How To Fix Taskbar Auto Hide Feature not Working in Windows 10


How To Fix Taskbar Auto Hide Feature not Working in Windows 10: The Windows desktop looks incomplete without the taskbar. We look usually the desktop with help of taskbar with a tiny bar at the bottom of a screen. And this is the default option and one of the important method of Windows Operating Systems. For power users taskbar is not really important as it automatically hides the taskbar. As this prefer hiding automatically one can switch between programs to launch the short menu by the keyboard shortcuts.

How To Fix Taskbar Auto Hide Feature not Working in Windows 10


A taskbar is an element of graphical user interface which can be used for various purposes. The main aim of the taskbar is it shows applications or programs which are running on the device. There is a possibility to provide links or shortcuts for other programs such as start menu, notification or action center, and clock.

In the recent version of Windows 10, you can pin programs or files so that it is easier to access quickly just by a single click. With the help of taskbar, there is a possibility to switch between different accounts.

How To Fix Taskbar Auto Hide Feature:

Comparing to the previous versions of Windows, Windows 10 allows accessing the auto hide feature for Taskbar. This can be enabled by opening the Taskbar from start menu properties by the auto hide option mentioned in it. Under the start menu properties, many of the users are unable to enable the taskbar for auto hide feature.

When the mouse cursor is on it doesn’t auto hide the taskbar? According to few users who want to deal with this issue when taskbar is enabled auto hide feature. For a few minutes of time, the taskbar gets to hide and can be seen when the mouse cursor is away from it.

If you found that taskbar is not hiding automatically itself even mouse cursor is off. And if you are sure that the auto hide feature is enabled to taskbar check for a twice or else you can fix this issues by a few of methods which are mentioned in this blog.

How To Fix Taskbar Auto Hide Feature

Restart Windows Explorer or File Explorer:

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open Task manager.
  • Or else click on right on empty space of Taskbar.
  • And now click on Task manager to open the same.
  • Once the Task manager is launched click for more details.
  • Under the processor tab clicks on Windows explorer and click to restart it.
  • By this method, Windows explorer gets restarted.
  • If you are unable to find the Windows explorer in your list open “This PC”  or any other folder to see Windows explorer on the list.
  • By this, the Taskbar should hide automatically when you move the cursor away from it.
  • If you still face a problem then go for another method which is mentioned in this blog.

Restart Windows Explorer or File Explorer

Because of Third Party Program:

If the taskbar ignores to auto hide this might be because of a program which is installed and nothing can be done for Windows 10. Many of the programs can be seen in the taskbar and a few are waiting for a user to prevent the action of taskbar from an auto hide.

Because of Third Party Program

  • Click on right for all icons in the system.
  • Quit the programs one by one.
  • If you are sure that no program is running in the system tray use Windows 10 for some time.
  • Now check the taskbar whether it works auto hide without any issues.
  • If the auto hide works properly launch a program that you have closed previously and continue using Windows.
  • If you found that taskbar auto hide works launch another program which you have closed recently.
  • Watch the Taskbar for some time whether it works or not.

if you have an idea that the Taskbar stops to auto-hide after the launch of a particular program then you are needed to disable the notification. Or else you are required to stop that program from the list of system tray area. Follow these steps to disable the notifications on your Windows 10 Operating System.

  • Open Windows icon on your PC.
  • Click to open the “Settings” option.
  • Now click to open “System” button from settings.
  • Click on Notifications and actions.
  • Under show notifications from the apps make sure that the program which prevents taskbar from the auto hide is not configured to show the notifications.
  • If this option is enabled click to disable it.
  • Select the icons which you want to appear on the taskbar click on it.
  • Now turn off the icon of the program which prevents the taskbar from the auto hide.
  • If you found that none of the methods are helpful for taskbar then contact the Microsoft Support.

The information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to fix Taskbar auto hide feature not working issues in Windows 10. You can easily fix taskbar by several methods from this blog. If you face any doubts regarding this issues you can comment us below.


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