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How To Find My iPhone: Mostly many of them lose their Smartphones in these days a hurried way or some one else stole it. Either you have stored a lot of private information related to your business or family images and personal chats. Getting all your private information in the stranger’s hand may be a difficult task to face. To overcome this type of issues Apple has a new software which can easily track your lost or stolen iPhone device is Find my iPhone application. If you are not aware of this app before from this guide you can have a clear idea about how to track them on the web as well as through the app.

Find My iPhone:

Find My iPhone:

Find My iPhone is an application and service which was provided by Apple Inc. The main aim of it is to track your lost, stolen or misplaced any of the Apple devices as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac from anywhere. But it is required to have the internet connection on the device. Find My iPhone not only locates a stolen or lost device but wipes out all your personal data without falling into wrong hands.

Find My iPhone application locate the users to their iOS devices using the iOS app or on a Computer. The service mainly provides with three features such as Play Sound, Lost Mode and Erase iPhone. For all iCloud users, this application can be used for free of cost. For the Mac users, the service is available as Find My Mac.

Features Of Find My iPhone:

In order to locate a lost or stolen iPhone device, the service has provided three key features additionally. And the features are explained clearly to know its specifications.

Play Sound:

Allows playing a maximum sound for devices. Even if it makes a flash on the screen or muted plays a maximum sound to iPhone users. This feature helps mostly when the device has misplaced.

Lost Mode:

If the device is lost or stolen it signals to allow the user for locking with a passcode. Supports to call the user directly on the device if it is an iPhone or someone else found your device.

Erase iPhone:

Wipes out all the data and settings from the device. When the device contains personal information and can’t be located after performing all the actions. An Apple ID password is required before turning off erasing the device data or signing out from iCloud.

How To Turn on Find My iPhone For Your iPhone or iPad:

To trace out your lost or stolen iPhone you are required to turn on Find my iPhone application on your device. Follow these steps to find your lost iPhone or iPad which are specified clearly.

  • Open “Settings” on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Click on top for your Apple account credentials and tap iCloud.
  • Scroll down and click on Find My iPhone.
  • Tap to enable the Find My iPhone option.

Turn on Find My iPhone For Your iPhone or iPad

How To Use Find My iPhone On The Web:

If you have a Computer in an easy way you can track missing iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac from the web directly via As this is a simple process follow this steps.

  • Open from any of the web browsers.
  • Log in to your iCloud account.
  • From the main menu click on Find iPhone.
  • Enter your Apple account credentials such as ID and password.
  • Click to sign in if mentioned.
  • From the top click for all devices.
  • Now enter your device name to track your lost device.
  • On the map, you can zoom in and out to track more closely or choose any one of the modes listed here.
  • Play sound: An audible tone can be played even if your device is on silent or vibrate mode. One of the option to locate or trace your iPhone missing around the house.
  • Lost mode: You are required to enter a phone number that displays on your lost device screen. Someone can use this number to call if they find your device.
  • Erase: If you are unable to recover your device or worried about accessing your private data by strangers. You can delete everything to protect the information.



How To Use Find My iPhone On iPhone:

Not only through the web, you can track your lost iPhone or iPad. With the help of Find My iPhone app on your iPhone, you can locate your Smartphone. On any iPhone, you may find and track the device linked to your iCloud account. Follow these steps to Find My iPhone on your iPhone.

  • Open iStore and search for the Find My iPhone app on any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  • Click to download the app.
  • This may take a few minutes of time to download and installs automatically.
  • Launch the Find My iPhone app.
  • Log in with your iCloud account credentials.
  • Click on the name of the device which you would like to track.
  • Click on Actions at the bottom to see the options.
  • You can come across the same options that you have in the iCloud web view.
  • Play Sound: An audible tone can be played even if your device is in a vibrate or silent mode. If your device is missed around the house this is the best feature for tracing your device.
  • Lost Mode: If you want to use this feature you will be required to enter a phone number. This will be displayed on your lost device screen. May someone can use your phone number to call if they find your device. For an attention, an audible sound also played.
  • Erase: If you are unable to recover or find your device and worried about your private data. Without getting your private data to stranger’s hands you can easily delete all the data in order to protect your information.

How To Use Find My iPhone On iPhone

The information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to locate or trace your lost iPhone or iPad from Find My iPhone application. If you have any doubts regarding this issues can comment us below.


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