Best Call Blocker For Android : Block a Phone Number On Your Android Devices


Best Call Blocker For Android: The Smartphones have become most popular in these days mainly every one their own Android Operating Systems. A wide number of applications can be seen in Google Play Store either they can be installed for free or paid. It is quite annoying when strangers call you constantly and you don’t want to answer the call. You can block any number on your Android smartphone by using third party applications. After blocking a number you won’t receive any calls or text messages from the blocked number. Only a few Android phones offer this built feature and still many of them don’t have this feature. And today am going to share about the top android call blockers that will surely help you to block unwanted calls.

Best Call Blockers For Androids

Call Blocker For Android:

Call blocker is one of the most effective applications which prevents from the unwanted calls and texts from the unknown persons. With the third party applications on your mobile handset works all the features of Call blocker for Android. By advanced development, many call blocking apps offer extra features like filters, notifications to make easier to block unwanted calls.

These apps mainly help to block calls when the telemarketing services who calls you to sell some insurance service. A list of best call blocking applications is created for Android. You can be away from any annoying calls from strangers from the below-mentioned applications from this blog.

Best Call Blocking Apps For Android:

Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker:

Calls blacklist is a free call blocking application for Android. This comes with the features of call and SMS filtering. An easy way to manage either the whitelist and blacklist to stop unwanted calls and texts from the strangers or unknown people. As this application is of light weight and saves your battery to run faster. Import contacts from your phone contacts and create the whitelist for getting calls and messages. There is a possibility to create a blacklist for letting to deny calls or messages by you.

Calls Blacklist - Call Blocker


  • Create blacklist to allow calls and messages.
  • Supports to get notification from blocking calls or SMS.
  • It is a user-friendly interface which can be used easily.
  • Support to import contacts from your phone contacts.

Caller ID, Block Calls, and Texts:

The Caller ID, Block calls and Texts is one of the most popular applications of  Call Blocker for Android. And this app runs only on the latest versions of Android KitKat, Marshmallow, Lollipop and Nougat. It automatically hangs calls and sends voice or text SMS. You have to create and manage a blacklist for getting away from the annoying calls and SMS.

Caller ID, Block Calls, and Texts


  • Support to block messages and calls.
  • Automatically blocks the calls and SMS from private numbers.
  • You can protect your blacklist or whitelist with a password.
  • Supports to get the information about caller details and caller ID.

Call Blocker Free – Blacklist:

The Call Blocker Free is another free application for Android which helps to prevent the spam calls and SMS. As this app is of light weight and which suits for inexperienced users with advanced features. One of the most effective call blocker app for Android operating systems.

Call Blocker Free - Blacklist


  • Support to block unwanted calls and SMS using blacklist.
  • You can receive calls or SMS only from the whitelist.
  • Supports to notify about the blocked calls or SMS on your device.
  • Supports all the multi languages.

Truecaller – Caller ID and Block:

The Truecaller is the most popular application which stops receiving calls and messages from the strangers or Telemarketers. Comparing to all other Android apps Truecaller is the most used app over 100 millions of users. The top downloaded application by the users which are of free. Truecaller is also available for the premium version with many functions and features.



  • Supports to have detailed information about the Caller ID.
  • Block calls and SMS from the strangers or telemarketers.
  • Support the search feature integrated.

Blacklist Plus – Call Blocker:

The Blacklist Plus is a user-friendly interface which can be used in an easy way to block calls for Android. This comes with a simple and effective feature where you can create a blacklist with a specific number. By this app, you can easily hang up any unwanted call or SMS instantly.

Blacklist Plus - Call Blocker


  • Supports to create and manage whitelist and blacklist.
  • You can hang up any unwanted call.
  • Supports to mute calls from the blacklist.
  • Saves the battery life.
  • Supports to block hidden or private numbers.

Mr. Number – Block Calls and Spam:

The Mr. Number is one of the best call blocker app for Android. This app allows blocking the text features also. There is a possibility to set a custom text or voice message from unwanted or private numbers. And this app is a simple and user-friendly interface where millions of users are aware of it.

Mr. Number - Block Calls and Spam


  • Block calls and SMS from the strangers.
  • Supports to a complaint against spam or telemarketers numbers for helping the other users.
  • Smart suspected spam filtering option.

The above information that I have mentioned in this blog helps to block the unwanted calls and SMS from the strangers for Android Operating Systems. If you have any doubts regarding this issues comment us below.


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