How To Track Your Lost iPhone or iPad{iOS Devices} Without Tracking APP


How To Track Your Lost iPhone or iPad{iOS Devices} Without Tracking APP: In these days everyone stores personal information on their own Smartphones. And these smartphones are just small computers to the users where they can handle anywhere. Most people in hurry or lazy may pay less attention when and doesn’t care what they are holding in hands. By the negligence, you may lose your iPhone or iPad or some other person else steals your phone. For a fact, the people don’t have an idea about a tracking app on their device as a hope that they don’t lose it. If you are using an iPhone or iPad you can find the lost iPhone with third-party tracking solution in an effective way.

Although you are not able to get your iPhone or iPad back atleast you can wipe all data from your device. There is a way to track it or lock and wipe its data. You need not worry about the secondary or unknown person involvement of your private messages, pictures and important data. Have a glance at the article to know about the clear information in simple steps for how to track your lost iPhone or iPad. There are many methods which are able to track a stolen iPhone.

How To Track Your Lost iPhone or iPad{iOS Devices} Without Tracking APP

Through Using iCloud:

When you are not activated to Find my iPhone or iPad or Mac set up on your device this method doesn’t work. Even though you can download find my iPhone application officially from the Play Store. But this application is not used to track for your Apple devices. By this, you shouldn’t install the application on your missing iPhone or iPad. Basically, find my iPhone is a cloud-based service by Apple. The only possibility of the app is to access location of iPhone or other Apple devices.

If you have an iPad or another iPhone it’s an easy way to install Find my iPhone app and try to locate the stolen iPhone. Or else you can get the sign in through a browser with your Apple account credentials. You need not worry about disconnection of iCloud on your device. Disable the find my iPhone or erase the data on your device in order to get into the second or unwanted hands.

If you own iOS 7 or later version a feature named Activation lock will notify to mention other activities done by the unwanted users without your Apple password. For getting your device back for you a few steps need to follow. Carefully read each and every step before proceeding to track your device.

Track Your Lost iOS Devices Through iCloud

Step 1: Login To iCloud And Start “Find My iPhone”

Go to and log in to your account with account credentials. In few cases, you may require entering iCloud’s two-step verification. This prompts you to enter a code which is sent to your Apple devices. But this is not necessary to enter code now. Instead of clicking on Find my iPhone quick access link on the bottom you can directly click on right for Find my iPhone’s interface.

If the page doesn’t show two step authentication you need to see your iCloud’s dashboard after signing in with your account details. From the second row click on the first option to Find my iPhone icon. And then you are required to see the Find my iPhone interface which includes a map also.

Step 2: Choose Your Lost Device And Start The Tracking Process

Depending on many factors this may take a while to complete the process. You are required to use erase option as a last resort when Find my iPhone won’t work anymore on your device after. Activation of lost mode makes your device lock with a password which may have a notification message with your mobile number. The lost mode has the ability to enable services location on your iPhone or iPad if it gets deactivated.

If you recognized that you have turned off then no need to freak out. As long as your device has enabled the lost mode it will use location to trace. All this basic process needs to do when you lost one of your Apple devices which have a huge cost in the market. However, your lost device should have the secure internet connection and needs to be turned on. Without any Wi-Fi or data connection, it is not easy to track your device using Find my iPhone.

Have a hope that the unwanted person who stolen your device may connect to the web. When your device is offline you can notify the Apple once you are back to online no need to refresh all the times.

  • Click on “All the devices” from the drop-down menu for selecting your missing device on the top bar.
  • Now tracking of your device gets started.
  • If tracking is successful then you are able to see the location of your device on a map.
  • There is an option to trigger an acoustic signal for activation of “Lost mode” to erase all the data on your device.

Through Google Timeline To Find Your iPhone or iPad:

Google timeline works on your iPhone or iPad when you enable the location reporting and location history.

Both the Apple and Google like to gather the information about all things which also includes your location. Although this is an attack on your privacy where some people intentionally disable the device location service. When you lose your phone this might be very helpful to the unwanted person.

Google Timeline notifies the data location from your iPhone collection in a map. Google not only make to store all your data this also access for a good looking interface. You can see the every detail regarding any information in a map. So in this way, you can also locate your device which has been sent data for Google at last. Or else if your phone still connected to the internet connection or wifi regularly it access to send the location which makes to see you exactly where it was to get back.

Until the battery is dead on your device you can see its last reported location. For accessing your location history follow these steps to get back your device.

Through Google Timeline To Find Your iPhone or iPad

  • Go to Google timeline.
  • Click to select the current date on the top left side of the screen.
  • From the left side of the timeline, scroll up to the last end to find last reported section on your iPhone.
  • There is a possibility to check all the recorded points on a map.
  • To check the time stamps make sure that you just don’t know the last location but also the last location which is connected to Google.
  • Before you leave it to try to use the location data to find whether your iPhone is lying somewhere and wishing to take from there.
  • If this is not staying then you need to contact authorities for getting help from them to retrieve your stolen device.

Through Google Photos:

Finally, this is the last method to locate your device. You need to have the Google Photos application installed on your device with automatic upload of your pictures and location sharing option enabled. By this, you can have an idea that the every picture when you captured on your device it will upload to your Google Photos account by internet connection or wifi strength.

Through Google Photos

Enable of Google photos automatically upload when you connected over a wifi only. Another thing is that the person who stole your iPhone need to capture any pictures then this feature may help you to find the location of your device.

From the Google search results go to Google and check if any pictures are uploaded recently. You are required to log into your Google photos by your account credentials. If you found any new pictures taken recently click on the picture. When you click on the picture there is an info option where you can get total details about the captured photo. Check on the right side bar to know any location was attached to the captured picture.

The information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to track your lost iPhone or iPad without the help of any tracking application. You may search in any of the methods to get back your device either by Google photos or iCloud or Google timeline. If you have any doubts regarding this issues comment us below. Who ever might track your device but the main thing you need to have is a stable internet connection.


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