Idea USSD Codes – All Idea USSD Codes For Prepaid Users {Updated}


Idea USSD Codes: If you want to know Idea balance and searching for idea USSD codes, here is the article where you can find the list of Idea USSD codes. As we are providing the full information about USSD Codes. You should have a minimum knowledge of USSD code then it is easy to know your main balance, 2G internet data balance, 3G internet data balance, SMS free balance, Activation and deactivation servies are made easy, night packs, day packs, 3G internet data balance, unlimited offers, free talk time. The idea operation provides good service to the users. Daily they provide so many offers as a daily offer. If you want to know idea USSD services codes then go through this article will help you to choose a correct offer.

Idea USSD Codes

Idea USSD Codes List:

We are giving full information about ides USSD code list for Main Balance check, Unusual activation and deactivation services and different states of USSD codes

USSD Code Details
*212# or *130# or *123# Idea Balance Check Code
*130*Recharge code# Idea Recharge Code
*456# or *457# Idea Account balance
*125# or *131*3# Idea 2G Net Balance Check Code
*125# Idea Net Balance Check (3G)
*125# Idea 4G Balance Check
*369# Idea Local Minute Pack
*451# or *161*1# Idea SMS Balance
1909 DND Activation/Deactivation
*165*Loan Amount# Idea Loan code
*567* Idea Balance Transfer
*369# Idea Pack
*567# Idea Price
*111# Idea Menu
12345 Idea Customer Care Number
155223 VAS Deactivation
1925 Idea 4G Activation Code
ACT 3G to 12345 Idea 3g activation USSD code
*131*3# Idea Special Packs
*123# Idea Value Added Service
*456# Idea 30 Rs Pack
*43# Activate Call Waiting
FRESH to 4666 Idea GPRS Activation
*129# Idea Dialer Tone
*333*5# Idea Missed Call Alert Activation
*789# or *100# or *1# Know Your own Idea number
UNSUBONDCKT to 56456 Deactivate Idea Cricket Service
SET to 12345 or 54671 Idea GPRS Settings
*777# Daily Cricket Pack
*567*< Reciever No > Space <Amount># Idea Balance Transfer Code

How To Check Idea Net Balance:

  • To check balance dial *125# from your phone.
  • To check idea 3G net balance dial *125#.
  • To check idea 4G net balance dial *125#.
  • A pop-up message will be displayed with Idea balance.

All Other Idea USSD Codes:

  • To check internet balance code is *457#.
  • To activate service for idea live TV SMS 3GTV to 54777.
  • Idea USSD code to deactivate call waiting for service code is *44#.
  • To activate idea night, SMS packs, local packs code is *369#.
  • USSD code to transfer balance to another mobile number in idea is *567*<receiver no><space><amount>#.
  • Idea loan USSD code is *167*4#.
  • Idea 20 MB internet data loan is *150*773#.
  • Idea Rs 5 internet data loan is *165*#.
  • Idea GPRS setting SMS “SET” to 12345.
  • USSD code to gHunnynny bunny hello tune code is SMS “HB” to 56789.
  • Idea USSD code to view free benefits is *167*1#.
  • Idea USSD code to view usage benfits code is *167*3#.
  • Idea USSD vode to view loan benfits code is *167*4#.

We have provided all the list above fo Idea operator. Enjoy the service of the idea and it has covered almost all the states. Hope you got idea USSD codes what you are looking for. If you have any doubts you can comment in comment section.


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