How To Install Remix OS on a Windows PC or Mac


Android is an excellent operating system for the touch-based mobile device but have you ever thought about Android as a computer operating system? We are sure you will believe Android can be a worthy computers OS with time considering it is feature rich and has more than a billion applications but the problem is it was not built to be used with a keyboard and mouse. Well, that was Jide’sRemix OS plans to change. In this article, we will let you how to install Remix OS on a Windows PC or Mac.

Remix OS:

Remix OS is a desktop operating system build on the open-source Android x86 project which highlights a multi-window environment built on Android 5.0 Lollipop. The OS is aimed at the people who want to use an Android PC in a traditional way, that is a keyword and a mouse. So basically you can go ahead and get Android running on your Windows, Mac or Linux PC with Remix OS. Another good thing is you can run Remix OS from a USB flash drive fairly than going through the hassle of overriding your current OS.

Addressing the OS interface the home screen brings a start menu taskbar and system service similar to what we see in Windows. All in all, it has a very Windows-like happening even when it appears to the applications. The Android applications there should be been optimized to play completely0 with Remix OS multi-window functionality. Like windows, the application can be minimized maximized and you can even cover multiple application windows over each other. The current alpha build does not feature the Google Play Store but you can sideload it and get more than 1.6 billion application that Android offer.

While there are previously a few Android running computers in the business like Google very own Pixel C the query is Android native experience is not really full-fledged for a PC yet. This is where we find Remix OS attractive While the OS is in a budding state, it is headed in the right direction and it is definitely worth a shot. The OS might also be a design that developer starts creating more Android OS like this with a new Phoenix OS previously garnering news as the Remix OS alternative. Well, more the opposition more the choice for you.

How To Install Remix OS on a Windows PC or Mac

Run Remix OS on Window PC Through a USB Flash Drive:

System Requirements:

  • 8 GB + USB 3.0 FAT32 flash drive.
  • 64 bit CPU.

Note: We tried to run Remix OS on a USB 2.0 flash drive and although it worked you can only use them ‘Guest mode”. The OS is also not supported on older ARM CPU that power some Chromebooks and earlier Mac.

Install Remix OS on USB Flash Drive:

The Remix OS alpha build is ready to install here and since it is a direct developer build, it might be buggy. But thankfully you can run the OS from the USB flash drive itself, so no worries about wasting your system data.

1. Download Remix OS package and extract it. The “legacy” version is for older PCs while the Extensible Firmware Interface version is for modern PCs which have higher and faster storage hard drives. We will recommend the legacy version if you have a traditional Windows PC and EFI version if you a Mac or a new higher end Window PC so download accordingly. The package includes the Remix OS ISO file and Remix OS USB tool.

To investigate if your Windows PC supports Legacy files or EFI press Windows key + R and type “MSInfo32”. Then compare BIOS Mode.

2. Format the USB flash drive you are going to accept in FAT32 format.

3. Run the Remix OS USB tool and choose the ISO file from the extracted folder. Click OK to start the process.

4. The tool will begin duplicating the file and be installing Remix OS on the flash drive. Once made the tool will ask you to reboot your PC. Click Reboot button to do it immediately or Exit if you want to do it next.

Install Remix OS on USB Flash Drive

Boot Remix OS From a USB Flash Drive:

1. Connect Remix OS bootable USB flash drive to the PC.

2. Go to BIOS setting on your PC by taping  F12/F2 which key your system supports. Then go to Boot option and disable Secure Boot option. Then set USB flash drive as first in the boot preference and restart your PC.

3. The PC will then boot through the USB flash drive and you will be presented with two options Resident mode and other is Guest mode. The Resident mode in Remix OS lets you save data applications and settings on the flash drive while the Guest mode does not let you save anything. Select whichever mode you prefer.

4. After you have chosen mode remix os will start up for the first time. It might catch a while depending on your system configuration.

5. The OS will then set up your language setting, WiFi connection, etc. Once the setup is complete you will visit the Remix OS home screen.

Boot Remix OS From a USB Flash Drive

How To Update Remix OS:

Jide currently does not grant automatic over the air updates but you can get it manually, The process is pretty easy, as all you need to do is consume the last Remix OS build to the same flash drive you have been using without formatting it. That will get you the latest Remix OS version without you losing any of your application or data.

How To Update Remix OS

We hope you have got to know about Remix OS installing process on Windows PC or Mac. If you have any doubts let us know in comment section.


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