BSNL USSD Codes – All BSNL USSD Codes, Activation Codes {Updated}


BSNL USSD Codes: Are you looking to check your BSNL balance then this article will help you to check all your needs? Here we are going to provide the full data about USSD Code For BSNL. Every day you get new offers like free reachers offer 2G internet balance, 3G internet balance, special net packs, Balanctransferet offers. Nowadays social network sites becoming part of life. If you need to use Facebook, twitter, Google+ even you can use very quickly because every mobile operation provides special offers for these sites. If you know about USSD code then only you can become to know special offers for particle services. In this, we are proving All BSNL USSD Code list for prepaid and postpaid users.


BSNL USSD Codes List:

Every mobile operator has unique USSD code. We are giving BSNL USSD code for BSNL users.

BSNL USSD Codes Details
*123# BSNL Balance Check
*123*5# BSNL Net Balance Check (GPRS Balance)
*123*5# Bsnl 3g data balance check
*123*5# BSNL 2G Balance Check
*123*8# BSNL Night GPRS Balance Check
*123*1# or *123*5# or *125# BSNL SMS Balance Check
*123*2# BSNL National SMS Balance Check
*234# BSNL Data Balance Enquiry
*123*10# or *123*1# or *123*6# BSNL GPRS Data Plan
*102# BSNL Last Call Charge Detail
*124*10# BSNL Video Call Balance Check
9400024365 BSNL Customer Care
18003451500 Or 1500 BSNL Customer Care Executive
*123# BSNL Validity Check
164 or *8888# BSNL Know Your Number
*123*2# BSNL Minutes Balance Check
*123*9# BSNL Video call Balance Check
*124# BSNL FnF Number Enquiry
*126# BSNL Voice Pack Info
*123*5# Or *123*6# BSNL Network Call Check
*123*4# BSNL FRC On Net Balance and Validity Check

How To Check Net Balance in BSNL:

  • To check your BSNL net balance Dial *123*5# from your BSNL mobile.
  • If you want to check BSNL 3G net balance dial *123*5#.
  • You will get a pop-up message with your BSNL data balance.

BSNL Service Activation USSD code:

  • BSNL 3G activation USSD code is dial M3G to 53733.
  • BSNL ISD activation SMS ACT space your name to 53733.
  • BSNL astrology Activation code is *456*21#.
  • To deactivate BSNL astrology is *456*22.
  • To auto tips activation BSNL is *456*96#.
  • To deactivate auto tips code is *456*97#.
  • For Beauty tips activation code is *456*500#.
  • To deactivate beauty tips code is *456*501#.
  • To activate Bollywood code is *456*99#.
  • To deactivate Bollywood code is *456*98#.
  • To Cricket activation code is *456*55#.
  • For Gandhiji quotes activation code is *456*08#.
  • For Gandhiji quotes deactivation code is *456*09#.
  • To activate Geeta code is *456*71#.
  • To deactivate Geeta USSD code is *456*72#.
  • To activate History code is *456*77#.
  • To deactivate History code is *456*78#.
  • For Tips of Groom, the activation code is *456*504#.
  • For Tips of Groom, Deactivation code is *456*505#.
  • For Sardar Patel, the activation code is *456*92#.
  • For Sardar Patel Deactivation code is *456*93#.
  • For Diwali, the activation code is *456*90#.
  • For Diwali, deactivation code is *456*91#.
  • For Chacha Nehru, the activation code is *456*14#.
  • For Chacha Nehru, deactivation code is *456*15#.
  • For Indira Gandhi, activation of code is *456*16#.
  • For Indira Gandhi deactivation code is *456*17#.
  • For Bakra-Eid activation code is *456*786#.
  • To deactivate the Bakra-Eid code is *466*787#.
  • For Christmas, the activation code is *456*18#.
  • To deactivate Christmas deactivation code is *456*19#.
  • For Freedom, the activation code is *456*512#.
  • To deactivate Freedom code is *456*513#.
  • To activate Kollywood code is *456*522#.
  • To deactivate Kollywood code is *456*523#.
  • For Mollywood, the activation code is *456*520#.
  • To deactivate Mollywood code is *456*521#.
  • For Navarathi Code activation is *456*81#.
  • For Navarathi deactivation code is *456*82#.

BSNL USSD Codes For The Different States:

  • For Kerala state, USSD code is *124*1# or *1224*4#.
  • For Gujarat circle dial *112#.
  • For Madhya Pradesh state code is *112#.
  • For Rajasthan, state code is *112#.
  • For Maharashtra, state code is *112#.
  • For Karnataka, state code is *112#.
  • For TamilNadu, state code is *112#.

This is the list of all BSNL USSD codes we have covered almost all USSD codes for BSNL. Now it is easy to clear all queries with BSNL instead of calling to the customer care. If you have any queries regarding this article let us know in comment section.


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