9 Best Mac Apps For Every New User


Best Mac Apps For Every New User: As you guys might know that Windows and Mac are the famous platforms in these days. Even though there are other operating systems like Linux, BSD, Unix many of them don’t like to use. Due to the growth in technology, users prefer both the Operating Systems which are improving steadily with their features. One of the main fact that moving from a familiar environment to another is quite difficult. If you are a Mac lover and desire to move from Windows OS to Mac? Are you eager to use all the Mac applications? No need to wait for much time as I am here to tell you about the best Mac apps from this article. For more info regarding the Mac and their applications have a glance from here.

Best Mac Apps For Every New User


Apple Inc is the popular company that makes people crazy with the latest impressive gadgets. Do you buy a new MacBook? Are you looking for the most environment application in MacOS? If yes, then we have covered a few of the apps from the App Store. There are several software programs compatible with MacOS so we have included a list of most useful among them.

Best Mac Applications:

1. 1Password:

Are you searching for the strong passwords to protect your social networking applications? If you surf the internet and has no idea about the login credentials which is quite hard for managing. So go ahead and forget about the passwords by an app 1Password on your Mac. Because with the 1Password you can remember all of them easily. It creates strong and unique passwords for all your sites which can be logged in just by a single tap.

1Password is a strong password generator where it can handle in a secure way and make us simple to use. The app also offers extensions for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox which allows for requesting the app when you visit a site. Supports to add your own password ingredients to generate long passwords. If you install the applications without having 1Password availability then you might waste much time by running down licenses as well as serial numbers.

You can download this application for free where it offers the individual price at a cost of $4 per month. It also has a family plan for a month at a cost of $6 which includes up to five installations on multiple devices. 1Password easily syncs the data automatically with iCloud, Dropbox or over local wifi which doesn’t leave any data on your network. Mainly for staying safe in the online 1Password is the best way which is now available for Windows, iPhone, iPad as well as Android.


2. Mozilla Firefox:

Most of them prefer Apple Safari for their everyday browsing on the web. Even with the Safari some of the websites can’t be worked correctly. So if that’s the case try the application Mozilla Firefox which is the best browser and offers many features on Mac. Almost any of the sites function properly with Firefox. It is a free, open-source web browser that includes several features and customized options. As the performance of the application is perfect with its design for protecting privacy.

With the regular updates, Mozilla Firefox is managing its standard on all browsers. Directly from the homepage, you can access Google search box with a list of shortcuts for downloads, bookmarks, history, add-ons, and settings. Even though it has many essential features includes a spell checker, built-in PDF reader, navigation with geo-location and much more. When coming to its security offers a pop-up blocker to protect the privacy on every corner of Mozilla browser.

In addition to the usual private browsing mode, Firefox allows an option to block websites tracking you. It also tells the websites that you are tracked by using the Lightbeam add-on. If you want to download the Mozilla Firefox on your Mac then visit its official website. No need for any in-app purchases as this application can be downloaded for free of cost on your Mac.

Mozilla Firefox

3. VLC:

If you are interested to play video or music files in any format then VLC Media Player is the best one according to my choice. The VLC media player is similar to Apple Quicktime which is capable to play most of the video formats but unable to handle most of them. But with this app, you can use both audio and video formats as media converter too. One of the major facts of VLC is that it can playback all the popular media formats of Windows. If you use your Mac for the entertainment purpose then VLC is the required application.

In these days VLC Media Player is the best audio and video player which is most stable and flexible. Offers several formats from MPEG to FLV as well as RMBV files and supports the multi-threaded decoding for H.264 and WebM. It also has the ability to play videos in HD and BluRay, online streaming videos from the internet, converting the files. Podcasts can be subscribed in an easy way by the app to make your own video playlists and also plays the radio stations from the internet.

The subtitles for your videos can be added easily just by the SRT file to a folder where the video is available. And then it automatically plays the video with subtitles. As VLC is the best media application to use in a simple way in both the OS like Windows and Mac. This can be downloaded for free of cost so that it doesn’t require any in-app purchases on Mac.


4. DropBox:

Everyone might be aware of amazing Cloud Service DropBox these days. If no, have a look at here for more info regarding it. In a simple way, DropBox can be referred as the best cloud storage application which syncs all your data with the installation of the same account. Using this app on your Mac can simply share files with other devices you own. Just in an easy way you can share pictures or larger files to others. After setting up the DropBox account on your Mac it appears as a special DropBox folder.

In this special folder, you can place anything which is copied automatically to the Cloud-based storage system. Then it gets sync with the other devices over the internet to your Dropbox account so that you can access on any of your computers. If you are looking for the best option to share files with other people then I would suggest the DropBox application for Mac. Unknowingly you have removed the files on your system but DropBox keeps a copy of the files and saves those files up to 30 days of time.

This Cloud service is available in four basic plans where the first three of them expands the storage amount by referring others to the service. The basic version of DropBox is free to download on Mac which offers 500 MB per referral initially 2GB is free and then it can be extended up to the maximum storage of 18GB. For upgrading to the Pro version of DropBox, you have to pay $99 yearly or else $9.99 per month which offers a 1 TB storage space.


5. Google Chrome:

I hope most of the guys are well known about Google Chrome which is a most famous web browser on the market. Google Chrome is the web browser of Google where you can open web applications and games with no trouble. One of the main alternative of Firefox as well as Internet Explorer. Due to its reliability, speed, several extensions, and regular updates as well as many other features I suggest you install it on your Mac.

Google Chrome is a modern fast browser which can browse any web page. Most of the technologies and standards can be supported like Flash and many more. You can also run complex web applications at free of cost. This was basically designed for operating system within the OS through a window to run all your applications. When you connect the Chrome to a Google account then it is possible for syncing data and tabs between multiple PC as well as devices.

In a simple and secure way, you can use the Chrome. Even with the Incognito Mode one of the browsing mode which doesn’t save any file on the hard disk and protects as a privacy. Nothing you can trace browsing in Incognito modes like cookies and images. Many of the users are using Google Chrome as a primary browser with its attractive design and customization options. Google Chrome is free to download for the users of Mac from App Store.

Google Chrome

6. TextExpander:

TextExpander is a simple tool which saves your effort of typing by using of simple custom keyboard shortcuts. Mainly it recalls all the best words instantly and repeatedly. With this app, you can save many hours of the time of typing. If you want to write some old phrases it takes really much time so to avoid this TextExpander allows the keyboard shortcuts automatically for you to type. Even though it is not a complicated application but trying to be first with some grips.

Mainly this was used for entering time and dates and also applies for logos as well as images. For the time you can abbreviate as “tt” letters then the time in24  format will appear. In a simple way, you can complete your work at the right time by typing less. Most of the shortcuts are stored as a list on the left side of the interface which can create groups with the relevant topics.Really a time-saving app which will be the best use for editors, web programmers or for the users who repeat the regular same phrases.

TextExpander works on all applications where you use a text editor so it is useful for typing either in a text document or an email.  After installing the TextExpander for Mac you can see both sides where the one side indicates where you type the words and the other side is all your keyboard. This app is available in two versions for individuals as well as companies with different prices. You can use the app for free and try all its features for 30 days which is a trial version.


7. TeamViewer:

TeamViewer is one of the most useful tools for Mac users to share the access of their desktop all over the world. At present field, desktop sharing is not a technical profession anymore. If you want to explain something about an application on other’s computer you are required to see the way for sharing desktop easily. With this app, you can get control over the other PC. If they face any problem over their PC you can eliminate the need of discussing over on Smartphone or IM by TeamViewer.

In a simple way only for Mac users, TeamViewer creates a desktop sharing with others computer which is far either by internet connection or else with Wi-Fi. However, both the users have login credentials for connecting their sessions. It allows transferring of files and also offers a chat option to communicate with your dear ones. Controlling the system issues from a large distance as well as demonstrate things on the desktop without in a real connection.

A solid program to record sessions and they can be played later on with the help of TeamViewer. This can be downloaded for free with no cost for Mac users. Still, it offers many limitations there are few lacks in modules like TeamViewer manager. While you start this tool for the first time it might get hang sometimes.


8. WhatsApp:

Normally WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application which is used on Smartphones until now. But it is possible either with the branded new PC or Mac version for using on the desktop. You might come across the WhatsApp Web within your internet browser. So WhatsApp for Mac is exactly the same where you are not required to open the browser to use. Offers all the needs like chat, sending and receiving pictures, videos, documents, notes, create groups, and change your profile picture.

There are many alternatives to WhatsApp as Skype, Hangouts, Messenger, LINE, Telegram and many more. Where Skype is the popular video application in the market for making video calls in a high definition quality. For making the life quite easier this app for Mac is easier but it doesn’t have some of the features like sharing location as well as to add new contacts. If you want to start this app at first required to scan QR code same as the web. After the completion of scanning, you can easily chat with your loved ones on the large screen.

Most of the features are arranged in a fine way and it needs the faster internet connection than on Smartphone. Offers real-time sync between the application and PC with a well-designed interface.The only thing you have to do is just install the WhatsApp from App Store on your Mac. Enjoy chatting with your family, friends, and colleagues straight-forwardly from your Mac which works perfectly.


9. f.lux:

In our everyday life, we use the PC either for entertainment or work purposes. If you stare at the screen for long period of time then brightness from the display may hurt your eyes. Disabling your monitor brightness may help you in rare cases where it doesn’t be a real issue. One of the major problems is the color temperature which causes the many issues. With the help of f.lux, you can adjust the color of the display based on the time of a day.

Mainly when we use the system at night times may have the weird blue glow and effects your sleep. With this light, you can get blindness by your screen. But f.lux for Mac works with the approximate calculation of sunset time on your location. At sunset, your system screen offers mimic nature slowly by adjusting the colors. During the daytime, the screen looks good like the sun.

The only thing you have to do is install the f.lux on your Mac from App Store. The f.lux app can be available for free requires no in-app purchases. Then tell the f.lux what kind of lighting you need to have and the location where you live. Forget about all the things where f.lux do rest of them automatically.



The information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to know about the best Mac applications for a new user on Mac. Finally, I came to an end of the list where the above mentioned are must-have Mac applications for every new user. Being a part of the Mac users I felt personally that listing these apps took much time for finding the best ones after knowing the useful and trash apps. Based on the interest choose any of the applications to get installed on your Mac. If I have missed any of the best apps from the list you can comment us below. We will come across your issues and finds the better solution.


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