Best Call Recording Apps For Android {Free& Paid Apps}


Best Call Recording Apps For Android: Having an important conversation while knowing you will probably forget it all when the call ends? Discussing ideas that will be lost because you don’t have a pen and paper? Or want proof that someone says something to you? All these things required a call recorder. Call record store it, save it, and use it. The play store has 90 apps for most Android devices which not only record calls but also email it to you for later use. There are many reasons for recording call that it may be not missing any significant point. Recording calls are, therefore, the easiest and safest thing to do. In this article, we have listed some call recording applications for your Android device find best one for your need while attending calls. There are some free apps and some paid apps. Paid apps are extended from the free apps as Pro version to know about all this applications go through this article it will help you to choose the best application to your device.

Best Call Recording Apps For Android

Free Call Recording Apps For Android Device:

1 .Advanced Call Recorder:

The advanced Call Recorder is one of the best call recording application for Android phone. This application is a freeware developed by Systweak. Let’s have a look at the features of advanced Call Recorder.

  1. Allows to start or stop the call recorder in between calls.
  2. block calls from unwanted numbers.
  3. It Allows setting a password or pattern to save the recorded files.
  4. it allows sharing recorded files.

Advanced Call Recorder

2.Smart Auto Call Recorder:

This is another application to record calls on your android phone. It is a freeware and is developed by travel diary. Below are the features of Smart Auto Call Recorder.

  1. It records all calls automatically.
  2. The calls are recorded in MP4 format.
  3. Auto delete feature is present that will delete automatically.
  4. You can share the audio file via Bluetooth, Email, Gmail, Messaging.

Smart Auto Call Recorder

3.Call Recorder-ACR:

This is one of the most download call records on the android device this application is compatible with almost all android versions. This application has come with some features like manual call recording, auto-deleting old calls, password protection for recordings, marking the recording as important so they don’t get auto delete. You can save the recording in different formats like MP3, 3gp, AAC, WAV. You can get this application from play store it is free of cost.

Call Recorder-ACR

4.Total Call Recorder:

The Total Call Recorder gets to the list of one of the best call recording application for android device. This is developed by BazmoApp Solution. Here are the features of Total Call Recorder.

  1. Allos you to record and manage the calls.
  2. This application either manually or automatically records calls.
  3. You can share the audio file via Bluetooth, WhatsApp, Gmail.
  4. It has a present record with Option to record all, record the contacts, ignore all, and ignore contacts.

Total Call Recorder

5.Note Call recorder:

Features of Note Call Recorder.

  1. It records automatically the incoming calls and outgoing calls with good sound quality.
  2. You can reject a call and add a phone number to blacklist and block call.
  3. It shows last week, last months statistics with intuitive charts.
  4. It syncs recorded files to Dropbox, Google Drive.

Note Call recorder

6.Galaxy Call Recorder:

This application is mainly for Samsung phones. Galaxy Call recorder helps to store in the 2-way conversation. This application uses Android Standard API, This 2way conversation will work on only some Samsung devices such as Samsung Note 3/2,

Galaxy S5/4/3/2. for other phones, the application uses the microphone to capture audio which means you should turn on the loudspeaker during conversation to record voice from both sides.

Galaxy Call Recorder

7.Call Recorder:

The call Recorder application lets you record all your calls in a very easy way as well as manage call records. After installing the application on your device it will automatically start recording all the calls which you are answered. The best feature in this application is the ability to organize the calls records.

Call Recorder

8.RMC: Android Call Recorder:

RMC is Record My Call is a simple and free call recording application without many bells and whistles but the recordings themselves. The application is compatible with all HTC phones like Desire, Sensation XE, Samsung Galaxy S5. The new interface is available only for ICS. In this, it won’t record the calls automatically you should enable the application.

RMC: Android Call Recorder

9.Phone Call Recorder:

The Phone Call Recorder is one of the best call recordings and is working is good on Android device. You can record unlimited recordings of outgoing and incoming calls. The features of Phone Call Recorder are:

  1. This application not only records the calls but also block unwanted calls.
  2. This application allows recording important calls to Favorites.
  3. It supports multiple file types 3GP, MP3, AMR, and MPEG-4.
  4. Easy to share recorded call.

Phone Call Recorder

10.Easy Voice Recorder:

If you want to make the record of your personal notes, Meetings, Classes and any other details this is the best application. The name allows you to share and manage your recording plus back them up on your laptop or PC. This application allows you to record in the background and easily manage the all recorder via a home screen widget. The calls are will record with high-quality PMC and AAC formats.

Easy Voice Recorder

Paid Call Recording Android Apps:

1.Call Recorder Pro: 

call Recorder Pro warns you that not every phone has the prerequisites for call recording, a few tips how to fix the issues, and offers plenty of settings to try out. You can lock certain conversation to prevent auto-deleting, automate the recording function. The Pro Version allows you to share the call conversation to others even set the audio quality setting. The application is compatible with Nexus 5, HTC One series, Samsung Galaxy 4 and 5.

Call Recorder Pro

2.Easy Voice Recorder Pro:

This Easy Voice Pro version has a few additional features, the ability to boost the gain on the microphone of your device, Resume previously stopped recordings, and exclude your recordings from being listed in the automatic Android media scan is used to find music. This application lets you toggle between automatic and manual recording modes with its widget. The Pro application rating is proof of its usefulness and effective.

Easy Voice Recorder Pro

3.Call Recorder Pro:

It is a Simple and intuitive application with many features that actually work. Call record quality may differ on devices due to laws of the country. The application lets you enable or disable the automatic call recording. The application lets you enable the automatic call recording. The pro version gives to manually record to add notes to the features.

Call Recorder Pro

4.Automatic Call Recorder Pro:

The Auto Call Recorder lets you automatically record all calls, or choose to record only those not in the contact list. you can save or delete the call recording as your wish. You can share the recording and there is a recent Dropbox integration provided as well. The application is good for its cost as it has many features included such as automatic cloud storage for selected contacts and different modes of working.

Automatic Call Recorder Pro

These are some of the free and paid versions of Call recording application for android device. Choose which suit the best for you and record the call for future use. I think this article helped to choose the best Call recording application if you have any quries regarding this article lets us know in comment section.


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