Fix : Edge Not Opening PDF Files in Windows 10 – Solutions


Windows 10 is one of the personal computer Operating System which was developed by Microsoft. Many features are included in this operating system. The main default to Windows 10 is Microsoft Edge and also a PDF viewer. With the default option, all the PDF files can be opened with Microsoft Edge.Microsoftedge

Microsoft Edge:

According to Microsoft, the edge has been designed as a light weight web browser with a layout engine. This application was built with web standards. With the replace of Internet Explorer as a default web browser on all devices. This included Microsoft Edge as default in Windows 10, Windows 10 mobile, and Xbox One.

Regarding the issue that PDF files can’t be opened in fix, an edge is complained by the Windows 10 users regularly. Are you using Microsoft Edge as a default option on your device? If you are unable to open the PDF files using edge then have a glance at the article. Where you can fix a solution easily by this blog. Any one of the solutions might be helpful to fix this problem on your Windows 10 Operating System.

Restart The Browser:

For a few times, you are required to restart your device to function all features. If the browser is not working properly on your device please reboot or restart your PC before finding any other solution to work. In rare cases restarting your device may fix your issues. If you are unable to fix then try another method to open Microsoft Edge.

restart the browser in windows 10

Try To Open Another PDF File:

In a few times, it might fail to open the PDF file because the file gets corrupted or damaged. Now try to open another PDF file before moving to the other solutions. If you don’t have the other PDF file try to open the same PDF file by another browser such as Chrome or Firefox for making sure that the PDF file is not corrupt.

Open Another PDF File

Reset Microsoft Edge as Default PDF Viewer:

It’s quite difficult to set another program/app as the default PDF viewer when you are already using Microsoft Edge as a default application. This may help to fix the issues with the default PDF reader.

  • Open Windows icon on your PC.
  • Click to open “Settings”.
  • Scroll down for Apps.
  • Click to open the default apps from apps option.
  • Click to choose the default apps by the type of file.
  • Locate a PDF entry here.
  • Click on the next Edge entry to. PDF and select another program or app as default PDF reader.
  • Finally, click on current default app or program.
  • Click on edge to select again.
  • Now open PDF file in Edge newly.

Reset Microsoft Edge as Default PDF Viewer

Repair The Edge Browser:

The PDF file you are trying to open is in a perfect way and not running N/KN editions. Or else if you are running N/KN edition by installing Windows media feature pack you can try to repair edge browser to fix the issue. It is easy to repair edge browser in Windows 10.

  • Open Windows icon on your PC.
  • Click to open “Settings”.
  • Scroll for the Apps.
  • Click to choose the Default apps.
  • Click to open the reset the edge browser default.
  • You may find two options click on repair.
  • The issues get fixed after repairing the edge browser.

Repair The Edge Browser

Reset Microsoft Edge To Fix Edge Not Opening PDF Files:

By repairing edge browser you didn’t find helpful you need to reset the edge browser. As you know repairing the edge browser is easy. You can easily reset the Microsoft edge from the settings by the apps option. Click on default apps and open the Microsoft edge reset option and click to reset it.

The above information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to fix edge for not opening PDF files in Windows 10. You can install the Microsoft Reader app from Microsoft to open PDF files in Windows 10. If you have any doubts regarding this issues comment us below.


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