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NordVPN: Nowadays internet is the major source of any information. But there are many cyber crimes which happen on the internet each day. To be safe from strangers every user must ensure their own security while surfing the internet. So with help of a VPN, you can be secure. Actually, a VPN refers to Virtual Private Network one of the secured networks that redirect the connection of internet with the remote server. It is not easy to track a user of VPN network either by ISP or hackers. Are you searching for the trustful VPN service? Then NordVPN is the perfect solution for your online privacy. So I am here to tell you about NordVPN in detail for more info have a glance at the blog.

Best VPN Service Provider - Features - Price


NordVPN is a leading tycoon in the VPN industry which gained their own popularity in a few years. All over the world, NordVPN offered a statement in the year 2012 to provide best services for the users. However, it is a powerful network of more than 2200 servers in 61 countries and planning to expand their servers in more nations. The main aim of the network is to protect your privacy in today’s world. With the NordVPN you can prefer several double VPN combinations for encrypting your internet traffic.You can download the NordVPN software even from their official webpage or from the respective App store of an operating system.

Features of NordVPN:

You might be aware of what is NordVPN is still now. So let me explain their features which is the best among all the VPN providers. Have a look at their features and get it now.

  • NordVPN offers custom application available on all operating systems like Windows, MacOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, and iOS.
  • Protects from annoying ads and harmful online threats with the CyberSec.
  • Offers secure internet traffic.
  • Hides your IP address and replace it with a random IP to make your browser safe and secure.
  • None of your private data can be tracked by third parties.
  • Unlimited bandwidth without any throttling.
  • Supports to connect to 6 devices simultaneously.
  • With the DNS leak technology, you can protect all your private information.
  • Through an Onion Router, it combines a VPN benefits for maximum security in online.
  • Offers Double VPN protection for creating an extra layer of online privacy.
  • Automatic kill switch secures your internet traffic even VPN connection drops.
  • DNS Leak Resolver: Many of the users faces issues even after using a VPN the browsing history can be leaked to the ISP. When the users of VPN use your ISP’s DNS you will face this problem. But with the NordVPN you may not face any risks.
  • NordVPN uses their own DNS to handle all your traffic.
  • Allows streaming your favorite sites with SmartPlay technology.
  • Offers much speed to enjoy the streaming experience without buffering in a secure way.
  • Allows hundreds of ultra fast servers for P2P activities.

nordvpn features

NordVPN Price:

NordVPN offers affordable VPN plans for the users. Choose any of the plans that’s right for you from three of the plans which are mentioned here. To save your data choose the most popular plan.

  • Get One month plan for $11.95.
  • Get One year plan for $5.75/month.
  • Get the 2-year plan for $3.29/month.
  • Get the 3-year plan for $2.75/month.

The information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to know about the NordVPN one of the best VPN provider. For the users, it offers effective plans with special features. One of the best parts of this service is that it is available for different platforms. If you have any doubts regarding this service can comment us below. We will come across your issue and finds the better solution.


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