Best Root Apps For Android Mobile – 24 Best Root Apps For Android users


Best Root Apps For Android Mobile: There might be a number of reasons why you need the best apps to root your Android devices. Obviously rooting wasn’t discovered for Android before where we are not aware of its control, and even little customizations cant be possible in earlier. But the scenario is totally different now. Even after rooting a custom based ROM it enhances for a new level of control with many options of customization. After rooting Android device you can tweak your Smartphone to the next level with some apps to run only on Android rooted devices. So am here to discuss you about a few best root apps which supported only for rooted Android phones.

Best Root Apps For Android Mobile

24 Best Root Apps For Android Mobile:

Nowadays rooting can be done just for a few minutes on your Android device. If your device is rooted before then you might have come across all the things which are capable of doing compared to a nonrooted user or newbie. There are some best root apps for Android which guarantee after rooting your device and can improve your device battery life. You can also eliminate bloatware and make your device function better after root.

If you are not aware of requirements and prefer to change a few things then you surely love your rooted Android phones. Apart from all the tweaks and mods, you may have a number of top apps for rooting available on App store. Have a glance about a few top apps for rooted Android phones and I suggest you prefer any one app on your Android device.


If you are looking to improve your battery life? In these cases, I suggest you for a Greenify application. Download and install the app from the link provided here or else download from the Play Store or browser. The users who love to have a good battery backup then Greenify is the best app with no doubt. Recently Greenify comes up with the latest version even for unrooted Android devices you may find many limitations in it.

The Greenify app was found worthy to use on a unrooted device. If this works well on a unrooted device then imagine how it works on a rooted Android phone. The applications which are running in the background may enable an option to sleep for saving battery life. Using this app you can save RAM and battery life of your device. Speeds up your device performance and run fast and smooth.


2.Lucky Patcher:

One of the best application for a rooted Android device is Lucky Patcher. Many exploits are available for the Android app and have the ability to work with every app installed on your phone. Mainly it helps to remove ads, license verification and also system apps from the device.

Lucky Patcher lets the users create custom APK files from modified android apps which you have. When you open the app for the first time you may notify a list of Android apps installed with different colors and highlights on your Android device.Each color varies a different meaning which can be verified from the Lucky Patcher app itself.

Lucky Patcher

3.Xposed Framework:

Xposed Framework is one of the best solutions for Android users. This app functions for rooted Android phones to install custom ROMs and supports to a new level. Within the Android device and as well as the Computer Xposed modules are made from Framework by several developers for doing multiple tasks. For a better performance, your device optimizes custom reboot menus and theme modifications.

Before installing a custom ROM you should be aware of the process where many of the users try to stay away because of no idea. In an easy way, either you can on/off to run on your device. Supports for flashing an OTA update and disable Xposed reboot without any issues. There are many modules for button remapping, UI customization, theming and tweaks inside the application. As this app was built by the developers for customization of Android device without installing any custom ROMs. Search for the best module that is compatible with your device.

Xposed Framework


Basically, Viper4Android app controls the Android devices mainly when different audio devices are connected individually. This application cannot support for normal Android devices. While playing the music you can control its volume and can add effects and bass using an equalizer.

After rooting your device with the advanced root access you can easily get the Viper4Android app. For controlling the playback volume which is connected to your phone can be done through the phone speakers, headset, Bluetooth device and any other audio equipment.

In an easy way, the app can be known as Android audio lab. For adding beauty to the sound an audio driver comes itself on your phone when you hear.With tons of additional effects, you can have the new experience of audio hearing. As this process is quite complicated for installing on your device.


5.Titanium Backup:

Titanium Backup application was the best tool to backup or restore or freeze the applications and data on your Android device. All the applications in SD card either they are from system or external will be protected. As the app is significant because it can backup all the data without letting for any terrible moment. If you have the tons of data stored on your Android devices such as files, contacts, and pictures you can use this app only for a rooted device.

Every smartphone users who have a technical knowledge oftenly recommend for a backup. For enabling Backup, open your device “Settings” and scroll down for “Backup and restore” and then click on “Backup” to restore all your data. You are required to have a third party application on your smartphone for a backup data.

One of the top rooted apps that allow removing bloatware for Android devices. Titanium Backup app comes up with two versions to install on your device where one is free and other one is to be paid. Either you can download the app from Google Play Store or through a link from a web browser.

Titanium Backup


To perform automatic tasks on your Android phone Tasker is the best Android application. By this app, a number of uses can be done where it cant be described in a single sentence. Automatically disable the lock screen when you are at home and enable the silent mode if you are busy at work. On both of the rooted and non-rooted Android devices, this app will work. Mainly this app was made for rooted devices but most of its features can be used on a non-rooted device.

On both of the rooted and non-rooted Android devices, this app will work. Mainly this app was made for rooted devices but most of its features can be used on a non-rooted device. This app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free or in a paid version.


 7.Nandroid Manager:

Nandroid Manager is a tool that manages the nandroid backups. Backups of Nandroid can interact quickly with the application. For the current device, you can recover and restore data using nandroid backups. Mostly it recovers the data like apps, contacts, text messages and call logs. With this app, you can flash memories as well as supports for backup from TWRP and Clockworkmod.

In an easier way, you can backup and restore apps in a few clicks. The files from the nandroid backup can be extracted to the nandroid manager. Nandroid manager application can be available in both free and paid versions where you can have a few advanced features in the paid version.

Nandroid Manager

8.Quick Boot:

Quick Boot application can be used to boot inside recovery menu of your phone which displays the details about hardware and network. It may be risky to boot into recovery mode by using several key combos. You can have this application for boot, reboot, turn off or boot into recovery mode with advanced features. For making a shortcut/widget click once to boot on your home screen.

If you are a user of stock ROM then reboot to recovery mode feature will be missed especially. Through the Quick Boot application, you can bring into a new level for power menu including reboot to recovery mode and reboot to bootloader. This application is available in both the free and paid versions for Android devices.

Quick Boot


Most of us face some issues after deleting a useful file accidentally. No need to annoy from now even after deleting necessary files you can restore the data backup through Dumpster application. Dumpster app is similar to recycle bin on desktop operating systems. It allows retrieving data of deleted files after recycling from your device.

Dumpster app lets to recover all files like pictures, music, video. files and SMS. Select the files and just have multiple clicks to recover it back. This application can be known as Recycle bin for Android which needs root access to perform smoothly on your device. Dumpster app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free.


10.GL Tools:

GL Tool is the best-rooted application for Android devices. If you fond to play many games then you should have this app on your device. Optimizes for a gfx app which brings an OpenGLES driver. With the slow graphics, most of us get irritated while playing heavy games.

With the GL Tools, you can perform the graphics for slow rate and hold to the CPU and with this tweak, you can enjoy playing all heavy games without any lag. The various controls can be done for developing gaming performance such as modify the resolution, adapting bitness for any game or application. GL Tools boost for gaming in a wide margin.

GL Tools


SetCPU is an application which is necessary to tweak CPU settings on a Rooted Android device. It easily manages for the frequency of CPU just by swiping with your finger on the screen. To save the battery you can decrease the frequency and it increases the life of the battery. You can overclock and underclock CPU easily without any problem by the application.

Some of your device settings can be done through SetCPU apps such as charge or phone sleep or run particular apps and more. A voltage control can be enabled for saving battery by proper charging. Using this application on Android device is much risky.



Are you facing a problem of quick battery drain on your Android device applications? This might happen for several reasons but the most basic reason would be running of the background applications. Comparing to other devices Android Operating Systems suck more battery life. If you have rooted Android device and to get rid of the battery life use the simple app called Servicely.

Servicely app disables all the background apps for a specific period of time or up to the time of turning your screen off or permanently. Always check for any of the unnecessary apps. Using this application you can stop bloatware running in the background with a single click. This app is available in a paid version from the Google Play Store.


13.SD Fix:

Most of the KitKat and Lollipop users face issue for several times about SD card. SD card lockdown imposes various restrictions on File manager so that you are unable to copy and move files properly. Through this app, it grabs away the limits required for different apps such as file browsers.

Before running the SD Fix application you are required to root your Android Smartphone. You can use SD Fix app to fix the SD card problem. This app can be downloaded from the play store for free. After that open the app and click to change the settings and wait for a few seconds then reboot your device.

SD Fix

14.ROM Toolbox:

Almost many of them might be aware of a number of customizing options to provide a custom ROM. One of the topmost rooted Android applications on the list which includes installation of ROM and as well as its management. Rooting of an Android device makes a trouble free with a proper control.

ROM Toolbox works as an App Manager and takes care of ROM. From the name itself you can have an idea about the app that it installs and manages ROM as well as manage the app to block. It includes a file manager, font installer, scriptwriter and ROM management with root access. Until the app was developed it hasn’t updated till now.

ROM Toolbox android root


Especially for Android users managing the files is not as easy all the times. Most of the users who are interested to play the games this app was a life saver for them. In an easy way, you can move all the files of huge games into SD card without any issue. For the fact, Android Operating System doesn’t allow to move all the apps to SD card because where it prefers to store the default apps on phone storage itself.

After installing the Link2SD app on your Android device you can move most of the applications to SD card from the device storage. It creates a link for accessing the app on Android device that is really on phone storage even if it is not.



Flashify is a tool to restore the lost data from Android Operating System. One of the simple root application for Android and available as root apps store. With this app, you can flash for different recoveries and download zip files or ROMs and much more.

Without turning off your device screen Flashify makes a task to do the same in an easy way. Generally one needs a boot screen for flashing a device. You can download the app directly from Google Play Store.


17.AdBlock Plus:

Are you annoyed of advertisements on your Android device? Need not worry you can install the AdBlock Plus application which is a best and free ad app on your Smartphone. It doesn’t remove the just advertisements while surfing on the internet but also include in the apps we use like SnapChat and Facebook.

AdBlock Plus is a good app with its system and supports a whitelist where you can separate apps as well as sites. It can display the ads of Adblock community considered as harmless. Adblock application has been removed from the Google Play Store so you need to download the app from its official website an apk file for free.

AdBlock Plus

18.Terminal Emulator:

I hope you might be aware of command prompt on Windows Operating System. A command line interface gives many facilities so Terminal emulator on a rooted Android phone is almost similar. There will be a slight difference in the command lines we use.

Terminal Emulator

19.System App Remover:

Many of the Smartphone manufacturers fill their devices with bloatware without having any idea which causes many issues for the user. Once the app is installed you cant have permission to uninstall them. System App Remover requires a rooted Android device that can remove system application effortlessly.

If you are confused about how to use the application then it suggests which is a necessary app or not. This app lets you uninstall system apps, regular applications and move apps from phone to SD card and SD card to phone. You can install apk files and delete whenever you don’t want.

System App Remover

20.Better Battery Status:

In most of the Android Operating Systems, battery drain is a major problem in nowadays. With the Better Battery Status app, you can minimize the battery life and displays many details like the device data time using a data connection and wifi. You can also find the battery percentage running in the background for different applications on your device.

For analyzing the performance of Android device you can find a quick reason behind battery draining. To enhance better battery status you can have your Smartphone battery backup. By taking the necessary precautions you can improve the battery life.

Better Battery Status

21.ES File Explorer:

One of the free and full-featured application manager and hence recommended downloading rooted apps for Android. You don’t need a rooted device to run this application. It works with all compatible on all desktops and mobile applications such as application and file manager, task killer and FTP Client etc. For having the advanced features to use the app you are required to root your Android device.

Many of the file managers lack behind its features but this app includes wireless file sending, data encryption and a lot of advanced features.

ES File Explorer

22.Device control:

In the category of best rooted application for Android device, Device Control is a major concern for managing various features. It has the ability to control CPU as well as GPU frequencies, screen color temperature, vibration strength, voltage control, and kernel specific extras.

You might have already know that its GPU elevates the graphics performance on your Android device. With a slight unlock you can run the game and graphics rendering process which will be a much better. You can configure for CPU and GPU frequencies within the application.

Device control

23.Kernel Auditor:

Kernel Auditor comes up with many kernel parameters. While it offers a few number of features which depends upon your CPU that turns out to for a useful purpose to you. By this app, you can configure a lot of things like CPU and GPU frequency, voltage, sound, battery as well as low memory killer etc.

Kernel Auditor

24.Wi-Fi Tethering:

All the devices offer a feature for wifi hotspot that helps to share the data connection with others. For some of the devices, this option was not available but to integrate on all kind of devices. You can install one of the best root applications for Android devices.

Wi-Fi Tethering

The information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to have an idea about the best-rooted application for Android Smartphones and Tablets. I suggest you download any of the free rooted application instead of spending money for a paid version. Have a glance at the blog to know the quality of an application. If you have any doubts regarding this issues can comment us below.


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