How To Save Emails as PDF’S in Windows 10 : Save Emails In Windows 10


Save Emails as PDF’S in Windows 10 : A series of operating systems are developed by the Microsoft is Windows. The multiple numbers of different programs and tasks allow running on the Windows so the Microsoft has chosen for their OS as Windows. A common logo like Windows was now officially known as “Microsoft Windows”. For the past two years, Windows has been widely used to operate for personal computers or PC. And these Microsoft windows were designed for both home and professional purposes. After releasing of this software there has been a group of Windows versions. The current version of Windows Operating System for all users was Windows 10.

Save Emails as PDF'S in Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10:

Coming to Windows 10 this innovative features will empower furtherly for its creativity. When the Windows 10 was released for first it included a few features like a virtual desktop system, a window and desktop management known to be Task view, the Microsoft edge browser where you can surf, supports a fingerprint or face recognition for signing in to a device. At present, the Windows 10 Operating System was running on more than 400 million devices.

Windows 10 Email:

Mail is an email and client of newsgroup which was developed by the Microsoft and includes in Windows 10, 8, 8.1 and Vista Operating Systems. One of the main features of a mail was sending and receiving an email. For Windows 10 mail there are a few server configurations for, Gmail, iCloud, Exchange, and Yahoo! mail.

Users can set a custom accent color, background image and preference of theme in dark or light mode from personalization settings on their Windows 10 OS. Such as Microsoft Outlook, Mail access users to setup quick actions such as Delete, Set Flag, and Archive to respond to the messages or emails from system notifications and swipe gestures.

Many of the PC users want to save their important emails regarding business or personal information on their PCs. They are required to keep a backup of those emails which have a significant information. But a new feature of Windows 10 offers Outlook 2016 to save emails as PDF within its interface. Where most of the email clients don’t have an option of saving an email to PDF.

Without any additional software or plugins, you can use the built in print to save an email as PDF for a PDF feature in Windows 10. With the help of print to PDF feature, you can convert documents to PDF, and also be converting JPEG and PNG pictures to PDF in a jiffy.

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How To Save Emails As PDF’s In Windows 10:

For saving an email as PDF in windows 10 follow this steps on your Operating System. Have an idea about this process before ongoing through it.

  • Open Windows icon.
  • Search for Mail from the alphabetical order or you can see the pinned application in your start icon.
  • Click to open the email.
  • Open any one of the messages which you want to save as a PDF.
  • Concurrently press the keys Ctrl+P for the “Print “dialog to open.
  • If your email client is a desktop program a classic print dialog option can be seen for choosing of a printer.
  • From the Printer, section clicks to select a Microsoft print to PDF option.
  • And then click on Print button.
  • When you click on a Print option it opens a “Save Print Output As” dialog.
  • Enter any name for an email you want to save as PDF.
  • Now click on Save option to save your email as PDF.
  • As this is a simple process to save an email as PDF and can be used easily on Windows 10 from any email client.

The above information that I have mentioned in this blog might be helpful to save any email as PDF in Windows 10 Operating System. If you have any doubts regarding this issues comment us below.


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