Fix For PS4 Controller Not Charging Problem – Solutions


Fix For PS4 Controller Not Charging Problem – Solutions: Any game lover would like to spend their time wisely by using Play Station 4. I guess you people are aware of PS4 and it uses for a game lover. Sometimes you may get ready to play PlayStation Video Race game, but you may encounter unknown issues due to the controller not charging problems. Will you leave it uncared or try to repair it? I guess a game lover would like to repair it instead of keeping it aside. If you find the best way to make your device work, then you can make a faulty PS4 to work without any charging problems. Today, I am providing the fix for PS4 Controller not Charging problems in the below words.

PS4 Controller Not Charging:

Most of the people have complained that PS4 Controller not working issues in recent times. Using PS4 game controller all the times without going through the safety measures may put you in troubles when you are not able to maintain it perfectly. PS4 Controller Not Working problems will be majorly caused due to supply power port, hardware issues etc. Sometimes it may not be that easy to guess the difficulty behind PS4 Controller not charging issues. Gamers may not be able to imagine their life without PS4 Controller for a day. What if any gamer like you come across PS4 Controller Not charging issues? Here is the fix for PS4 Controller Not Charging issues.

PS4 Controller Not Charging

Fixes For PS4 Controller Not Charging Problems:

Since today, PS4 is the best gaming Console that offers amazing gaming experience to its users. Facing PS4 not working issues will make the game player search for this article. Game lovers who are facing PS4 not charging issues can follow the guide discussed here to solve their gaming issues. We are stating the possible fixes for you PlayStation 4 issues in the below words. You can choose the best fix for PS4 not Charging issues and get it solved with the guides discussed here.

Guide 1: Replace The Charging Cable

Most of the time PS4 users face this issue due to the charging cable they are using to charge it. Generally, the usage of PS4 Charging cable will be more if the user is a game lover. Connecting the charger to PS4 and working on it may cause Charging issues with PS4. If your PlayStation 4 stops working due to this failure, you may not be able to recognize it easily. In such cases, you need to be very careful while using PS4 for playing Video games. Purchase a new charging cable for PS4 and try to charge it using the new cable. Hope your PS4 not charging issue may get fixed after replacing the charging cable. If you notice that your PS4 is getting charged with the new cable then it is the fault with your old charging cable only.

Replace The Charging Cable

Guide 2: Uneven Power Supply

Sometimes the power distribution may not be even and you may face voltage issues due to the changes in supply voltage. When the power supply is uneven, there is a change for your PS4 to fail and stop working. Your charger may get damaged and sometimes it may also crash your PS4 device if the supply voltage is high. You need to be careful while working with Power supply. Connecting with power stabilizers will help you in getting saved from these issues easily. PS4 not charging problems will not be faced by you after connecting it to the perfect power supply unit.

Uneven Power Supply

Guide 3: Change PS4 Controller Battery

Generally, PS4 Controller uses LIthium Ion Battery for its working. Any battery will have limited charge cycles so the battery will surely fail at a certain point of time. If you are using PS4 Controller, make sure that your battery life cycles ended or still having more life time. When PS4 stops working, you cannot consider that your battery life has expired. Check whether your PS4 Controller battery life cycle has ended or not. If ended then change the battery and you will not face any PS4 not charging issues while playing Video games. If you are an extreme PS4 gamer then you need to know the life time of your PS4 Controller Battery. Sometimes charging your Li-ion Battery continuously may drag you to face PS4 Controller not charging problems.

  • To replace the battery of PS4 controller, you need to remove the screws present at the back side of the controller.
  • Remove the top cover and then find the battery to lift it out from the fixed points.
  • Get a new battery and place it in the source point of PS4 battery slot and connect the wires which you have removed.
  • Now fix the batter into the cradle and make sure whether you have attached all the wires as they were before you dismantled it.
  • Fix the cover after placing the new battery in the PS4 battery socket and fix all the screws wherever needed.
  • Check whether your PS4 Controller is working as before or not by turning on the power button.
  • Hope you have successfully fixed PS4 Controller not charging problem and having fun with your PS4 as a brand new piece.

Change PS4 Controller Battery

Guide 4: Power Supply to USB Ports

Enabling supply power to USB ports may help you in coming out from PS4 not charging problems. Open Settings on your device, select device, choose power saving settings option and then set functions available in Rest Mode. Finally, Enable power supply to USB ports. So that you can even charge your device in power saving mode or Rest mode.

Power Supply to USB Ports

Guide 5: Troubleshoot PS4 problems

Sometimes it may not be charger issue but we assume it to be a PS4 charger issue. In such cases, you need to troubleshoot PS4 problems and find the reason behind PS4, not working issues. Press and hold PlayStation and share buttons simultaneously, wait for the lights on the controller to start flashing. Then release the buttons that you have held so that your device will get reset in short span of time. Now plug in the PS4 Controller using USB Cable so that it shows PS4 working successfully without any problems.

Troubleshoot PS4 problems

Guide 6: Cool Down PS4

Make sure the temperature of PlayStation 4 is not more than that of room temperature. If you have placed PS4 on any hot surface, then make sure whether it is making any issues for charging your PS4 controller. It isCool Down PS4 not sure that increase in temperature of PS4 would affect your device or not but we need to consider every point as we may not be able to figure out PS4 controller not charging issues. You might have noticed the sensor attached by wire i.e Bluetooth receiver under the cover of PS4. So it is most important to check whether your PS4 controller is cool or not and make sure that the temperature not more than its capacity.



Hope you have gone through all the guides that I have stated here for fixing PS4 Controller, not working issues. PS4 is the best game console released by Sony and people often like to play games using PS4 so it is quite common to face issues. Don’t get worried if your problem is not yet solved. Feel free to contact us by commenting your problem below with a clear description.


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