How To Get Free Dropbox Space : Methods To Get Free Dropbox Space


How To Get Free Dropbox Space: Everyone owns a Smartphone as it is easy to operate all the features even though they are a newbie. Most of the people use Android Operating System as a combination of free, open source and proprietary software with an easy user interface. We mostly have a lot of important stuff such as images, videos, documents, apps and audio files in our devices. In few of the cases, you may have the notification on your device as insufficient storage space which means you are unable to save files as the completion of your storage space. One of the applications where you can save your device storage by Dropbox.

How To Get Free Dropbox Space

What is Dropbox:

Dropbox is a file hosting service and used by the millions of users around the world. Across multiple devices, you can store files in the cloud and syncs regularly. And this application is available on a wide variety of platforms like iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS X. A Dropbox account is free and includes a storage space of 2 GB to every user who signs up for its service.

You can store photos and videos, websites, which keeps safe from the various stuff sharing with friends and coworkers. The features of Dropbox are easy to solve most of our real life problems and this works in an ironic way to run out of Dropbox storage space.

For accessing Dropbox from your Computer and mobile device you can download free applications. There is a possibility to earn more space on your Dropbox basic account. And the users of Dropbox plus are given a 1 TB storage space with many additional features.

But we all know very well that 2 GB free space is a quite allowance and run for a short period of time. In this cases, if you want freer Dropbox cloud storage space a few things you want to do to get it. Have a glance at this blog to know how to get free space in Dropbox which is mentioned in a detailed way.

How To Get Free Dropbox Space

Completing The “Get Started” Tour:

Most of you who have been using Dropbox for a while may be gone through the “Get Started” tour which is a basic for it. You can easily get a free space of 250 MB as a reward from Dropbox. By doing simple tasks as taking the Dropbox tour, installing Dropbox on your computer, putting files in your folder and installing Dropbox application on your smartphone.


Connect To Your Social Media Accounts:

Get connected to your Social accounts with Dropbox and get a free space of 375 MB.

  • Connect to your Facebook account: 125 MB
  • Connect to your Twitter account: 125 MB
  • Follow Dropbox on Twitter: 125 MB


Giving Feedback on Why You Love Dropbox:

With a feedback to Dropbox team that why you love their cloud storage service may offer a bonus storage. Giving a feedback makes them feel happy and gives you a 125 MB free storage space in your Dropbox account.

Giving Feedback on Why You Love Dropbox

Refer Friends To Dropbox:

This might be beneficial when most of your friends don’t have a Dropbox account yet. Letting them join with your referral link gives you a 0.5 GB for every successful invite to join. With a maximum of 32 friends, you can get up to 16 GB who can join via invite. As you invite all of them doesn’t mean that everyone will get sign up for it.

Refer Friends To Dropbox in dropbox

Manage Your Email With Mailbox:

Mailbox is a light and fast email application from Dropbox. Download Mailbox and sign up to it. Start using Mailbox to send, receive, and manage your emails. If you access to Mailbox Dropbox will add 1 GB of extra storage space for free in your Dropbox account.

Manage Your Email With Mailbox

Using Carousel:

For storing your photos if you are using Cloud storage then you are required to get Carousel. Carousel is an application which is used to store your photos and videos in the new media gallery from Dropbox. And this app can be used in an easier, prettier, faster to view your photos and videos in Dropbox. If you start using Carousel you will get a 3 GB as bonus storage in your Dropbox account.

Using Carousel

Use Dropbox on Samsung Devices:

Select the number of Samsung devices which are launched between 2012 and 2014. And the users will be eligible to get a maximum of 48 GB free storage space in their Dropbox account. Some may get this in a 1 year or for 2 years of time. You can look for the specifications but if the promo expires you will be back to your original storage capacity of Dropbox.

Use Dropbox On HTC Devices:

If you have an HTC device or wants to own an HTC device can also access a Dropbox free storage space. If you have HTC version 4.0, 4+ or 5.0 devices you can get a 23 GB of free storage space for 2 years of your Dropbox account. And this mainly depends on the carrier on the promotion and Dropbox application is preloaded on your devices.

Another three more methods are there to use free Dropbox space which costs you for using this application. From the above 8 ways, you can get storage space on your Dropbox account at free of cost.

Clean Up Your Storage:

As this is a free app but needs to take some time from your busy schedule. You can throw away the uncertain things from your device storage to discard out. Get free from all of the space clogging files that you don’t want anymore. Backups can be moved to external hard disks or delete the files.

Clean Up Your Storage

Subscribe To Dropbox Pro:

You can get up to 1 TB of cloud storage for your Dropbox Pro account. Get upgraded to your account and make sure that you need to access that much space at first. When you subscribe to Dropbox Pro per month it costs of $9.99.

Dropbox Pro

Get Dropbox For Business:

If your company opts Dropbox for Business you can subscribe at a cost of $15 per month. You can use this for an unlimited storage and a trial version is available for 14 days at free of cost.

The information that I have mentioned in this blog might be helpful to get free space in Dropbox by many ways. If you have any doubts regarding this issues can comment us below.


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