How To Recover Restore Lost Deleted Contacts From Android


How To Recover Restore Lost Deleted Contacts From Android: In previous days people use to write down the numbers and name of every contact in their address book. It would be quite inconvenient for users about losing their important information. Due to development of technology the Smartphones like iPhones and Androids are quite popular in these days. As it looks pretty easier and interest of using Smartphone regarding their designs and features. Behind the functioning of Android, it includes a few drawbacks of its features. Most of the people are preferring to create contacts on their own devices instead of an address book. The data loss is the most common problem in the Android Smartphones and Tablets.

Unexpectedly the data can be lost or erased from Smartphones which includes the loss of contacts, messages, images, videos, audio, documents and other important files. You may find the various tools and software available in these days of recovering your lost data within a few minutes of time having no support from anyone. From this blog, you may have the detailed information to recover lost deleted contacts from Android.

How To Recover Restore Lost Deleted Contacts From Android

How To Restore The Lost Deleted Contacts From Android:

There are two ways to restore the missing data of your Android Smartphones and Tablets. Most of the people use the system backup function or cloud services on their mobile phones. Either by the recover Android data from Google or by restoring Android data from the backup. When you reset your device or lose data the recovery feature helps to recollect all files in an easy way.

Restore Android Data From The Backup:

Many Android Smartphones are provided with a feature of the backup application. If you have regularly backed up your data it would be easy to restore your data after a factory reset. Go to “Settings” scroll down for “Back up and restore” button and click to select the latest backup file. This feature will restore the data from backup.

Restore Android Data From The Backup:

Recover Android Data From Google:

If you have a Google account credentials of your own Android Smartphone and enables to sync data at a regular period of time. After reset of your device, you can set up your Google account credentials again.

How To Recover The Lost Deleted Contacts From Android:

Android data recovery tool is the first recovery software for data. And this was developed and designed only for Android smartphones and Tablets. By this advanced software, you can easily restore deleted or misplaced files and data either in the form of text messages, contacts, images, videos, audio files, call history and important documents. You can also recover deleted WhatsApp messages with the help of Android Data Recovery.

Features Of Android Data Recovery:

  • Supports to recover the deleted contacts with full information such as contact name, phone number, email, address which you fill on your phone.
  • The deleted contacts can be saved as VCF, CSV or HTML on your PC.
  • Extract contacts from the internal storage of your Android phone.
  • Supports to select and have a preview of recover deleted contacts from your device.
  • Compatible with 6000+ Android smartphones such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Huawei etc.
  • Supports to fix issues such as crashed, black screen, virus attack, screen locked of your Android device.

Android Contacts Recovery Software or Applications:


Jihosoft is one of the recovery tool for Android phone which is secure and simple to use data recovery software. It has the ability to recover deleted or lost images, text andWhatsApp messages, videos and many more easily. This software can be used on all versions of Android Operating Systems.

Jihosoft- Android Contacts Recovery


As this is a free software to design the recover deleted files from SD card of your Android device. Recuva is used for recovering the videos, images, audio files, emails and compressed files.

Recuva- Android Contacts Recovery Software

Undeleter For Root users:

Undeleter for Root users is a free Android recovery application which restores the temporary deleted data. And this can be used for restoration of images, archives, multimedia and other files stored on your Android device.

Undeleter For Root users


MyJad is a software program of Android Data Recovery which is used to recover the data from your Android phones. As this recovers images, multimedia, documents and other data which was stored on your device SD card.



Gutensoft is an application which recovers deleted data from Android phones and Tablets with a single click. It is useful to retrieve contacts, emails, messages, graphics and much more.

Steps To Recover Android Lost Deleted Contacts:

Android Data recovery helps to retrieve the deleted contacts. As this is able to recover contacts after the factory reset of your device. The only thing you need to do is download the Android contact recovery app on your PC which is of free. You will find the deleted contacts as soon as possible and there is a possible way to get them back. To get the Android contacts recovery have a glance at the blog which is mentioned in a detailed way.

Steps To Recover Android Lost Deleted Contacts

Step 1: Download and Install

Download and install Android Data Recovery application on your PC. After successful completion of app click to launch it.

Step 2: Connect your Android phone

  • Connect your Android phone to PC with help of a USB cable.
  • The phone will be automatically detected by your PC.
  • If you are not installed the device driver before on your PC, you are required to download it.

Step 3: Open USB Debug mode on your Android phone

  • Android data recovery automatically detects your Android phone and direct you to enable USB debugging mode.
  • By this mode, it manages your phone on PC.
  • After enabling the mode click OK on your Android phone.

Step 4: Select Contacts To Recover

  • You need to select any type of application for Android data recovery.
  • Choose the app which retrieves deleted text messages or recovers lost videos, images, contacts on your Android phone.
  • Select on “Contacts”.
  • Now click “Next”.
  • From this step, it automatically roots your Android device.
  • If you want to unroot you are required to have an idea about the how to recover Android files without rooting.

Step 5: Scan and Recover

  • The Android contact recovery tool will scans for a few seconds as this is a free software.
  • Click on “Contacts”.
  • You may find all the contacts which were on your phone.
  • The contacts which are deleted can be marked with an red icon.
  • Check all the contacts you need and click on “Recover”.
  • As you click on recover option within a few seconds all your deleted contacts will get back in your PC.

The above information that I have mentioned in this blog will be helpful to know how to restore recover lost deleted contacts from Android. If you have any doubts regarding this issues can comment us below.



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