How To Reset Windows 10 Password : Reset Account, Password


To be frank, assigning passwords for various devices and forgetting is my habit. Is it the most common habit of anyone? If you are the one then you need to check out this article in order to solve your Windows 10 Password issues. To reset Windows 10 password, you need to check out the information furnished here. If you feel that someone is trying to hack your PC secrets then reset Windows 10 Password by following the guide discussed here. Whatever may be the reason behind changing the password of your Windows 10, it can be done with in few steps enclosed in this article.

How To Reset Windows 10 Password

How To Reset Windows 10 Password:

It is much easier to reset your Windows 10 password by following any one of the three methods stated here. Whenever you switch to windows 10 all of sudden your saved passwords on an older version of your Windows will not be found. Updating to WIndows 10 is like turning out to a brand new Laptop or PC. Reset with Administrator, Reset using Microsoft Account and With Renee Passnow are the three most common methods available to reset Windows 10 Password.

Reset Windows 10 Password With Administrator:

  • If your device has two administrators using your Windows account then you can request for a setup.
  • Change your password or create a new password by choosing the account name and details of your Microsoft Account.
  • Once the administrator gives you the assistance to change your Windows 10 password then it will be much easier to Reset Windows 10 Password.

 Reset Windows 10 Password With Administrator

Reset Microsft Account Password:

  • Resetting Windows 10 Password with Microsoft is the best way where you can easily access your computer if you could remember your Microsoft account details.
  • If you would like to choose Microsoft Account method for logging in to your PC then you need to reset the password for the respective email.
  • Open Microsoft account login page, then tap on I forgot my password and click on next button.
  • You will be asked to enter your email account id/ Mobile Number/ Skype name, then enter the captcha in the space provided and tap on next button.
  • Microsoft browser asks you to choose the ways to verify your identity by mail id/ text to mobile number/ call to mobile number/ I don’t have any of these.
  • Then choose any one of the options and enter the code in the space provided.
  • Now reset password page will be opened on your device where you can reset your password on Windows 10 by entering the new password in the space provided.
  • Use the new password that you have given just before so that your device recognizes the password you entered.

Reset Microsft Account Password

Reset Windows 10 Password With Renee Passnow:

To reset Windows 10 Password with Renee Passnow, you need to download and install Renee Passnow app on your Windows device. You need to create a Bootable Media using Renee Passnow by selecting USB/ CD/ DVD to back up the needed data present on your device. Now reset your Windows 10 password with the Booted media created. Hold the function keys to enter the BIOS menu. Select the booted menu and then change the order by using (+) and (-) or (↑) and (↓) buttons. Run Passnow after booting from USB/ CD/ DVD and then select the target system in the list. Now select the target account to clear password and reset the login password. If you are done with resetting Windows 10 with Renee Passnow then you can enjoy using your PC with the login details available.

Reset Windows 10 Password With Renee Passnow


Hope you have successfully done with password reset for Windows 10 after going through the guide provided above. If you are looking for more information regarding Windows 10 password reset then feel free to contact us by commenting below.


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