How To Track Your Lost Android Phone Without Tracking APP


How To Track Your Lost Android Phone Without Tracking APP: In our daily life, most of the people will lose their smartphones. This might happen for reasons either by self-negligence or robbery. Here you may arise a problem that the important stuff in your phone won’t be able to reveal in front of others. Some of the family pictures, private messages, and information regarding any work which is personal may not access to any other person. In these cases, you may find many anti thefts and phone recovery applications which are available in the Google Play Store. Until or unless once they lost their phones they have no idea about this issues. Even though with the tracking applications from Google Play Store there are many ways to track your lost Android phones if you are not aware of apps for download.

You can track your lost Android phone by various methods without the help of any tracking app. To have a full guide you need to glance the article to reduce your effort. Due to growth in technology, one cannot live without using Smartphones. It requires a large number of applications to improve your experience. Don’t worry about the lost Android Smartphone am here to give the best information about “How to track your lost Android device without any tracking app”.

How To Track Your Lost Android Phone Without Tracking APP

Through Android Device Manager:

Android Device Manager is a Google’s official tool which is easy to track your device. This can be also called as Google Find My Device. Not necessary to install any app to track your device. The main thing is that make sure that your device is connected to your Google account which is signed in and connected to the internet. Visit the Android Device Manager before you logged into your account of Google. Once it completes the loading of the site it automatically tracks your device.

From the recent update, Google has implemented a few ADM features directly on the search page itself. By this, you can easily locate any registered Android device from the search results. From the space provided bar text “Where is my phone” then Google displays a map above search results which will try to find your phone. Once it found you can let it ring by clicking “Ring” option at the bottom left.

To find your phone this makes more convenient which doesn’t offer you all the options of Android Device Manager full version. Using ADM you are able to track your registered Android device which makes your phone ring and wipes of all the data manually.

If you don’t have any Laptop near by you when losing your Android device then you can use someone’s Android device to track. Without using the mobile browser you can access to Android Device Manager application. You are required to sign in with your Google account credentials as Guest. Now there is a possibility to track your device by a ring and wipes of all the data. If you are using some other phone which doesn’t access to ADM app then search it from Google search results.

In a few cases, you are not able to locate your device for several reasons. Actually, this happens when you are not connected to the internet. Keep trying to track until it connects to Google services again. If your device has been stolen it’s possible to disconnect your Google account if the person is a hacker.

Track Your Mobile Though Android Device Manger


  • It is needed to connect with your Google account on your device.
  • Your device should access to the stable internet connection.
  • To locate your device enable the Android Device Manager as default which can be changed in the Google settings application.
  • Allow ADM to lock your device and erase data this is also a default application which required to turn off.

Through Android Lost:

For tracking your phone this might be a complicated way. You need to install tracking app” Android lost” on your phone and activate it by sending an SMS from any other phone. How to install the apps when you don’t have your own device. Here is the best solution for you can install any app from your browser through Google Play website on all of your registered devices. Navigate to the Android lost app and click on install option. The installation process for Android lost requires a phone which is still connected to your Google account.

Track Your Lost

Step 1: Install Android Lost Remotely

Install the Android Lost app by Google in your browser and this will install on your phone remotely. Your phone still needs to connect to your Google account otherwise it won’t works.

Step 2: Activate Android Lost

If you still own your Smartphone or Tablet all you need to do is to start the application. Obviously, this is not done when you lost your phone. For registering your device remotely send an SMS text “androidlost register” to your registered phone. When you text that SMS will be sent to your device. The trigger Lost Android register itself using your Google account credentials.

If you have Tablet then SMS might not be an option. In such cases install “AndroidLost Jumpstart” before installing the actual Android Lost app. This may register the process to start when the Android Lost is being installed.

Step 3: Log in to the Android Lost website

Go to Android Lost website and sign in to your Google account. After signing in you need to access all remote control features which are mentioned here.

  • Read the newest SMS on your Smartphone.
  • Make your device to play a loud alarm with a screen of flash.
  • You can misplace your device.
  • Find or search the location of your device.
  • Always lock and unlock your device.
  • Wipe or clean entire data on your phone so that no private data falls into wrong hands.
  • Erase your SD card.
  • Use front or rear camera for a picture to get a nice shot of the person who took your device.


  • Your device needs to connect to your Google account.
  • Your device needs to access the internet.
  • You should run Android version 3.0 or higher.

I have to say one thing that the possibility to install and register this tool makes your device powerful when you lost your device. But one drawback of Android Lost app is it tells the second person about the work going on.

Through Plan B:

If you found that Android Lost is not working for you and your phone which runs the older version of Android 2.0-2.3. Then you could try for Plan B from Lockout. Directly you can install an application from the Play Store on your device. If you successfully installed app Plan B will send you a location to your Gmail account. On every 10 minutes, you will receive a mail with current locations.

There is an another possible way where you can use another Smartphone to send SMS “Locate” for locating your phone with an email. As I have informed you before that Plan B works only on Android 2.0-2.3. So it doesn’t work with most of the devices. There is no perfection to the app where it has not updated for a long period of time.

Track Your Mobile Through Plan B


  • You need to connect your Google account on your device.
  • You need to access the internet connection on your device.

Through Google Map Location History:

Updated version of Google completely fixed the interface and user experience by the history of Location which includes giving a name as your timeline. The main purpose of timeline makes you track the places which you have visited mostly. You can find only dots before the update of a map but after an update, you can see symbols of restaurants, cafes, bars.

Comparable to Android Device Manager the Timeline feature of Google maps doesn’t show much interest for the lost phone to track. Everything can be visible for different things to locate the data. If you face any route issues you can able to find a location on the map. And this is a good feature to locate your phone.

What you need to do was clearly explained through Google maps to track your lost phone. Go to your timeline and be sure that present day is selected in the calendar. From the left side, you can see the complete timeline of the day with all locations including the names of places. In the right side, you can see the locations on a map which are imagined.

Your timeline uses cell towers and wifi locations to detect the location data. Other than Android Device Manager GPS can also be used for tracking. You may have the exact location which may change significantly. This feature can’t help if your phone battery is empty. Before switching off your device may the Google save your current location. You can find the last data which is located on your phone from your location history.

Your timeline main advantage was it can track the phone location frequently. If any person stole your device you can find most visited places which might be their workplace. To catch the person this might help for you and authorities.

Track Your Lost Mobile Through Google Map location History


  • You need to connect your Google account on your device.
  • You are required to access internet connection on your device.
  • Reporting a location and location of the history are needed to activate on your device.
  • From the Google settings on your device, you can enable the above feature.

Through Samsung’s Find My Mobile:

If you own an Android Smartphone you can find your phone by Samsungs own tracking service “Find my mobile”. To work this feature you need to have a registered Samsung account on your device before losing it. Have an idea whether you have done or not if you have an account try to remember login credentials.

Go to Google search results and sign in to Find my mobile website. From the left side, make sure that your device has connected to your Google account or Samsung account. Scroll down to select Locate my device in the sidebar and click on locate option. If the internet connection of your device is kept on and enabled the remote controls then you can find an approximate location.

If you search to Find my mobile can also access to do a few other things. Such as locking your device with a message of ring and wipes of all the data which is stored on your device.

Track Your LostMobile Through


  • Your device should access the internet connection.
  • You should have a Samsung account which is registered on your device.
  • For searching the Find my mobile you need to setup it on your Samsung phone.

Through Google Photos:

If your device has got stolen and you may find useful with backup. You can sync the feature of Google photos. When you activated this option in the application then every single image which taken on your phone will be uploaded directly to your Google photos account. A good news should mention regarding this feature. When you capture an image it automatically uploads the location where it was taken.

If the second person or unknown person who lost your phone didn’t log out from your Google account. If they try to capture the photos on your phone you may find the new images popping up in Google photos. This feature works when your device has a stable internet connection and access the permission to locate your photos. Be careful to locate the device it might be the unknown person location. Hang up to your local authorities to find for yourself.

What you are required to do by Google photos was specified clearly in a step wise from here. Carefully follow this guide to trace your lost phone.

  • Go to Google from the official page of Google web search.
  • Sign in with your Google account which you have accessed your Android device to log in.
  • Check whether any pictures are captured after stealing your device.
  • If you found any images then click yes on the captured picture.
  • Now click on the icon for info of the picture on the top right corner.
  • From the sidebar, you can see the details of the picture including the location where it has captured.


  • You need to access the internet connection on your device.
  • From the Google Photos enable or turn on Backup and Sync option.
  • Someone can capture the pictures when you lost your device.

Through Dropbox:

Dropbox is one of the applications of Google. This will be your last search for tracking your lost device. However, you need to install the Dropbox application on your phone. Enable the “Camera upload” feature. When the second person or unknown person who lost your device can easily be traced by this feature.

Whenever the person captures any picture in your phone it gets uploaded automatically to your Dropbox in Camera uploads folder. You can easily identify the person if they capture a picture. From the background of uploaded pictures, you can able to find the location.

Dropbox can help you in a few ways. Even though it doesn’t give an IP address of your Smartphone which is connected to your Dropbox account. But this is the only possible way for PC or Laptops by Dropbox.

Track Your Mobile Through Dropbox


  • You should access the internet connection on your device.
  • Activate “Camera Upload” feature in your Dropbox account.
  • An easy way to identify the captured photos when you lost your device by its location.

From here you may find the information helpful for using to track lost phone by several methods. You may use any one of the features without the help of any tracking application. If you have any doubts regarding this issues comment us below we may find a better solution. I truly hope may this article help you for tracking the lost phone. You may also install a tracking app before vanishing your phone.


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