iCloud Signin – Features, How to Sign in to iCloud in iOS Devices


iCloud Signin: In this modern technology, iPhone gained its own popularity by its trend which runs iOS mobile operating system. The latest version of iPhone made us feel much attractive toward their features. So when you have an iPhone you might be aware of the iCloud too. Don’t get worried as I am here to guide the users of iOS who are unaware of it. Let me discuss you in detail about the iCloud and how to get the sign in on your smartphone. For more info regarding the iCloud have a glance at the blog.

iCloud Signin


Actually, iCloud is a cloud computing and storage service that has launched in the year 2011 by Apple Inc. The main aim of iCloud is to store data that includes documents, files, music or photos and much more. If you have lost any files it allows managing those files. Where many of the users are not aware of working of it. Using the Apple online service storage you can manage and share all the files.

As the iCloud helps to provide backup of all files of iOS devices just by a simple login. When you sign in with an iCloud account then it allows you for sharing pictures and some other files. Most of them say that it is quite difficult for signing in to iCloud but from this blog, we will make the easy way for users. So to sign in for iCloud follow the steps which are mentioned here.

Features of iCloud:

iCloud offers few unique features either from iOS or Mac devices. Mainly it helps to restore all your important files, pictures, music, documents and much more. All your files can be stored to iCloud which are secure.

  • Storage: When you create and login with a new iCloud account it offers a free 5GB storage space for storing all your files. If you are an iCloud user and storage space is full then you can subscribe for premium versions around 50GB which can be extended up to 1TB.
  • Restore and Backup: Allows the users to backup the files and data on your iOS devices. Almost all your data gets back up. If you want to run a backup then requires a proper internet connection or wifi. It also helps to restore all the data and applications to your device if you face any issues.
  • Finds lost iPhone: With this feature, you can track your lost iPhone or Mac. If you own an iOS device then approximate location of your lost device will be resolved.
  • Saves all your pictures with high resolution and can view them through iCloud.com or from new photo application.
  • Easily you can share pictures with your loved ones through social networking applications.

Features of iCloud

How To Sign in To iCloud:

Until now you came across the what is iCloud and their features now let me explain you about its sign in. There are a few sign up methods of iCloud which can be discussed on this blog. Have a look at the steps without missing any of the steps.

Using Official Web Page:

  • Turn on your internet connection.
  • Visit the official webpage of Google.
  • In the search box type www.icloud.com.
  • From the official homepage of iCloud, you will find a sign in box where you are required to enter Apple ID along with the password.
  • If you don’t have an Apple ID click on “Create yours now”.
  • Enter all your personal details for creating an Apple ID.
  • Click on “OK” option to agree all the terms and conditions.
  • Now tap on the languages which you wish to communicate.
  • Click to open it for enjoying iCloud storage and backing up all your data.
  • This is all about the sign in process of iCloud using their official page.

Sign in To iCloud Using Official Web Page

Using Mac or iOS Device:

To sign in with iCloud make sure that you visit your phone settings and then follow an iCloud account.

  • A pop-up window opens your device screen to confirm Apple ID and password.
  • If you are a new user of iPhone then you will see a pop-up notification when you insert a sim card.
  • Fill all your details and run the iCloud drive on your Apple device.
  • If you have a Mac device then visit your system preference next to iCloud.
  • To access iCloud you need to enter all your Apple ID and password.
  • This is all about the sign in process of iCloud using Mac or iOS devices.
  • Open and enjoy storing and backing up of all the data on your iCloud.

Using Mac or iOS Device:

The information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to sign in to iCloud account on your iPhone. Either any of the methods can be chosen based on your interest for signing in to your iCloud account. If you have any doubts regarding this issues can comment us below. We will come across your issue and finds the better solution.


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