6 Best Gaming RAMs of 2018 For Your Gaming System


Best Gaming RAMs of 2018 For Your Gaming System: Gaming has become relax time for the young boys and teens. Every one like to play games on their device when they get time to play. Xbox is a gaming device which is used to play the games in 3D view by Xbox the player will have a real feel of playing the game. There are lots of gaming applications in the Play Store. You can play games on your smartphones are on your desktop computers. Today in this article we are discussing the best 6 gaming RAMs of 2017 for Gaming system go through with this article to know more about this.

If you are a gaming freak then you must need to have a good RAM. There will be too much work to look for a gaming RAM. So we are providing you the best 6 gaming RAMs of 2017 for your gaming system. By this list, you can get a good RAM for your Gaming system no need to search a lot of information about RAM as we are clearly providing you all the details in this article.

We don’t say to follow only this list if you want to compare with any other source you can compare if you find the best follow that. However, if you go through with this list you would have to get some idea of the gaming RAMs. That is not to say that you are unaware of this gaming RAMs.

6 Best Gaming RAMs of 2018 For Your Gaming System

Best Gaming RAMs of 2018:

We have gathered this best gaming RAMs from different sources. So choose the Gaming RAMs which you are looking for your gaming system from the list.

1. Ballistix Sports LT 16 GB:

If you want a good gaming RAM which falls into a mid-category and not a low-ball and also as high as the Corsair Vengeance, then this is best that you are looking for. In this, the RAM is despite being a mid-level one and comes with a jam-packed with different features that make it stand out from the other RAMs which have released in this year.This RAM is high quality and this RAM provides you with the accelerated speed and responsiveness as compared to the ordinary DDR4 gaming RAMs.

If you prefer for the memory performance of the device Ballistix Sports LT make up of the RAM is quite favorable for your entertainment.

This RAM is memory architecture with 4 channels that max data is rated. And it is technical and started with the manufacturer. They even took care of the heating problem of the camo heat spreader. We already had a gaming RAM in this with heat efficient aluminum casing. We don’t know about the material but it reduces the heat while playing the games.

Ballistix Sports LT 16 GB

2. Corsair Vengeance RGB LED 32 GB:

If you want to consider this as your own then Corsair Vengeance RGB LED is best choices. It has come with full lighting effects so while playing the game you can change the lighting effect you like. the console and platform should have the program as per their size, look, and shape.

In this, you can check the memory consumption from time to time. This RAM is integrated with other products from Corsair. If you have a desktop computer you can use it with the desktop and get a better performance.

As you know RAM never works standalone and their functionality is measured in tandem with capabilities of processors and motherboard which they are working with. This works well with the last 100 as well as 200 series motherboards from Intel. It offers 32 GB capacity and the price of the RAM is $429.99.

Corsair Vengeance RGB LED 32 GB

3. SKILL Ripjaws Series 8 GB:

This is awesome with there jaw- like protrusions on the opposite side of the parts that you insert in those slots. It has got that name from the design. This ROM does not have high space like above RAMs this is made explicitly for low-games with a low-end choice in gaming hardware. This RAMs best for those low-ball gamers.

In this, there are plenty of games, passionate, well-seasoned, veterans who don’t want those high graphic, high- processing games required that also want high-cost, high-maintenance of there hardware.

Tech Specifications:

  • It comes with a low capacity of a 4 GB.
  • It works on 1.5V of voltage.

SKILL Ripjaws Series 8 GB

4. HyperX Predator Black 16 GB:

The big specification in this is RAM is an aluminum body. It has come something to do with the performance in the long run and hence sustaining the product for years to come. What is aluminum that makes special that they chose to build a gaming RAM with it? By aluminum, the heat will be reduced so they chose the aluminum to built the RAM.

This aluminum spreads the heat evenly as compared to other materials to make RAMs. As you know that high heat damage the electronic components and especially when they use.

Tech Specifications:

  • It has 16 GB capacity and gives you full-power performance for most of the games.
  • It has come with the profiles that are inbuilt for Intel XMP and hence optimized for the latest chips by Intel.
  • Its clock speed is 2666MHz.

This has come with lifetime warranty. So if you have any problem with this you can replace and get back a new one.

HyperX Predator Black 16 GB

5. Mushkin REDLINE Series- DDR4 DRAM- 16 GB:

One of the complaints of Gaming RAM is that the gaming RAM is not versatile and cannot be used on the platform even they support the same RAM type. This Mushkin REDLINE series DDR4 DRAM with 2×8 GB slots works on all the DDR4-2666 supporting platforms. This is one size fit all the gaming RAM you are looking for. this gaming RAM is compatible with AMD’s Ryzen including DDR4-2666 platform.

It is specially made of high-performance gaming that requires a lot of processing power and gamer play for a long time. This is specially made of gamers who are into overclocking their RAMs.

Tech Specifications:

  • It is 288 pin RAM and consumes a low 1.2 V voltage.
  • timings are 16-17-17-36.

This RAM came with a guaranteed lifetime warranty and a free technical support from the team.

Mushkin REDLINE Series- DDR4 DRAM- 16 GB6. Viper Elite Series DDR4 16 GB:

This is an ultimate aesthetic eye-candy if you like to play those games and who feel that feeling of being a hardcore player and moved along from pawning the noobs this is the best choices. There is nothing wrong in the selection of the gaming RAM for the aesthetics since they also make a part of and gives a whole feel that you are playing the game. This RAM suits that type with its black side and a red top that makes it look like a total bad.

This is one of the hot properties in gaming for the 2017 year and it came with 2×8 GB slots that give 16 GB power.

Tech specifications:

  • It comes with 288 pins.
  • The clock speed of 3000 MHz.

Viper Elite Series DDR4 16 GB

These are the best 6 Gaming RAMs for your Gaming system of 2017. Chose the best Gaming RAM and a good gaming RAM is a combination of cost-effectiveness and lifespan. Now which have provide will give you high-end gaming RAMs and one contains that is a low-end one. If you have any doubts let us know in comment section.


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