6 Best Autotune Softwares {Latest & Updated Softwares}


Best Autotune Softwares: The best Autotune Software works on audio bits by transforming them into good sound. These sorts have been around the music industry helping the artists sound pitch perfect. Why the only bigwigs in the music business have a voice that sounds like an angel? This will help you to pick out the perfect pitch. In this you can add the instruments sounds so that your guitar solos or classical piano pieces sound will be music to the ears. Today we are discussing the 6 best Autotune Softwares go through with this article to choose the best Autotune software.

Best Autotune Softwares

The 6 Best Autotune Softwares are:

1. Antares EVO:

In this, the audio processor is great to employ with the vocal tracks which are slightly off-key. It makes a perfect sound by putting them with a particular treatment. The program in the question proffers automatic and graphical pitch, formant correction and real-time shifting. As the automatic section is concerned the software understand the pitch and alters to match scale pitch.

The graphical mode has the ability to display the detected pitch and gives you the power to choose the desired pitch by the graphics tools. Other features that are also embedded here are redesigned user interface, enhanced core technology and also reorganized common controls. It is perfectly fit the Mac OS X and Windows PC.

Antares EVO

2. Celemony Melodyne:

It provides single-track audio editing environment that is accommodated with polyphonic, monophonic, and rhythmic audio bites. It has come with the automatic or manual correction of intonation and as well as timing errors. In this, you can also put your own spin on the harmonies, melodies, rhythm, and timing and modify the different note parameters like volume.

Some attributes as time stretching, pitch shifting, in-depth editing of note timings, creation and editing scales, MIDI file export. It is available on Windows and Mac OS X If you want the complete version you can purchase it for $399.

Celemony Melodyne

3. Waves Tune:

Imagine this you have finished the recording a new track and all the things are set to delivery to emotion is present in your song. Now you want to alter the notes by that your entire masterpiece is pitch- perfect just minus the presence of false note for this you need a comprehensive bunch of precision real-time editing tool. That comes interesting to play the song.

By this, you can make your tweaks within DAW environment instead of working offline. Here Get your vocals back on track is the call to the arms. also thrown into the pitch edit graph includes piano roll, timeline and pitch editor.  You can able to spy a trio of timeline minutes/seconds, bars/beats, and sample. For a free demo, you can buy $400 to procure the edition.

Waves Tune

4. Mu Technologies Mu Voice:

With this, you will be able to easily adorn your tracks with special effects and tune vocal and harmonies. The useful features proprieties spectral analysis and synthesis techniques. the latest version namely Mu Voice v1.3 jumps in with the tagline.

By this, you can ha.ve a real-time vocal processing plug-in sparkle loads of interesting options will help you sound like diva or T-Pain. The ideal employing in the studio includes selection, chord scheme navigation, and chord recognition. It suits for Mac and Windows PC you can pick this for $330.

5. Cubase:

These features are housing perfectly for hip-hop producers, DJs, film composers, and songs. It installed with this clear a couple of entrants that allows you to alter the pitch. The developer said that you can exploit the built-in vocal editing and pitch alteration of the monophonic signals.


6. GarageBand Enhance Tuning:

The final contender is particularly created for Mac users. It is a specific feature that is roped into the app and it is situated on a left-hand side of the screen. By siding with the slider you can able to the tuning of real instrument track. The notes can be moved to nearest one that is on the chromatic scale. You can completely use the Limit to Key for tuning notes in the project key.

GarageBand Enhance Tuning

The best autotune software will automatically help you to achieve pitch the song perfect vocals. By this, you can able to pitch perfect even if you are not a pro at singing. Choose the best autotune software if you have any queries then let me know in comment section.


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