Best 6 Alt Coins To Invest in 2018


Do you hear about the Cryptocurrency still now? If the answer is No, you need not get worried. As I am here to tell you in detail what actually is a Cryptocurrency and what to do with investing these type of currency. There are several types of the altcoins of cryptocurrency. If you are searching for the best Alt coins to invest then you are on the right page. From this blog, I am sure that you will have a clear idea about Cryptocurrencyency undoubtedly. For more info regarding Altcoins have a glance at this article.

Best 6 Alt Coins To Invest

What is an Altcoin?

Altcoin is a combination of both the words “Alt” as well as “Coin”. Where the term “Alt” implies Alternative and “Coin” implies Currency. Altogether the word Altcoin implied as a category of Cryptocurrency. After the success of Bitcoin, many digital currencies have attempted to imitate for a better result.


Cryptocurrency is nothing but a digital asset which uses the cryptography for secure transactions. Mainly Cryptocurrencies are accepted as a medium of exchange in a secure way. It also controls for making the additional units as well as for verifying the transfer of assets. These are classified as Digital currencies, Alternative currencies, and Virtual currencies. It was also named as Virtual currency for making better sense in the way how transactions are done.

Mostly the investors are interested in investing their money on the Cryptocurrency. Due to the huge demand for Crypto, there was a lot of improvement in prices. However, investing in stocks or mutual funds or some other investment had less profit so that many of the investors are exploring in Cryptocurrency. For investing some of the coins into Cryptocurrency we have mentioned a list of few Altcoins from here. Have a look at the blog for related information.

Best Alt Coins to Invest:

Nearly there are 5000 cryptocurrencies in the world. If you are in a confusion about which is the best one have a glance here for more info. After analyzing all of them we have listed the best 8 Altcoins according to market, demand, and future scope.

1. Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is on the top list with a market capitalization of trillion dollars. This was the first cryptocurrency which is introduced in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is the only virtual currency available in the market with no control over it. Even though there are a number of coins but Bitcoin still remains as the best among them. Bitcoin is tagged as Altcoin rather than any other coin.

You can buy 1 Bitcoin US Dollar by paying an amount of $7692 which is a costlier currency in the market. The Bitcoin is illegal and legal in some countries. Bitcoin can be used by every user around the worldwide. The symbol of Bitcoin has been designed as “B”.


2. Ethereum:

Ethereum is assumed as the next Bitcoin in the top list of Altcoins. This is an open source platform with the feature distributed computing and smart contract functionality. Ethereum can execute scripts managing an international network of public nodes. At last this system was initially released in 2015 with 11.9 million coins which are premised based on crowdsale.

Even though Ethereum has built on a different technology it offers the similar growth of Bitcoin in future. The value of Ethereum has risen to more than $400 as of 2017 and expecting a rise of 5,000% since the year beginning. To notify the coin Ethereum it has been designed by the symbol “ETH”. All around the world the users can use this currency. You can buy an Ethereum US Dollar coin by paying an amount of $336.66.


3. Ripple:

For the purpose of investing Ripple offers much better than the Bitcoin and Ethereum. One of the real-time gross settlement system and remittance network by Ripple. This was also named as a Ripple Transaction Protocol or Ripple Protocol. It was officially released in 2012 by the developer Ripple. Almost 80 banks are testing Ripple technology to keep numerous coins for transactions.

As this network is decentralized which can operate without Ripple and can”t be shut down. To buy a single Ripple coin by paying an amount of US Dollars 0.2265. This was mainly used for the swift transactions which take a few seconds of time to finish. Ripple website itself describes an open source protocol as basic infrastructure technology for interbank transactions and neutral utility for financial systems.


4. Litecoin:

Litecoin is one of the best Cryptocurrency and open source software under the license MIT/X11. Based on the open source cryptographic protocol coins can be created and transferred. As this has been inspired by many users due to its faster transactions confirmation. This is almost similar to Bitcoin where it offers a few minor technical differences.

Litecoin was introduced in 2011 by Charlie Lee who is a Google employee. It was designed by the symbol “LTC”. Until now based on market capitalization Litecoin offers billions of amount. To buy a single coin you should pay an amount around $85.18 US Dollar.


5. Monero:

Monero is the most private and secure coin comparing to other biggest coins in the market. It was developed in the year 2014 which mainly focus on privacy and decentralization that runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. For recording transactions, it uses a public ledger where the new units can create through the mining process. This is based on the Cryptonote protocol that possesses significant difference in algorithm relating to the blockchain.

The symbol of Monero was designed as “ɱ”. To buy a single coin of Monero you should pay an amount around $129.22 US Dollars. It protects blockchain in three privacy ways as Ring sign enables the sender for hiding among other transactions output. Where the Stealth address hides for receiving the address of the transaction and finally RingCT hides the transaction amount.


6. IOTA:

IOTA mainly focus on providing secure communications and payments between the machines on the internet for things. The transactions of IOTA are free by using the technology Directed Acyclic Graph. Several numbers of transactions can be handled in a fast manner. It was introduced in the year 2016 and can be used all over the world. As of now the market capitalization of IOTA in 2017 is over $2 billion.

With its own technology, it became the 7th largest Cryptocurrency and one of the best Altcoin for investing. The main source of IOTA is to offer initial coins. Instead of using a Blockchain it offers a DAG which can also be referred as “Tangle”. To get a single IOTA coin you need to pay an amount of around $0.7677 US Dollars.


How To Buy These Altcoins in India:

However, until now you came across what is an Altcoin and the best Altcoins for investing. Many of the users may confuse about its purchase. You need not worry as I am here to tell you how to buy the Altcoins in India. Just have a look at them if you are enthusiastic to invest some money.

As Crypto dealing in India is not available in an official way there are only some exchanges which costs more than the actual cost. If you wanted these Altcoins for trading really then the best one is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the only one which you can have and easily get converted to any other coin through a few exchanges like Poloniex and Changelly.

But if you want to buy Bitcoins in India then there a couple of exchange names as Zebpay and Koinex. And the helps to purchase only the Ethereum coins. Based on your choice or interest choose any of the Altcoins to buy in India for investing.

The information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to know about the best Altcoins to invest. As these Altcoins costs much amount to purchase for future savings. If you have any doubts regarding this issues can comment us below. We will come across your issues and finds a better solution.


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