Top 7 Free Best Android Emulators Of 2018


Android Emulator: Android emulator is a software or hardware that lets you run and install Android applications on PC. There are a number of reasons why you want to use an Android emulator on your PC. Not only you convert on the big screen but the gamers can enjoy specific games. You can also do a bunch of other things including rooting and access for the application which requires root. Choosing a correct Android emulator might be a hard task where it can slow down your system if not selected properly. So here we go through some of the best Android emulators for Windows PC where you can run Android on the computer.


Why Use an Android Emulator:

Android emulator can be used for many things. One of the main things is you can play any gaming application or else run any application. By emulating an Android you can easily play an Android game on your Windows. Mainly developers use the Android emulator for checking and running the applications. Where the developers don’t have all of the Android devices so they can use emulators of Android to run different versions. So this might be another way for checking whether the applications run on multiple devices or else simply on the desktop.

Top 7 Android Emulators For Windows:

1: Nox App Player

Nox App Player is fairly a good Android emulator for Windows. Most of the Android applications from messaging to games are allowed to run on your PC. For completing a full experience of game Nox offers some additional utilities such as support from the computer’s keyboard and mouse. The control systems are very simple just click the mouse where you want or else tap. You can also control to keystrokes for games or apps with complicated schemes.

With simple interface make the application easy to use. As the setup of the app is not fast but straightforward where you can log in to Google Play Store account for downloading any applications that you have own already. The player’s settings can be modified that includes custom skins and CPU to increase performance. For playing games with the Joystick or gamepad, you can use game commands. Nox App Player creates a simple and stable Android emulator that is easy to use and run on most of the computers.

Nox App Player

2: BlueStacks

BlueStack is the mainstream Android emulator for Windows comparing to all other emulators. Mainly BlueStacks is available in two editions such as free and enterprise edition. It gives access to play all the games and applications from your Smartphone or desktop or Tablet. While playing your favorite games of Android on a large screen BlueStacks App Player provides the information in clear and detail.

With this Android emulator, you can have smooth experience without any bugs or lags. Another main advantage of this emulator is it can be used for messaging applications such as WhatsApp, and Kik on your system. For the users, who have to stay in touch on their computer constantly without switching to a different device a refresh is needed.


3: Andy Android Emulator

Andy is a free Android emulator of its own kind for Windows developed by Andyroid. The entire games can be run with full experience through this emulator. One of the most technical and visual platforms with high audio while performing its test. Andy is much easier to set up and offers a full Android interface. Either you can download and install applications and games through Google Play Store or else run the APK files through this system.

A complete access to Google Operating System can be given by this Android emulator. This is useful for messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, Line from your desktop. Also, supports for the notifications, widgets, sync of app data, and multi-touch gestures rather than just running the applications. As the Andy OS is great for mobile gaming and lets you use your Smartphone or Tablet as a remote control on the desktop.

Andy emulator runs through VirtualBox Machine which comes with the installer. Once the software is downloaded you can simply run the app and configure to Android options as you run this first on your mobile device. You can root the Android operating systems through this Andy OS for installing custom ROM’s or to change into a different launcher.

Andy Android Emulator

4: Genymotion

Genymotion is a quick and powerful Android emulator for Windows. One of the best free emulator in the market which is easy to use and configure. This software is available in both the free and premium editions. One can manage on own with the free version where premium version adds a few features. Automatic detection of keyboard and mouse on your computer and supports for internet access with no problem.

The geolocation can be enabled for increasing or decreasing the size of emulator window when launching the Android applications. It is free of unnecessary options to launch and the main menu lets you setup ADB. Even with the high quality, the software of this emulator is quite buggy. The screen rotation may cause a problem on some of the smartphones and selection of drop-down menu can cause the crash to the emulator. Supports the advanced features like OpenGL and hardware acceleration support.


5: MEmu

MEmu is a free Android emulator that simulates the previous version of Android Operating System. The main features of this emulator that support for both AMD and Intel Chipsets. MEmu emulator runs smoother with its high performance and has the ability to run multiple instances at the same time. For choosing some of the gaming applications it is not a correct emulator. If you need to play a game or some functions on the Android application this can be done from your desktop.

As this is a flexible emulator offers the user to configure CPU, RAM, device model and other settings. A full screen can be supported in some popular games where you can play with the Joysticks, keyboard, and mouse. Some of the key features of MEmu emulator includes drag and drop for installation of apk files, loads faster in time, keyboard mapping, and files can be shared easily from Android and Windows even other operating systems.


6: Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player is one of the new Android emulators for Windows. Allows you to boot and use as a default application for Android Operating System like Windows on your PC or Laptop. To play your favorite games on the desktop Remix OS Player emulator is the best option which is a bug-free. From the Google Play Store, you can have the wide collection of games and you need not limit the play time on your Smartphone.

With a few features, this emulator allows mapping unlimited buttons for control and also supports to play the multiple games at the same time. Mostly the online games access for multiplayer that are competitive. Get over your opponent with superior controls and timings with no worry about data plan and weak network connection of Wi-Fi. The user interface is easy to use and looks like stable without any test.

Remix OS Player

7: Droid4X

Droid4X Android emulator is the best emulator to operate the Android system on a computer. Mainly this application is popular for the user who is fond to play the three-dimensional games offered by Android emulator. As this is a free application to download and doesn’t require any charges. Offers almost the speed and performance that are necessary for playing fast games.

Once the Droid4X is installed access for the latest offers in Google Play Store. But the latest version of Droid4X offers many new features such as full-screen modes and a long time for download periods. The system performance can be optimized so that it increases the speed of the operating system and doesn’t affect at any cost. As this app can be possible to play the games even on Smartphones and PC so the users play with help of Joystick on their phones while playing on PC.


The information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to know about the best android emulators for windows. If you have any doubts regarding this issues can comment us below.


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