How To Delete Or Close Email Account {Hotmail} In 2018


Microsoft, the giant software firm has rolled out the popular webmail service ‘’ into the market in order to render numerous web-based services. For better editing features, people are preferring to use outlook email account. Due to the abundant features present on this webmail service, it has become the initial choice for all the users. This email service launched by Microsoft appears modernistic with virtually immense email storage space. There are a plethora of beneficial features offered by Microsoft Outlook alongside its intuitive user interface.

Despite having a slew of useful webmail services available on account, there are people who are seeking to delete Outlook account. If you are looking forward to permanently delete outlook account then, here is a detailed guide. Once you delete or remove your outlook account, the username, password, and account profile will be deleted permanently. Later, the user won’t be capable of signing to their Microsoft account even from any other device.This article explains the step by step procedure to delete account permanently. Have a glance!

Delete or Close Outlook Account Permanently – Step-by-Step Guide

Follow the simple steps given below that lets the users delete or close an Outlook account permanently.

  • First of all, go to from your device.
  • You need to sign into your Outlook email account using your login credentials.
  • Just tap the gear icon present in the upper right corner of the account.
  • From the list of options, you need to hit ‘More mail settings’ option.

mail settings on outlook to delete

  • You will then redirect to the Outlook options page.
  • Under the ‘Managing your account’ tab, just tap the first option that says ‘Account details (password, address, time zone).

Outlook account details

  • The account overview page displays on the screen. From that page, the users can make various settings like edit and update personal as well as the security information.
  • In addition, there is an exclusive option to delete or close their Outlook account.
  • Just scroll down the page and you can locate ‘Close Account’ option.close outlook account
  • In order to close your account, you need to wait for some more time with little patience as you must take part in a minute verification process. deactivate

  • Enter your Outlook account’s password in the relevant field. You can then hit the ‘Next’ button.
  • On the subsequent page, a message appears on the screen that reads:
    “To close your @outlook. com account, You need to deactivate your Hotmail account” message.”
  • Hit the button ‘deactivate your Hotmail account’ link within that line.
  • On the next page, you’ve redirected, you can tap ‘Close account’ button.

Note: Microsoft will reserve your email account/address for about 270 days after closing the account. Just like the Skype account and Facebook account, your friends or other people can’t find your profile in Outlook. After the completion of the stipulated time period, you can find permanent deletion of your Microsoft account.

How to Delete Email Account in Outlook?

It’s pretty much simple to remove an email account from your Microsoft Outlook webmail service. Even if you remove your email account from this website, it doesn’t deactivate that account. If you wish to deactivate your account permanently, you need to speak to the email account provider. After deleting an email account from Outlook, you can’t send and receive emails from that account in this service.

Microsoft Outlook 2016 & 2013

  • Firstly, open the respective version of your outlook account.
  • Go to File >> Account Settings >> Account Settings..
  • You need to choose your account that you wish to delete.

Delete Email account from Outlook

  • Just tap Remove button.
  • A warning message pops-up on the screen that all the cached content offline in regards to this account will be deleted.
  • It shows impact purely on the content which is downloaded and saved on your device.
  • Then, for confirming about deleting the account, you need to hit ‘Yes’ button.

The steps provided above works for limited versions of your Microsoft Outlook account. The supported versions include Outlook 2016, 2013 and 2010.

Outlook 2007

  • For deleting your Microsoft Outlook version 2007 then, just follow the below steps:
  • Go to Tools >> Account Settings menu.
  • Select the tab that says ‘Email’.
  • Choose the email account that must be removed permanently from Outlook.
  • Tap ‘Remove’ button.
  • You can then hit ‘Yes’ button for confirmation.

Microsoft Outlook 2003

To remove or delete an email account from Microsoft Outlook 2003 version then, follow the below steps:

  • Go to Tools menu and select the email accounts that you want to delete.
  • Select the option that says ‘View or change existing email accounts.
  • Just tap ‘Next’ button and select the email account to delete.
  • Hit the button ‘Remove’.

Wrap Up:

This is all about the simple method to delete or remove Microsoft Outlook account permanently. In this guide, you can also find the procedure to delete email accounts from the Outlook webmail service after closing the account. For more queries, bookmark our web portal and drop your suggestions and doubts in the feedback section.



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