How To Disable Face Id on iPhone X – Temporary Disable Face ID


How To Disable Face Id on iPhone X: Want to disable temporarily Face ID on iPhone X? If you need to quickly turn off Face ID on iPhone X so that it can not use facial recognition to unlock the device, you can disable the feature with a kind of different methods. This doesn’t change Face ID permanently it just disable Face ID temporarily till passcode has been inserted correctly and then upon being locked again Face ID will automatically re-enable itself. In this article, we are providing the information of how to disable Face ID on iPhone X temporarily.

if you need to turn of Face ID completely you do need to that through the system setting in iOS. But that is not what we are pointing to here instead we are focusing on temporarily disabling Face ID on iPhone X. There are actually many separate ways for Face ID to temporarily shift disabled some methods can be intentionally initiated while other happen automatically under certain conditions.

How To Disable Face Id on iPhone X

How To Temporarily Disable Face ID on iPhone X:

Maybe the easiest way to temporarily disable Face ID is to use the button press technique. Below are the button techniques.

  • Hold either of volume button down, along with Power button for a second or two seconds until you trigger the power Down screen.
  • As soon as you see the power down screen, stop holding the button.
  • Hit the Cancel button to dismiss the power down the screen and disable Face ID.

Once you see the screen turn off the iPhone you want to release the button. It usually takes one or two seconds for the power off screen to turn up, suggestion Face ID will be temporarily turned off.

Be aware that the button press gives you many other actions on iPhone x too, however, including taking a screenshot rebooting the iPhone and triggering Emergency SOS calling.

If you hold the button too long then Emergency SOS will trigger automatically. Triggering Emergency SOS is somewhat easy to initiate by holding a volume down button and power button too long, it is then not suitable it makes a loud alarm sound and count down from 3 before making a call to local emergency services on your behalf. Yes, it will call 911 for you so does not accidentally do that if you are really trying to disable Face ID. there are different reports online of different people accidentally triggering Emergency SOS and then having emergency help show up at their house or location so do not do that.

5 Other Ways To Disable Face ID Temporarily:

according to Apple, there are other ways that Face ID will temporarily damage itself some of which you could also use to apply off Face ID yourself if need be like failing to authentication with Face ID repeatedly. The 5 ways are given below go through them.

  • Fail to authentication with a face 5 times in a row after 5 failed Face ID attempts the features will disable itself.
  • Reboot the iPhone X or turn on a previously shutdown iPhone X. You can reboot an iPhone X through a button order or by using the shut Don menu in iOS settings on the device.
  • Leave the device locked and remaining for longer than 48 hours.
  • Remotely barring the iPhone X via Find My iPhone will disable Face ID.
  • Leave the iPhone X empty and do not unlock it with a passcode for six and a half days and not with Face ID in the earlier 4 hours.

as we mentioned briefly you can also disable Face ID completely by working into the iOS setting application on iPhone X, then go to Face ID and switching the feature off with a toggle switch. That may not be desirable for all users, however. With Face ID completely turned off users must enter a passcode successfully to unlock and enter iPhone X, similar to how if you completely turn off touch ID you would have to enter the passcode to enter an iOS device. If you have any douts let us know in comment sections.


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