One Plus To Launch it’s New Flagship Mobile, OnePlus 5T

One Plus To Launch it’s New Flagship Mobile, OnePlus 5T: It’s been a while since the release of OnePlus 5, the top end model from OnePlus, though it got some mixed reviews and unstable approach towards market, One plus 5 is capturing market finally, but the makers are all set to release the better model of smartphone which goes by OnePlus 5T in November 2017. Kind of releasing OnePlus 3T only in 5 months after the release of OnePlus 5.
oneplus 5t
What’s new with the OnePlus 5T?
The leaks of features are limited to some major upgrades but these are not all that is going to be upgraded, we can expect the better upgrades for existing features. One of the main upgrades is Screen size in the 5T model with 6-inches, 18:9 model with 2160 x 1080p resolution. Since all the major Android manufacturers are shifting to 18:9 model making it a signature feature for premium mobiles, OnePlus which is known for having premium features and powerful specs are also joining this club with the 5T model.
With the low resolution render in the above image of Oneplus 5T, we can see that it has been inspired by the design of Samsung Galaxy S8, the bezel-less design and the aspect ratio of 18:9 it is a bit taller and can be used with one hand and is different from usual design with a bit curved sides. Expecting this to be a curved edge display mobile by the design, but we are not sure about the update now. It may resemble a bit like render of Oppo F5 which is leaked recently, but our sources confirm that 5T looks alike at least from the front.
oneplus 5t
OnePlus 5 is out of stock in many countries this could be considered as an indication of the announcement of the new model, but the official report may take some more time.
The sources we got this data is with the success rate of 80% in guessing or leaking the features of upcoming models. And the internet is not making any buzz. So, we didn’t have much to report that the analysis of the render of OnePlus 5T. Let’s wait and see whether more details be freed in upcoming weeks. The expected launch date would be in early November.


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