a sidebar which was displayed to the right side of your windows home screen.The weather widget is one of the main attraction in the theme which simply displays all the weather stats.Moreover, it shows the Usage of RAM, CPU temperature and much more on the screen.


12. Monster

Most of us love to represent them with evil icons and this theme suits them.This is a simple theme designed for game lovers and evil lovers.Like all, It shows each and every information regarding the CPU, RAM, and hard disk on the screen.It the wallpaper which makes the theme more notable.

monster rainskins

How To Install a Rainmeter Theme:

Rainmeter Theme can be installed in two ways from the internet either in an automatic or manual way. Follow the steps mentioned here to help to get started with.

  • Download the latest version of Rainmeter from the official website.
  • And then download the Rainmeter theme of your choice from different web sources.
  • Right-click and copy all the files in a .zip folder.
  • Copy and paste all the files in a skin folder where you are going to find in the documents folder.
  • Restart the application and click on the right tray icon.
  • Select “Config” and see the newly downloaded skin.
  • At last, you have successfully installed the Rainmeter Theme on your desktop.

How To Install a Rainmeter Theme

The information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to know about the Rainmeter skins. If you have any doubts regarding this issues can comment us below.


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