Apple Keynote. September 12, 2017 – Highlights

Hey! guys, this is a big day for the tech giant Apple on its completion of the decade from the launch of its first iPhone Apple keynote, September 12, 2017. This particular event is so important to Apple, not because it has developed powerful devices to launch but also it is a decade from the launch of its first iPhone. This time it’s not just iPhone that made Apple stand apart from the rest of the companies but the Steve Job’s legacy, his obsession towards design and detailing made Apple stand out of the crowd. Lot has happened in a year, since the launch of 7 & 7 plus. Apple has to take care of many things to make the event a success today. Let’s dive into the topic and explore more along with Tim and his team of Engineers.

Apple Park

Along with Apple’s gadgets and computers whatever Apple build will have a flawless design. Apple Park was build in 2.8 million square foot of space and features the world’s largest curved glass. It has been the last project of Steve Jobs.
Apple park, which is known as Spaceship campus, opened in April. Now hosted the event in its Steve Jobs theater. We can learn more about Apple’s obsession to design and perfection of details by just looking at the way the Apple park and the theater build. No wonder that Apple, being tech giant is having world’s largest solar installations with 100% renewable energy.
The Steve Jobs theater is located outside the Apple Park’s main ring on a hill that overlooks the campus. Inside the theater, there is a glass elevator which rotates when descending so the door opens on the right side and the theater can host up to 1000 members. As Tim said, the venue for all the upcoming Apple events will be Steve Jobs theater in the Apple Park.

Now, Let’s get into what you came for, the highlights of products launched at the event.
It started with a quote in Steve Jobs’ voice.

There’s lots of ways to be as a person. And some people express their deep appreciation in different ways. But one of the ways that I believe people express their appreciation to the rest of humanity is to make something wonderful and put it out there. You never meet the people, you never shake their hands, you never hear their stories or tell yours but somehow act of making something with a great deal of care and love, something is transmitted there and it’s a way of expressing the rest of our species our deep appreciation. So we need to be true to who we are and remember what really important to us. That’s what gonna keep Apple, Apple, as if we keep us, us.”

-Steve Jobs.

Recently, Apple is being criticised for not being much innovative after Steve Jobs death. But this event could hopefully get Apple’s most innovative and design perfection products into the market. Apple started this event with Apple watch. Let’s see what Apple watch series 3 have for us.

Apple watch

Let’s start with how people used to use the Apple watch and look into how revolutionary is the new watch OS 4 and the design of the new Apple watch series 3.

Most of the customers used Apple watch to track their fitness and have them in check with their heart rate, glucose levels, and fitness levels. So, Apple concentrated on this area to improve the interaction of customers with a smart activity coaching to keep a check on their daily fitness.

Apple watch is known for it heart beat monitoring so it has launched an enhanced heart rate app right on the monitor to show your heart beat when ever needed. Also. the app includes a monitor for resting heart rate, recovery heart rate and lets you notify if your heart rate is elevated when you are not active. Apple has started Apple heart study in association with Stanford Medicine to fight Arrhythmia. The watch OS 4 will be available for all the Apple watch customers from September 19th with all the above-mentioned features or updates.

Not so much innovative right? yeah, even I felt the same till I heard about Apple watch series 3.

Next generation Apple watch have integrated cellular network in it. The biggest challenge Apple watch developer team has ever faced and the most innovative feature a smartwatch can ever have.

Interesting right? So let’s jump into it and explore all the new and unimaginable features of all new Apple watch series 3.

We can connect to maps and gets navigated, use we chat and other apps but the best feature is you can have the same cellular number for your watch as your mobile’s. With Apple watch series 3 and Apple music you can have access to 40 million songs, radio stations or you can simply ask Siri to play a perfect track for you.


Apple Watch series 3 is 70% faster than the earlier model. It has 85% faster wifi and 50% more battery efficient.
Also, comes with barometric altimeter, helps you to count steps and altitude climbed combining which giving you a better result of your workout


The Apple watch series 3 have a similar case as Apple watch series 2.
Wow! that’s interesting but how is it possible with all the cellular stuff and performance enhancements mentioned above?
Big deal? It’s Apple!
But, how?
It comes with a new dual-core processor. and Apple manufactured a chip called w2 to take care of wifi and Bluetooth
Okay, that explains 70% faster speed, wifi and battery enhancements but how come cellular antennas got managed?
Well, here comes the Apple innovation. The display has been totally converted into multi frequency antenna for both LTE and UMTS also an integrated electronic sim.
With all these, the back crystal is extended by 0.25mm (thickness of 2 papers).


Apple series 3 comes in 2 versions, one without cellular and one with a cellular connection. Available from September 22. Orders open from September 15.

With Cellular (unavailable in India): $399

Without Cellular(available in India but price unknown): $349

Surprisingly, Apple series 1 stays in the game with $249

“Apple watch series 3 comes in many types of straps, you have to experience them at the store”

-Jeff Williams, COO, Apple Inc.

Apple TV 4K

Apple TV is a device like set top box which connects to wifi in your home and let you access the wide range of collections of movies and TV series in Apple TV. In Apple keynote this year Apple has launched a 4K version of Apple TV through which you can experience 4K HDR movies and videos( if available) and you can buy the 4K stuff at the rate of HD price and if you have bought HD version you will be freely upgraded to the 4K version of the video.

Apple TV app available for iPhones and iPads in the US will be available for 7 more countries. To let Apple users to stream and see their photos and videos on the bigger screen.

Not only movies and series this time Apple is launching live sports and news channels on Apple TV 4K. Live score and remaining time in the corner to let you decide which game to watch, you can turn it off you don’t like the feature.

Hardware enhancements:

A10X fusion chip as in iPad pro.
Installed with HDR 10 and Dolby Vision.

Performance Enhancements:

2 times the CPU of older version
4 times the GPU of older version
TV OS, best OS for living room environment.
TV UI in 4K

Price and availability:

 Apple TV (32GB) : $149, available in market
Apple TV 4K (32GB): $179, orders open from September 15th and Available from September 22nd
Apple TV 4K (64 GB): $199, orders open from September 15th and Available from September 22nd


Yes, it’s a decade from the day first iPhone launched. So iPhone is supposed to have some break through technologies.

“Technology infused with humanity could improve people’s lives and change the world.”
Let’s recap and see what iPhone claims to have some of the breakthrough and innovations in the mobile

  • industry
  • Multi touch
  • AppStore
  • Retina display
  • iMessage and Face time
  • Siri
  • Touch ID for wallets and apple pay
  • Dual Camera

Apple 8 and 8+ takes a huge step forward to iPhone. Improved on everything we love to have and see in iPhone. Starting with the body of the iPhone with glass in front and back and an aluminum band that matches the finish perfectly. It comes in 3 colors Silver, Space Gray, and Gold.
Glass? Is it tough enough to withstand the rough use?
Boss, you are buying an iPhone. Can’t you be a bit careful? Though Apple claims it to be the toughestglass in the smartphone industry let’s see what all the features body has been improved at.

  • Aerospace grade aluminum.
  • 7 layers of color processed glass to attain precise hue. Further, re-enforced by an internal laser-welded.
  • steel and copper structure.
  • Microscopically sealed to be dust and water resistant.

iPhone 8 comes with 4.8″ display.
iPhone 8+ to be shipped with 5.5″ display.

So, the retina display we love is also improved as true tone technology with color accuracy, cinema wide color gamut, 3D touch to be true tone display. And you also get Stereo speakers which are 25% louder and has a deeper bass than iPhone 7.

Cool! So, the camera?
Camera’s performance has been increased dramatically but before that let’s look into the technology that Apple is renowned than Camera. The Apple processors.

Hardware enhancements:

A11 bionic chip
Six core CPU
64-bit design
4.3 billion transistors

Performance enhancements:

Two high-performance cores, 25% faster than A10
Four high-efficiency cores, 70% faster than A10. Managed by 2nd-gen Apple-designed Performance controller. All 6 cores to manage 70% more multi thread workloads.


Hardware enhancements:

Apple-designed GPU with 3 cores
Performance enhancements:
30% faster than graphics in A10
A10’s performance at half of the power means battery efficient.
Designed to Accelerate 3D games
Machine learning app developers to make use of Core ML framework

ISP, Image signal processor

Performance enhancements:

Faster autofocus
Improved pixel processor
Multiband noise reduction


Here are the most awaited part, Camera enhancements. Apple’s known for making out the best from its camera and the display to click the best pictures of all time till Pixel get’s into the market last year. Still, Apple managed to make use of the dual camera on its 7 plus to release its innovative portrait mode beta release to capture the market proving to be the leader.

iPhone 8

Hardware enhancements:

Nothing changed the camera stays 12 MP but with all new sensors.

Performance enhancements:

83% more light
Power efficient
Deeper pixels
New color filters
Optical image stabilization.

iPhone 8 plus

Hardware enhancements:

Apple made it a tradition to launch dual camera on its “Plus versions”
Two new sensor camera
f/1.8 & f/2.8 aperture

Performance enhancements:

Wide angle camera as a f/1.8 aperture. The telephoto camera as f/2.8 aperture. Optical image stabilization.
Portrait lighting is gonna be shipped along with iPhone 8 plus in beta version.

So, what is portrait lighting?
A photo composed in the portrait mode, dual camera in the ISP senses the scene. They create a depth map, separates the subject from the background and then machine learning creates facial landmarks and changes lighting over the contours of the face. All happens in real time. The best part is it is not a filter but a photo itself, you can change the theme of the portrait lighting even after the photo is taken and saved.

Apple has increased its video performance as well, with an old but new feature called augmented reality.
Apple designed video encoder for faster video frames with real-time image and motion analysis.
Quality of Slo-mo video has been increased to be 1080P and 240fps, double than the previous one.

Augmented Reality.

Apple out of its 10 years industry leading camera technology and market analysis. Made a full pledged cameras calibrated for AR, works perfectly in low-light with 60fps. New gyro and accelerometers for accurate motion tracking.
Why did I say an old but new feature?
Yes, Augmented reality is not a new thing to any snap chat user or for someone who played Pokemon Go. It’s the same thing with a cutting edge technology with better quality of videos and graphics.

Future is wireless. At least for iPhone users with Bluetooth earpods and with the glass on back Apple boasts to provide wireless charging. Through which you can charge your mobile by just keeping it on the charger.

But bro that wireless charger on which you have to keep the mobile should be a wired right?
Shut up! that’s Apple and it’s innovative.
Really? I don’t find any use out of this than avoiding constantly broken wireless chargers and the worst part is you cannot use your mobile while charging. May be that’s what apple wants us to do. Not using iPhone. Since its battery life really sucks.


With all the above-mentioned features iPhone 8 and 8 plus are opened for orders from 15th September and will be available from 22nd September. Expected to be available from 29th September in India. With 2 variants in each model with 64 GB and 256 GB.

And iOS 11 will be available from September 19th.


Expected starting price in India is around Rs. 64,000 and Rs. 73,000.

iPhone X

This is the special surprise of the decade and a very very special design that has a potential to survive another decade of smart phone industry if Google doesn’t mess-up things for Apple. Anyway, Apple has never been onto technology. No, am not kidding. Apple has developed technology to deliver the art. Art is the way you touch your mobile, the way you take images the way you hold your mobile. It’s more into design perfection than technological advancements. But this device is a beast, being tech enthusiast I must admit there was never a phone like that before.

The decade of Apple’s steep learning curve resulted in the one-time huge technological advancements by including neural networks into a mobile phone. Are you kidding? Neural technology in a mobile but why? May be because Apple didn’t like home button! If it is what I think Apple has opened a way to unexplored parts in mobile computing. This is another revolution and affects more the way we use our mobile phones. But for now, Apple is using this technology to secure data and taking better photographs. So what are the features of iPhone X and what made iPhone X so special?


iPhone’s display is something that spell bounds its customers and the magic has just got bigger and better with an edge to edge display and there is no home button but you have to swipe up to go to home screen and swipe up and wait for a second to open multi tasking window.

It also comes with the same quality of glass as iPhone 8 and 8 plus but the band is made up of surgical grade stainless steel. Also, water and dust resistant.

Retina display got better by being the Super retina display. So, what is this technology? Apply has been bound to use IPS technology but this is the first iPhone to use OLED technology with improved brightness, wide color support, color accuracy than regular OLED display.

The size of the display and the mobile is 5.8″ diagonally. With 2436 x 1125 resolution with 2.7 million pixels and 458 PPI the most ever pixel density in iPhone.

It also has HDR 10 and Dolby Vision, one million-to-one contrast ratio, color accuracy, 3D touch, true tone display.

Fine, that’s the best of all the Apple display’s so without home button how can we have Touch ID?

Touch ID has been replaced by Face ID, remember when I said neural networks to secure your data. It’s here. This is one of the breakthrough technology Apple designed. Big deal? Samsung S8 has a biometric scanner too. No, this one is totally different S8 uses iris scanner and this is something that uses some technology way beyond.

Before getting into details of Face ID we must look at the True depth camera on the top of iPhone X’s display. In such small strip, Apple managed to add all the sensors and cameras to make Face ID work.

True depth camera system contains

  • IR Camera
  • Flood illuminator
  • Front camera
  • Dot projector
  • Proximity sensor
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Speaker
  • Microphone

Face ID

So, Now as you know all the terms I’m going to use let me explain how the Face ID will work.
Your mobile detects your face with the flood illuminator. IR camera takes the IR image. The dot projector projects about 30,000 dots on your face and uses the IR image in the dot pattern and then it is processed through the neural networks to create a mathematical model of your face. Finally, it checks against the model that has been stored.

All this process happens in real time!

Hardware enhancements:

A11 bionic chip has a built in neural engine to process face recognition.

The neural engine got ultra fast processing and uses the highest density computation levels. It has a dual core design could perform 600 billion operations per second, yes it is second! Enhances real time processing.

Face ID has been designed and tested such that no one with your photographs or mask could unlock your mobile and I think it is still evolving as a security but sure in Apple standards for now. Your face data is protected by secured enclave in the A11 bionic chip. And also this is an on-device process, meaning no information will be sent to the server, And also requires your attention. It won’t unlock if you are looking somewhere else.

With the Touch ID, the possibility of your device getting unlocked by other individual was 1 in a 50000. and it has been increased to be 1 in a million with Face ID.

With true depth technology Apple has made Emojis to Animojis, animated emojis. You can control the action of these Animojis with your face. As it keeps tracking your 50 facial muscle movements. You can use this in Apple messaging.


  • The camera has not much changed compared to iPhone 8 plus but it has the telephoto camera with f2.4 aperture.
  • Dual optical image stabilization.
  • Better low light zoom.
  • Improved video stabilization.
  • Quad LED true tone flash.
  • 2x battery uniformity.
  • Better performance with AR.

With all these, it gives 2 hours more battery life than iPhone 7.

Comes in 2 colors Silver and Space Gray.
And also comes in 2 variants like with 64GB and 256 GB as in iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus.


64 GB variant is expected to be priced at Rs. 89,000.
256 GB variant is expected to be priced at Rs. 1,02,000.
And will be available on Nov 3rd in India.


I think in this Keynote Apple has unveiled much more technological advancements and innovations.
Cellular in Apple Watch series 3.
4K in Apple TV.
AR in iPhone 8 and 8plus.
Neural networks and deep learning in iPhone X along with True depth technology.

But I think the wireless/Qi(chi) charging could be a bit better or could have launched next year with much more advancements.

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