Android Oreo Common Issues And How To Fix Them


Android Oreo Common Issues And How To Fix Them: Android Oreo has come up with several new features and received many advertisements. Of all its features Autofill, notification dots, and picture-in-picture mode are specialized mostly for making the users easy. However, the release of Oreo has many complaints. Many of the users are complaining about the number of bugs which are troubled with this release. We might already know that new OS update suffers from the bugs but in case of Android Oreo, the bugs are almost annoying with the basic functions of the OS. Another main reason of Android Oreo is that some of the features differ depending on the type of device you are using. So in this article, we are going to describe the common issues of Android Oreo and solutions regarding how to fix these issues.

Android Oreo Common Issues And How To Fix Them

How To Fix Android Oreo Installation Problems:

Installation issues are the most prominent problems faced by Android Oreo users. A few users are running the problems while downloading the update manually. Let us start with side loading issues of Android Oreo. If you are trying to sideload Android Oreo on your phone or tablet install by a step by step which could solve your issue. If you don’t consider as a power user, wait for the Android Oreo update to operate.

If you are facing the trouble while installing OTA version for Android Oreo the main thing you need to do is a quick restart. Power or switch off your phone down and again turn on back to try again the installation. If a restart doesn’t work try to run out the battery of your device. If the battery dies then recharge your device to 100% and try to install it again.

If this also doesn’t work you can clear the cache. If you are not familiar with this process then from here you can know how to clear the cache data on your device.

  • Press to hold power and volume bottoms down until you see other than Google on your screen.
  • A large arrow should be seen at the top of the screen.
  • Click on Volume down option repeatedly until a recovery arrow and then tap on the power button.
  • You should see an Android with showing a red triangle and exclamation mark.
  • Hold the power button and tap to increase volume and release the power button.
  • By this, you can see a list of items from the top of a screen.
  • Click to decrease volume until it erases or wipe the item and cache data is focused mainly.
  • Now tap on the power button to start the process.
  • You may find a status message which appears on the bottom of the screen.
  • This may take a few minutes of time nearly 10-15 minutes to complete.
  • After completion, you are required to restart your device.

How To Fix Android Oreo Installation Problems

How To Fix Android Oreo Battery Life Problems:

After installing the new firmware Android Oreo and if you notice that battery drains severely on your device. No need to worry at all about this issue. You can fix this issues in a few minutes of time.

  • For managing your battery settings open “Settings” on your device.
  • Go to “Battery” and you may find a lot of options here.
  • Now you will find an option to enable the battery saver.
  • Click to set the sleep time and restrict the apps which are running on backgrounds process by “Force Stop” button.
  • By this, you can improve Android Oreo battery life on your Android phone or Tablet.

How To Fix Android Oreo Battery Life Problems

How To Fix Android Oreo Bluetooth Problems:

One of the major problem after updating the Android Oreo on the Android devices is with their Bluetooth Connectivity. Some of the Bluetooth issues are required to fix from Google. And the connection of Bluetooth became random and occasional. You can have a few steps to secure proper functioning of Bluetooth connection on your Android Smartphone or Tablet.

  • First of all, you are required to restart your Android device.
  • Even though you face a problem after restarting your device then open “Settings” on your device.
  • Scroll down for “Bluetooth” settings.
  • Go to “Connected devices” and reconnect them.
  • In most of the cases, this may solve or fix your issues.
  • A list of connected devices can be seen from Bluetooth.
  • Click on the settings icon which is presented beside each device name and then tap to “Forget”.
  • If you are unable to fix the issue after this method you can try to reset your “Network Settings”.
  • Go to Settings-> System-> Network Setting Reset and then tap on “Reset Settings” option.
  • If you are unable to fix the issue even by this alternative method try to start your device in a Safe mode.
  • For enabling Safe mode press and hold the “Power Off” button for 5 seconds to “Restart”.
  • The Safe mode helps to check any exploitation of your device.
  • After enabling Safe mode go back to normal mode and restart your device normally.

How To Fix Android Oreo Bluetooth Problems-

How To Fix Android Oreo Wi-Fi Problems:

The problems of Wi-Fi are widely reported compared to the Bluetooth connection problems. Only a few users face bugs on their devices. To fix these errors it’s easy as we just went through it before.

  • To fix the Wi-Fi errors open your device “Settings”.
  • Scroll down for “Network and Internet” and open “Wi-Fi”.
  • Click on “Saved Networks”.
  • Just click on the name of saved network and tap on “Forget”.
  • Now reconnect your network again by typing a password.
  • If this doesn’t solve your issue try another method.
  • Reset your Network settings.
  • To do this open “Settings” scroll down for “Security”.
  • Click on “Network Setting Reset” and then tap on the “Reset Settings” button.
  • If your device is unable to fix the error by this alternate method then try another method.
  • Start your device with a Safe Mode.
  • Click to press and hold on “Power Off” button for five seconds and then “Restart” the device in a Safe Mode.
  • The Safe Mode will try to check any software problems which your device might have.
  • After this go back to a normal mode and Restart your device.
  • Try alternate methods if it doesn’t fix the issues by the first method of Wi-Fi connectivity problems on your device.

How To Fix Android Oreo Wi-Fi Problems-

How To Fix Android Oreo Charging Problems:

Mostly the charging problem can be seen in many of the Android devices. These issues can take much time to fix and tricky to face slow charging speed. You need to restart your device at first. If this doesn’t work you need to change or check your cable.

If you use a third party charger then you are required to use the charger which came along with your device. Use the charger with a high voltage and try to exchange the wall charger for USB cable. Now manage your device to charge the battery for 100%. Once the device gets full charge make to waste charging itself. If your battery is about 5% then charge again to 100%. Repeat this process for four to five times to make you’re charging normally.

How To Fix Android Oreo Charging Problems

How To Fix Android Oreo Data Problems:

There are a few things to fix the issues if your data connection becomes weak with Android Oreo on your device. Power off your device and turn on to see if it might fix your data to restore your connectivity. Switch your device in an Airplane mode which turns off all of your device connections. After a few minutes turn off and check whether this might fix data problems.

Or else open your settings and go to Network and the Internet and click on Mobile network. Try to turn on and off your cellular data and LTE. If you are unable to fix reliable connection get in contact with your Google or reset your Phone or Tablet.

How To Fix Android Oreo Data Problems

How To Fix Android Oreo Sound Problems:

If your device suddenly cuts the sound you want to restart your phone. If you are unable to get sound in a particular app close and try to open it again. If this doesn’t fix the issue reinstall the app or update with the latest bug fixes. If you don’t fix this errors boot device to a Safe mode. Carefully remove and check your sound again.

How To Fix Android Oreo Sound Problems

How To Fix Android Oreo No Night Light:

Night Light is a handy feature which filters the blue light out from your Smartphones display. As this is a very handy feature make warmer colors on your eyes especially in the night time. Mainly the blue light was found to sleeping patterns and people use this feature in the night times who trouble to sleep. Almost for all smart devices like Laptops and Smartphones, night light feature is included.

How To Fix Android Oreo No Night Light

How To Fix Android Oreo Random Reboots:

Here are a few methods to fix your random reboots issue for your device. Try to contact for Google for a potential replacement or fix. Try to restart your device at first which has been worked for many times on other devices. If restarting your device doesn’t fix the issue try to update all your applications. And you also required to clear or wipe all the cache and data.

From your device settings click to open Apps and notifications. Now select for App info and you might get all of the applications which are installed and disabled on your device. Click on a new menu to bring an app and select the storage tab. Now you are able to see two tabs one is for Clear Data and the other for Clear Cache. Click to clear the cache and data and if you face this problem again contact to your Google Customers service.

How To Fix Android Oreo Random Reboots

How To Fix Android Oreo App Problems:

When ever you install apps on your devices we mostly have issues on any of the Android devices. Restart your Smartphone or Tablet. Or else hold down the power button to turn on after a few seconds of time. Check for the application updates where the developers roll out an update for a good chance to the new version. Before installing an app read the reviews from users of Android Oreo.

With help of force stop also might help to fix the issues for app problems. By this feature, it reset all the data from the app and kill its service from the background. Open your device settings and scroll down for Apps and notifications. From there tap the app name from the list and click the force stop button on next screen for Android Oreo.

You can also clear cache and clear data from the applications on your device. From your device settings click to open Apps and notifications and then tap on App info. Now select the storage tab and click to clear all the cache and data. If none of the methods fix your app issue you can contact the app developer or Sounds cloud community forum.

How To Fix Android Oreo App Problems

How To Fix Android Oreo Common Issues And Their Fixes:

Mostly you can have all the major issues reported by users who had installed Android Oreo firmware on their Android devices. If you are updated from the Android Oreo from Android Oreo Beta then the storage space needed on your device will be around 987 MB. To install it may take a couple of minutes over a high-speed Wi-Fi connection. Some of the apps after the upgrade version may notice or fix issues but Android Oreo doesn’t have any issues with its core applications.

The core applications include a mixture of first and third party apps such as Chrome which is fast and secure. Android Oreo device comes with a fast board of UI.

The information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to fix the common issues for Android Oreo by this article. Although there are many issues they are not reported widely because of its easy way to fix issues just by restarting the device. As it has been few days the performance of software on Android devices worked well. If you have any doubts or issues regarding this article which are not mentioned in this section can comment us below.



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