How To Control An Android Device From A Windows PC


How To Control An Android Device From A Windows PC: Simply with the help of VNC application on your Android Smartphone, and Tablet there is a possible way to control the mobile device from a window browser on your Windows Computer. Although the performance of this remote login is very slow for serious work or play. But there are a few reasons which you want to control an Android device from your PC. When you enter complex settings such as email server and password sometimes it might be easy to enter a lot of text with the physical keyboard available under VNC.

With the help of VNC(Virtual Network Computing), you can easily control an Android device on the other side of your house by setting an alarm on the phone that is charging while you are in the living room. If you want to turn your Android mini PC into a server just control the stick from a laptop without even having to plug into a TV. In this post, we have mentioned clearly how to control an Android device from a Windows PC.Just have a look at it!

How To Control An Android Device From A Windows PC

How To Control an Android Device From a Windows PC:

Follow the steps which are mentioned here to control an Android device from a Windows PC without missing any of the steps:

  • Open your Android device App drawer.
  • Go to Google Play Store and search for the VMLite VNC Server in provided fields.
  • Click to install premium version of VMLite VNC Server on your Android device.
  • If your device is rooted then you can try for free application Droid VNC Server or else choose the VMLite VNC Server.
  • Now click to enable USB debugging on your phone under “Developer Options” in the menu of Settings.
  • Attach your phone to the PC which tries to install ADB drivers for your phone. If it fails then you need to download the appropriate drivers from the manufacturer.
  • Install and launch VMLite Android App Controller on your PC where you can download from
  • Click on the “Start VMLite VNC Server button in the App Controller program.
  • Launch the VMLite VNC Server just by clicking on the Start button if your device is rooted.
  • Automatically the VMLite VNC Server application will launch on your phone soon after the server gets started. Or else, you need to try again and make sure that you have right ADB driver.
  • In two ways you can establish connection between your PC and Smartphone either “Select on USB connect and click OK where the app controller prompts you for port numbers to keep your Android device plugged into your PC” OR “Unplug your device and connect to the same network on your PC for establishing a wireless connection”.
  • Navigate to VNC Server address on your browser.
  • If you are connected to USB then navigate to http://localhost:5801 or else to wifi then enter the IP Address that is displayed on your Android device Browser.
  • If you choose for a standalone application then you can install a free VNC client like VNC Viewer and use the address of VNC Viewer to connect.
  • Either click to Start HTML VNC Viewer or Start Java Applet VNC Viewer which appears on the webpage of your browser.

Note: Where the HTML VNC Viewer runs in a tab and Java Applet VNC Viewer open its own window and requires to install the Java plugin.

  • After launching the Viewer you will be able to control Android device from a Window on your desktop.
  • In a simple way, you can navigate to entire OS and use any app which you want just by a single click on your mouse and enter text with your
  • Unfortunately as the performance of VMLite VNC Server is very slow so don’t try to view games or video.

VMLite VNC Server Settings Tweaks:

There is a possibility to tweak few settings in the VMLite VNC Server application. Just follow the steps which are mentioned here to tweak settings:

  • Open VMLite VNC Server on your Android device and go to the menu and click on Settings.
  • If your device is rooted then you need to start VMLite VNC Server at everytime it reboots and check Start server at boot.
  • If the image is too large to fit on your PC browser screen no need to force to scroll just click on Screen scaling and switch from 1.0 to 0.5.

VMLite VNC Server

The information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to control an Android device from a Windows PC by VMLite VNC Server application. If you have any queries regarding this issues can comment us in the comment section below. We will come across your queries and finds the better solution. For related info, just stay connected to our website. Bookmark our website by pressing the keys Ctrl + D.


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