Top 5 Most Popular Clock Widget Apps for Android [Analog & Digital]


With a rapid advancement in the technology, we are currently using the best clock widget apps on Android that initiated with a manual clock. Android is the one and only one platform that remains powerful in all aspects helping its users. The users of Android devices have the ease of carrying out any task with the help of a simple app. Like everything, there is an exclusive app for clock widgets on Android platform. To complete any given target in a stipulated time period, people will definitely need a clock that reminds their time every now and then.

People look at a clock when they feel bored in a tedious company meeting. So, there is an immense need for a clock. We have a plethora variety of clocks available in the market as well as in the form of apps. Clock Widgets enable the users to manage an organization in a wise manner by looking at the home screen of the device. These apps help the users to stay aware of various elements like climate, shortcuts, email exchange and a lot more. We have compiled a list of the best clock widget apps for Android both analog and digital. Take a quick look!

best clock widgets

Best Clock Widget Apps for Android

Let’s take a swift glance at the compilation of the best clock widget apps [analog and digital] for Android platform:

  1. Chronus

Chronus is one of the most popular clock widgets available for all the Android users on Google Play Store. This app can be used by all the users as it renders an intuitive and impressive user interface. There are millions of options that enable the users to explore with much ease.

Best Clock Widget Apps - Chronus


  • Some of the key customization options present on this app include clock, alarm, calendar events, time panel and more.
  • This clock widget app functions perfectly on a range of Android versions i.e., Android 4.1 and above versions.
  • The users have the ability to customize each and every feature based on their requirement.
  • You can easily add your required feature to the lock screen.

2. Fancy Widgets

Fancy Widgets is another best clock widget available for Android platform. This app lets the users know the weather updates on a frequent basis. This app offers a total of 5 different dimensions that are completely functional and each one depends on the widget’s size you’ve selected. The users can personalize their Android home screen through the best customizable clock widgets, weather, forecast and more.

Fancy Widgets - Best Clock Widget Apps for Android


  • Ability to choose Google or AccuWeather to forecast the weather
  • Numerous customizable widget tap actions
  • You can use a clock with an ease of customizing time and date format.
  • There are numerous widgets in a variety of sizes and styles.

3. D-Clock Widget

D-Clock Widget allows the users to check the time and save it for the whole day. This app enables us to change between 2 different time formats i.e., 12-hour and 24-hour formats. Based on your preferences, you can select any of the formats. Some of the best features are listed below.

D-Clock Widget


  • There is a possibility of choosing a wallpaper that matches the clock on this widget.
  • The users have abundant 3D effects that turn your clock widget look more appealing.
  • The storage space occupied by D-Clock widget is pretty less and there is no issue with storage.
  • There are numerous colors and theme options available on this clock widget.

4. One More Clock Widget

One More Clock Widget offers two different versions i.e., a free as well as a paid version. If you are willing to spend a little i.e.,, 0.99 USD then, you can go with the paid version. There is a simplistic skin with a plain white text on the transparent background. It has a simple to use user interface with an extensive range of designs and templates.

One More Clock Widget


  • There are numerous weather and widget options available in this widget app.
  • Just by tapping on the options, you can pick your desired theme and apply it to your device.
  • There is a possibility of changing the time zone with much ease.
  • The user can make use of excellent themes that are transparent on the screen.
  • You will be able to know whether Wi-Fi is available in your location or not.

5. Minimalistic Text

Minimalistic Text is another wonderful clock widget available for all the Android users. It lets the users display the clock on the home screen in a range of vibrant themes. There is a slew of beneficial features such as easy to handle, customization, lightweight and more.

Minimalistic Text Clock Widget for Android


  • With Minimalistic Text clock widget app, the users can monitor the consumption of a battery for each and every app.
  • It displays the weather forecast on your device that in turn lets you plan your day accordingly.

Final Words

These are the best compilation of excellent clock widget apps for your Android device. You can pick any of the apps from the list based on your pre-requisites. We update our articles with the latest stuff on a frequent basis. Stay connected with us!


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