How To Record The Screen on Your Mac – Steps To Record The Screen


How To Record The Screen on Your Mac: Do you want to record the screen of your Mac? Let’s have a talk about recording your Mac screen. You may be recording the screen with your iPhone for something important video are some steps which you are processing on your Mac. We were surprised to find out that QuickTime Player will record the screen for free and it is already present on your Mac. In this article, you can learn how to record the screen on Mac.

Have you ever recorded something on your Mac? Maybe you are watching a video and want to take a clip you are trying to show how to do something and a video would make it so much mere or maybe you need to record some external behavior if an application or website is it working as you would expect. Happily, it is easy to record what is happening on the screen of your Mac here is where we show you how to record the Mac screen. By this QuickTime Player, you won’t miss any important information.

Note: You can record iPhone and iPad on iOS 11 now. The recording may be something that you are playing or Youtube video are general videos.

How To Record The Screen on Your Mac

QuickTime Player:

1. Open QuickTime Player:

Open QuickTime Player is easy to record what is happing on the Mac screen, just you need QuickTime Player which is on your Mac for free.

it is not in the Dock then look in the application in the Finder press F4 to escort if you can find it in LaunchPad, or simply search in Spotlight by pressing cmd-space bar and type QuickTime.

2. Select new screen recording:

From the select new screen recording the file menu or right click on the QuickTime Player icon in your Dock and choose new screen recording from the menu.

3. Choose recording options:

A screen recording option will be pop up on your Mac screen. Click on the down white arrow to see more options. There you can choose where to use the built-in microphone or an external microphone for audio. You can also choose whether your mouse clicks should show up or not.

4. Record the voice over:If you want to record a voice while you are recording your video click on the little triangle beside the record button in the recording window to choose your sound source. You could use your iPhone headset to record yourself while speaking. You will not be able to record audio from videos player on your screen by this way.

5. Part- or – Fullscreen:

You can choose here that you want to record fullscreen or part screen. If you need to record a part of the screen then click the record button there you can see an information that tells you to drag to record part of your screen so drag a marque across the area you want to capture. After selecting the required area click on the record button. Alternatively, you can record the whole screen by clicking on the red record button and click the screen anywhere to begin the record.

6. Stop Recording:

Once you ready to complete the recording then right click on the QuickTime icon in the Dock and choose Stop Recording from the menu.

7. Save your Recording:

After capturing your required part you need to save that so click on save button you will be able to use this footage in iMovie and then Cut Pro and share it straight on YouTube even.This is the process to record your screen on Mac device. Start using this useful app.Go and capture all your important videos easy through QuickTime Recording on Mac device. If you have any queries let us know in comment section.


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