Android Oreo : Features, Compatibility& Highlights Of Android Oreo


Android Oreo: In these days Android Operating System has been a popular smartphone around the world. Most of the users are aware of using the features of their own mobile phones with an easy version of KitKat, LolliPop, and Nougat. Based on the increment of users Google has developed many Android Operating systems officially. Whatever might be the Android version you are using some of the bugs and errors can be fixed in a few applications. Finally, Google took an opportunity to launch an Eclipsed themed Android 8.0 for all Android OS. And the latest mobile Operating System for Android has officially released Android Oreo where all the rumors are have been proved true.

Android Oreo

Android Oreo:

Android Oreo is also abbreviated as Android O which was the 8th major version of Android mobile Operating System. This was released as the preview of alpha quality by the developers. Later on, this preview was released as beta quality and finalizes the application program interface by the third party developers. Finally, the preview was released with the behaviors and latest bug fixes and optimization which combine the system behavior.

Get ready to use the latest updated version of Android Oreo on all your Android operating systems. This doesn’t face any jam pack features with other Android versions. A wide number of features are developed and one should download or install this version. Where you can have features like picture in picture to notify changes which keep irritating alerts at bay.

Android 8.0 version is smarter, faster, sweeter and most powerful than ever. It was released on August 21, 2017, corresponding with the visibility of solar eclipse in the US. Only on a few devices, Android Oreo is compatible such as Nexus and Pixel and most of the features are testing to develop in all Android mobile OS. Android Oreo is the latest version of update where the name Oreo was produced by Nabisco and officially introduced by Google.

Keeping your Android device updated is the most important factor for its security and stability. Android Oreo 8.0 update brings tons of new features with a complete design like Android Wear 2.0 under the hood improvements to enhance the overall experience for the Android users. This post is to have a full idea about the Android latest version on your respective Android mobile operating systems.

Highlights Of Android Oreo:

Some of the highlights of Android 8.0 Oreo were specified here to be aware of users. A few points are mentioned to have a good database of devices.

  •  Improved customized notifications.
  • Many new features of Keyboard can be seen.
  • Easy to handle the cache.
  • Supports to control more background running applications.
  • Several new indications are developed.
  • Adaptive icons are improved.

Features Of Android 8.0 Oreo:

Every Android version comes with many a few new features either in a small or large improvement. Some of the Android Oreo key features are mentioned when you have an update to your own Android OS. To know the compatibility and specifications of the Android 8.0 Oreo version have a clear interface of this post.

Picture-Picture Mode:

You can see this mode which is available for Android TV a while. But this picture in picture mode now helps to watch the videos from Netflix, Youtube or Google play app to continue the application which you are in. By this, you can’t find any disturbance while using other apps on your mobile smartphone. The developers have built this feature to function the picture in picture mode when it is minimized. Many third party applications will take the advantage of this feature in future.

Picture In Picture Mode In Oreo

Adaptive Icons:

The icons change their shape according to a device they are using on. Regarding the Pixel device, the icon of Twitter will be square and for Galaxy S8 it might display the icon of a circle. But the users who update their smartphones to Android Oreo will have the different shaped icons for different devices. There is a possibility to add visual effects to icons to seem cool features.

Adaptive Features In Android Oreo

Notification Channels:

One of the most important features which can be very useful. The badges of the app have been upgraded and whenever you find a new notification the icon of the app shows a tiny dots. A received notification can be informed to the user. This notification can be viewed directly from the home screen by a long press on the app icon. If you are watching the news in one of the apps and you could group your notifications into technology, sports and so on where you can load notifications to get the info you want.

Notifications Channel In Android Oreo

Better App Security:

A new feature was built into the Google Play Store app called Google app protect for the Android 8.0 new version. This is an essential antivirus and antimalware scan for your smartphone to scan where nothing damaging applications are installed. In the accordance of Google Android 8.0 Oreo scans a 50 billion apps daily to run all the hidden applications from the background. And the notification can be shown in the Play Store of your device screen to notify the apps which are scanned at last and clear risk data.

Smart Text Selection:

Smart text selection enables a user to select the related text such as address, phone number etc. In some cases, copying and pasting the taste may waste your time. To overcome this issues Android Oreo has developed a feature to copy the whole text with a double tap on the screen. Automatically it selects the data which you want to select either it may be a phone number or an address.

Smart Text Selection In android oreo

Wifi Aware:

Wifi aware feature basically connects to share the data and locate the other devices via wifi rather than Bluetooth. By this Oreo version, you can able to share wifi over longer distances with faster rates of transfer.

Wi-Fi Aware In Android Oreo


You might have known this term before while using Google Chrome browser on your respective device. The browser automatically fills the details of your when you have saved them earlier. Now with the third party applications, you are able to take this feature as the advantage to function with the help of user master password. Or else by the fingerprint sensor you can auto fill on your device.

Auto-Fill In Android Oreo

Better Battery Life:

Android Oreo manages and limits the applications what to run in the background. By this, it saves the battery life of your device. To save the battery life you also needed to turn off your location. Running the Google Maps in the background for a few minutes may shut down your mobile services of that specified app.

Better battery Life In Android Oreo

New Emojis:

Android 8.0 Oreo comes with a large collection of new emojis. This emojis may look better and enhance a better-suited express based on your every mood.

New Emojis In Android Oreo

Improved Sound Quality:

Android Oreo comes with an update of “High-quality Bluetooth audio Codecs” which bring a significant change in sound quality while listening to music via a wireless audio device. It helps to push the removal of the headphone jack in the upcoming Android Smartphones. A fair chance is given for upcoming pixel phones where it is not able to have a headphone jack.

Better Sound Quality In Android Oreo

The above information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to know about the latest version of Android 8.0 Oreo for all Android Mobile Operating Systems. Some of the devices are not capable of this version because it still runs with some operations of features. If you have any doubts regarding this issues comment us below.


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