How To Enable Material Design in Chrome Browser


How To Enable Material Design in Chrome Browser: Google has been moving towards a combined user experience with its material design interface. This has started with Android Operating Systems and you might have seen Google apps like Drive, Docs, and Sheets. Wipes of all the data and make the design of material modern. Almost for all the platforms including Android OS, Chrome OS, and the web announced its vision to adapt material design.

If you are looking to modernize the way Chrome feels there are several experimental material designs which can be turned on easily. Everyone should activate this individually which is a careful process. Recently the settings page of Chrome browser was updated for material design language. So let us see how to enable material design in Chrome browser from this guide.

How To Enable Material Design in Chrome Browser

Material Design in Chrome Browser:

Material design is not yet a default in Chrome because their changes are still in beta. Mostly Chrome UI doesn’t support the changes which are still in developmental phase but there is a way to enable it if you want. You might suffer from a few bugs here and there so you might understand about all the design elements in Chrome.

Before activating the material design elements you should know about it mainly. Just have a glance for making the changes in an easier way for you in a short description.

Enable Material Design in Chrome Browser:

  • Go to Chrome “Flag” page.
  • Type “chrome://flags” in the address bar and click on enter/return key.
  • On this page, Chrome will show or notifies a warning system.
  • Don’t feel annoyed as this can be used as a beta version only where you can face some bugs but it’s not a major issue.
  • Hit Ctrl + F(Cmd + F if you use Mac) and type “material design” in the pop-up box.
  • Atleast there should be 17 hits for the keyword where some of them are duplicates.
  • Only 10 are real settings and 8 of them are worth changing and for navigating through the list use up/down across from the end of the search box.
  • Google keeps adding and deleting these elements with the “arrow buttons”.

Enable Material Design in Chrome Browser:

Enable Material Design in Different Elements of Chrome Browser:

Now you are aware of moving elements in between them and have a look at the changes we are going to change in different elements. Whenever we make a change Chrome probably ask you to restart the browser and reflect changes. No need to restart your device for every single change just do it after you have made all the changes.

Material Design in the Rest of The Browsers UI:

Use the arrow keys to finding subheading on the “flags” page and click to enable it. After enabling this setting will apply for material design to finer designer elements in the Chrome. This theme will apply for fewer settings like a dialog box, bubbles and more.

Material Design in the Rest of The Browsers UI

Material Design User menu:

For the desktop user menu, this theme will be a great opportunity to multiple users of Chrome. This will be a worth of single users for nothing else but for a complete way.

Material Design User menu

Enable Material Design Policy Page:

Changes the Chrome policy page “chrome://policy” for reflecting the material design.

Enable Material Design Policy Page

Enable Material Design Bookmarks:

When you enable this setting “chrome://bookmarks” it will try to load the URL of material design bookmark page. To do this click on a drop down menu which is marked on the picture and then click to select enabled.

Enable Material Design Bookmarks

Enable Material Design Feedback:

This changes the feedback to incorporate the material design language.

Enable Material Design Feedback

Enable Material Design Incognito NTP:

This allows for Incognito new tabs to adhere material design.

Enable Material Design Incognito NTP

Enable Material Design Settings:

If you have the new or latest version of Chrome mainly your setting page should be spotted already for material design. If you are not aware of it now you can enable it.

Enable Material Design Settings

Enable Material Design Extensions:

This allows changing the extension in Chrome for material design as “chrome://extensions”.

After enabling all the settings in Chrome just click on “Relaunch” option from the bottom of the browser for changing the effects.Mostly this changes every time and be sure to check flags page once in a while for getting the latest updates.

Enable Material Design Extensions

The information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to enable material design in Chrome browser. If you have any doubts regarding this issues can comment us below.


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