How To Edit The PDF File – Converting The PDF File


PDF: A PDF refers to Portable Document Format which can be used as a file format to present documents in an independent manner. Every PDF file provides a complete description for a fixed layout document, even including the text, fonts, graphics as well as other info. In these days most of us do documentation for projects, resume and business purposes. When we save this document into Word the total representation gets irregular which may look odd. After editing a document it will be much better to save into a PDF format. If you are not well known for how to edit a PDF file let me tell you in detail from this blog.

How To Edit a PDF File

How To Edit a PDF File:

With no idea, most of us save a document into Word or some other format. You may face some problems when you think that it was correct. The total format of your document changes when you save a document into a Word. If you want to send a document to others edit them into a PDF format instead of a Word. In the PDF format, everything looks exactly as designed even the format, font and text.

It might be quite difficult to edit everything in a PDF which is not designed for real. The only thing you need is to get a special software to tweak the content. Just have a glance at the blog for more information regarding a PDF file. Based on all ideas we have come up with the three best options for how to edit a PDF file when you want to make the important changes.

Using Adobe Acrobat:

A PDF format was actually created by Adobe. So it makes quite a sense to turn to Adobe Acrobat while editing a PDF file. The editing tools of Adobe Acrobat are most powerful and easily you can make the large changes in a quick way. But now it became much difficult to access these tools. The main reason is that it has moved their current subscription model and locked most of the tools behind its paywalls.

Before you use this method get accessed to Adobe Document Cloud. There will be no problem if an organization pays the budget for an Adobe subscription. The only thing you should do is get into Acrobat and simply follow the steps. Without having access to Adobe DC will make the things more complicated. Are you having a one-off PDF file which needs to edit then simply start a free trial of Adobe DC? With this free trial, you can gain few temporary access tools without investing a much amount. Follow the steps which are mentioned below for editing a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat.

  • Open a PDF document in Adobe Acrobat.
  • Click on “File” at the top of the screen in the menu bar.
  • Just click on “Open” and select the PDF document which you want to reduce in size.
  • Tap “Tools” at the top of the window.
  • Now click on “Edit PDF” at the upper- right of the window with some editing tools on its menu.
  • Select to move the document into an interactive mode which allows for selecting a PDF content.
  • Use the “Format” tools for editing text based on your wish to highlight the text to edit.
  • Use all the tools of “Objects” for editing images and objects based on your wish.
  • Even the Adobe offers mobile application which is worth software to work.
  • Finally, click on “File” in the menu bar and “Save” into a PDF file.
  • If you want to have the premium subscription then the standard version of Adobe starts with a price of $13 per month.

Using Adobe Acrobat

Converting The PDF File:

Are you not comfortable with PDF file? Do you want to do a lot of work without having any applications? Then you can choose this option converting the PDF file. Convert the PDF file into any different format and work on it with more comfort based on your needs. It may have a different change in some tools like markup, text, and position of an image. So let me start with a dedicated PDF converter Able2Extract Pro 11, which offers you to convert PDF to CSV, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD and much more.

Once you are converted the file into other formats can also convert back to a PDF file. This process is quite simple compared to the above one. You can also choose Adobe Acrobat to convert the PDF files to other formats like Word, Excel or PowerPoint within the Adobe itself. Converting a PDF file using Adobe might be a great choice due to its conversion trends which will be more accurate than others.

Using a Third-Party Application:

Even the web applications offer several PDF editing options which are of free cost. These applications can also be used or downloaded in a quick manner from your browser. Although the tools have much limit than what actually Adobe offering that gives an ideal solution with simple edits from other strong software. Fortunately, there are many applications that have capabilities of PDF editing but we will list a few of them.


Do you want to move PDF files into more complex documents then PDFsam is the best application you need. Mainly this is a tool for extraction which can be used to pull out and switch any PDF page within the file or several PDF files to work on the document you need. There is a possibility to split PDF through bookmark, size or custom page limit. One of the main things is that rotating pages are necessary.

The layout of PDFsam is simple and easy for understanding even to the newbie. It has complete control over moving content in your PDF files while this might be useful while publishing larger documents as well as creating quick outgoing PDF messages. For every software, there will be some disadvantages even this has issues with colors, fix resolution, spelling mistakes in an address and much more.

PDFsam offers the premium version of the software that adds many editing functions which is free to download. As this is quite complex it takes much time for the new users to learn for editing a PDF file.



PDFescape is the popular web application which supports most of the common browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. When compared to PDFsam it has more usability that remains as a free tool. In a simple way, you can complete the work related to the editing of a file. Simple use the PDF file into this application then you will receive a number of tools to complete the basic tasks.

Even it includes the editing of text in a file and helps to create a new PDF format within the file. It explains the document and applies password protection to the file. One of the good tool to use for completing the work in detail. But when coming to the layout and content it still needs to be tweaked. If you want to upgrade this software to a paid version which offers you more tools with no advertisements.


The information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to edit a PDF file in three different ways. Based on your choice choose any of the methods to edit a PDF file which is quite easy to use. If you have any doubts regarding this can comment us below. We will come across your issue and finds the better solution.


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