FreeNAS Alternatives – Best 7 Alternatives Of FreeNAS


Alternatives Of FreeNAS: FreeNAS refers to Free Network Attached System which can be installed on any hardware platform for sharing data over a network. In a simple way, it creates the easy access to your data. Mainly this system was based on FreeBSD and OpenZFS file systems. One of the prime choice among the users who want to share their content across multiple platforms like Windows, iOS and much more. Even it is the best program it offers a few demerits. If you want a choice of OS to get network attached storage then FreeNAS will be a possible option for this purpose.

FreeNAS can be used with ZFS to protect, store, backup all your data. This tool can be used anywhere based on their work such as home, business, and enterprise. A free program which runs for purpose of sharing files, replication, plugins and snapshot purposes. Comparing to all other applications FreeNAS is the best requirement for enterprises to create a database for accessing and sharing its data.

Are you searching for FreeNAS alternatives which operate on other OS? Due to many reasons many users are looking for alternatives mainly increment in the hardware requirements. If you are looking for a replacement for OS to get storage and run then you are on the right page.  So I am here to guide you the best alternatives of FreeNAS for more info related to it have a glance at this article.

FreeNAS Alternatives

Best 7 Alternatives Of FreeNAS:

1. Windows Home Server:

As we know still now Windows is the famous Operating System around the world. It might be more convenient if we have a NAS on a Microsoft platform. So Windows Home Server is a complete package of Windows Home edition. By this, you can have an idea that it is compatible with all of the hardware and required software. This tool is available in Windows and higher versions. With the OS it provides daily backups on multiple computers to restore the entire data on PC.

From Windows Media Center you can access to multimedia files on any device on the network. As it offers a security data so you can choose what files to be shared and rest of them are kept in private. By all the features of Windows Home Server, this is the best replacement for FreeNAS which is compatible with all devices.

Windows Home Server

2. OpenMediaVault:

OpenMediaVault is a perfect alternative for FreeNAS which is preferred by most of the users. This tool is a simple and original web platform based on Debian Linux. Compatible with all the Linux Operating Systems and advanced system for Network Attached Storage. However, it is a leading service that supports many other tools. Some of the most popular tools are FTP, AFS, SMB, CIFS, SSH and much more.

A free open source NAS Operating System developed for the purpose of the home or small offices. One of the best features of this software is that uses the plugin of Bit Torrent to function effectively. Helps to customize your full system.


3. Openfiler:

Openfiler program was preferred by most of the users. It is an open source storage for managing system which is best known for its unified storage system. Compatible with all popular hardware as SATA. SAS, and SCSI disk technologies. Supports the x86, x64 Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron processors as well as controllers of the RAID. Some of the features of this software are CIFS, HTTP, NFS and SAN, block replication of LAN and WAN, new web management system, free storage capacity and much more.

From this tool, you can get 60TB of storage to access your files and system settings from an automatic web-based user-interface. Most of the software and hardware users will like this program.


4. SnapRAID:

SnapRAID is one of the best alternatives of FreeNAS. Actually, this is a backup program for disk arrays which stores the private information of your data and makes them recover from up to six data failures. It is targeted mainly on a home media where a lot of files gets changed rarely. All the data was hashed to ensure data integrity for avoiding corruption. If the disks are failed it allows a recovery where you lose data on the failed disks.

By chance, if you have deleted the files automatically in a disk there is a possibility for recovery. It is particularly designed for home media centers for the users to manage data in an effective way. For accessing a file requires a single disk to spin, save power for less noise.


5. Amahi:

Amahi is the similar software to FreeNAS that offers a decent home server. Provides a better solution for making home networking in a simple and easy way to use. The main advantage of this is it backup all your data from the basic computer and then share conveniently on other devices. You can store data from anywhere which works in the best way. If your PC fails then you can restore all the files back again.

There is a possible way to access content which provides to set up a VPN. It works as a pack of various services and functions in shape of media, home as well as application server software. Offers user-friendly interface for the users with the basic storage system, backup system, and web app for small sized networks. One of the powerful, simple home server.


6. NAS4Free:

NAS4Free is not a perfect replacement for FreeNAS software. While this tool is the next series of Windows 7 which is developed as a separate project. As it is related mostly to FreeNAS supports to share with various systems like Windows, Apple, and Linux. Mainly this free network attached system based on FreeBSD system. An open source network which is capable of any hardware based platform for sharing computer data storage on a large computer.

NAS4Free can be installed on Compact Flash, USB, SSD key or hard disks with a small USB key for configuration storage. Based on commercial NAS boxes your customized NAS4Free offers cheap, powerful, more custom fits to your needs. Includes new features as bug fixes, upgrade a few versions of components.


7. UnRAID:

UnRAID gives the ultimate control over data and applications. If you want to build custom media server with high storage service then FreeNAS offers as an ideal choice. Mainly this software was designed to boot from a USB device that is capable to handle 38TB of memory. If it is an unregistered version then it takes up to 3 hard drives. By chance, if you got more storage space then you are required to purchase a registration key.

The platform of UnRAID was developed by Lime  Technology which is available in multiple platforms. To download this software you need to visit the company website. Apart from this, you will get a USB drive which is preconfigured in two options as plus and pro edition. Even the developers are offering preloaded hard drives and servers.


The information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to know about the best alternatives of FreeNAS. From here you can choose any of the alternative based on your interest. If you have any doubts regarding this issues can comment us below. We will come across your issues and finds a better solution.


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