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Picasa Alternatives: Mostly we capture pictures for precious memories in everyday life. If you own a smartphone then these pictures get save in your internal storage. Earlier Google has released an application either for sharing and storing the videos and pictures known as “Google Photos”. In a short period of time, this service gained its own popularity and stands as the best of its kind. From the initial release of Google Photos, it has been compared closely to another photo editing and storage service “Google Picasa”. Since the features of Picasa are similar to Google Photos rumors were begun that Picasa was going to end. So let me tell you in detail about the Picasa. For more info related to this application check out this article.

Best 7 Alternatives of Picasa


Picasa is an image viewer and organizer to organize and edit digital photos which was discontinued now. This program was actually a photo sharing website created by Lifescape. In March 2016 Google has announced a statement officially that Picasa was soon to be discontinued to have an entire focus on Google Photos. Due to this many of the users are looking for Picasa alternatives.

But let me clear you everything before getting into it, mainly about Google Photos since it is the default alternative developed by Google. As the Google Photos is a cloud storage similar to Picasa. Where it offers an unlimited storage for photos and videos with high quality and you can also download the app on your PC or Smartphone. Easily it allows for backup of photos.

If you had a Google account then it is simple to have the backup of pictures. Are you looking for Picasa alternatives other than Google Photos? So here we are going to list a few alternatives of Picasa have a look at them.

Best 7 Alternatives of Picasa:

1. digiKam:

digiKam is an open source digital photo application running in advance on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Almost all the tools are provided to import, manage, edit, raw files, and share photos. You can easily transfer photos, raw files, and videos directly either from your camera or external storage devices. The extended functionality of this application is a set of plugins to customize easily for enabling and disabling the individual tools.

With this plugins, one can share their photos on social networking applications like Facebook or Google Photos. It offers some additional features which are powerful like search photos by tags, labels, rating, location, and XMP metadata. Some of the enhancements tools of an image such as filters, special effects, and color management for the perfect outcome. Offers a special tool based on a lensfun library for applying lens corrections automatically on images.


2. Flickr:

Are you looking for the best storage of photos? Just trust me and try the Flickr which is the best alternative for Picasa that share applications in the world. As this can be used in a simple way offers well in its photo management. To use Flickr you just need a Yahoo account for signup. After signing up you can explore Flickr to understand how valuable is its service. It provides the user with 1TB of free space and offers a simple user interface for editing, managing and sharing photos.

Flickr was started with the Yahoo messenger which is another major creation. With this application, you can create your personal collections and albums to share with friends and family. Also, it was available as an app for Android and iOS where you can use the same account on all your devices. Really our photos travel with Flickr.


3. Windows Photo Gallery:

Windows Photo Gallery is the best application that makes you feel similar to Picasa. This is one of the most straightforward and easy layouts to use on any photo editing application. It offers simple and better user interface. The users of Windows who refuse to stick with Google then Windows Photo Gallery is the best alternative. Almost it is similar to Picasa which is a one source location to edit images and share them on social networking applications as Facebook, Flickr and much more.

Provides a lot of features that Picasa offers as rotating photos, resize of images, and add captions to set locations. Even it doesn’t offer storage solution that Picasa does, but works great for managing all the pictures on desktop. The editing features of the photo are fairly decent. Apart from basic edits, you can make collages, slideshows, panoramas, and movies.

Windows Photo Gallery

4. FastStone Image Viewer:

FastStone Image Viewer is a photo viewing application for Windows. Based on its quick preview it offers raw formats and top major image formats. You can easily organize the photos and suppose to add tags, move photos to respective folders. Some of the basic edits of this application are cropping, adjustment of lights, colors, curves and adding effects.

One of the fast and powerful tools which are worthy to choose as the Picasa alternative. If you are unhappy with the editing tools of Faststone it provides the external editing program option for being modest.

FastStone Image Viewer

5. Photoscape:

Photoscape is another best alternative of Picasa which allows editing pictures to enhance and create special effects. Using the Photoscape is a fun experience to offers variety of features that include basic editing, fixing, making collages and GIF with multiple photos. It has screen capture and capable of splitting photos. Even though it doesn’t offer cloud storage space like Picasa but it is an ideal photo editing application.


6. Phototheca:

Phototheca is really easy for managing, organizing, and sorting photos from one place to other on your desktop. It offers a premium version with additional features like viewing images by date and time, slideshow and many other options. Mainly it was the best alternative of Picasa which is available in both the free and premium version. Both the versions have a library to import your images.


7. ACDSee:

ACDSee program is a platform of photo management and photo editing. Mainly it is designed for the users to allow an easy and quick way for editing photos. However, you can create photos based on interest and color matching. With the features offered by this app make an easy search for given photos. Some of the additional features of editing are also offered such as applying filters, select drawing tools to search, reduce red eyes. Supports for the addition of borders, vignettes, and text to images.


The information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to know about the best alternatives of Picasa. You can choose the best alternative based on your interest from here. If you have any doubts regarding this issues can comment us below.


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