PUBG News and Updates: What’s New in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds


When it comes to Battle Royale games, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (or PUBG) is a name you need to know. With tens of millions of players across PC and Xbox One, the Battle Royale phenomenon has shown little signs of slowing since its launch in March 2017. Over the past year, the game has had a stratospheric rise, going from a Steam’s Early Access title to a full Xbox release, with a massive following on streaming services like Twitch and Mixer.


“PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” is an online, multiplayer survival game formally developed/published by Bluehole. PUBG is now being developed by PUBG Corp, a Bluehole subsidiary company in cooperation with Brendan Greene, the game’s creative director, who goes by “PLAYERUNKNOWN” online. PUBG is Greene’s first standalone game.

Players are dropped into a wide, open, 100 player death area, and they must fight to the death – all while the battlefield shrinks, adding pressure to all in its grip. Every few minutes, the area you can be in, gets smaller, and anyone outside the play area is slowly killed. Players take on the Battle Royale experience on an 8×8 km map called “Erangel.”

You start with no items, but you can scavenge for interesting weapons and vehicles (by searching through buildings) that is then used to kill everyone else. The goal is to fight to be the last man alive. The winners will get to see the coveted “winner winner chicken dinner” message appear on the screen.

BATTLEGROUNDS is a good balance between Arma 3 and H1Z1. It takes place on different islands (maps), but the main island for BATTLEGROUNDS is called Erangel. An abandoned Russian island where a military occupation was controlling the island.

Bluepoint has been slower in updates recently due to its efforts to curb cheating in the game. However, here you will find information on the latest additions to both the Xbox One and PC versions of the game as well as what’s planned for the future.

PUBG Latest Updates for PC:

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The most recent patch for PUBG has landed, marking the ninth major update for the game since its Early Access exit. The biggest addition to the game is ‘Killer Spectate’ which allows players to spectate the rest of the match from their killer’s perspective after they’ve been killed.

Players can spectate their killer by clicking the “watch” button on their match result screen after they’ve been killed. And when the player you were spectating dies, you can continue spectating the killer of that player and so on.

If no one killed you, that is, if you get killed by the Blue Zone, the Red Zone or from falling, you can instead choose to spectate the nearest player from your death location. You can even report a player you are spectating in Killer Spectate mode by pressing R. If, however, you click Death Cam, you won’t be able to watch anyone on Killer Spectate mode.

In addition to that, the PUBG update also addresses a few minor bugs that were plaguing the game, such as flipping vehicles. And it also changes the default voice chat setting to ‘Team Only’.

PUBG Latest Updates for Xbox One

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The latest PUBG Xbox One update (Update 12) is being released and according to new patch notes, it adds improvements to graphical performance and vehicle framerates as well as few “crucial bug fixes.”

In terms of fixes, the update resolves a serious issue that caused vehicles (including the three-wheel bike) to flip or get airtime for no reason. It has fixed the problem with voice chat that caused some crashes. It’s also fixed a problem where riding a heavier vehicle would cause a player to incorrectly receive more damage.

While most of the update is focussed on bug fixes and general gameplay optimization, there is also a brand new Western Military Crate available. This means players can now unlock vintage gas masks, battle belts, and even cowboy hats.

Inventory layout has been improved with a clearer button guide and tooltips as well as LT/RT fast scrolling. And there’s now a visible counter to show the number of players remaining on the airplane.

PUBG on Mobile Devices:

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ mobile version is now available for free on both Android and iOS, via Google Play and the App Store, respectively. The App Store description says the game “perfectly recreates” the PC version of the game.

There are, however, naturally some mobile optimizations, including the option to auto-pickup items, aim assist, voice chat for squad communication and a variety of on-screen controls, including steering and pedals for driving.

PUBG Mobile requires iOS 9.0 or later, and supports iPhones as far back as the iPhone 5S (though an iPhone 6 is recommended). The Android version supports more than 500 different Android devices, however using a device running Android 5.1.1 Lollipop or later with at least 2 GB RAM is recommended.

Future Updates: What’s coming to PUBG on PC?

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Updates for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have somewhat slowed in recent months as the development team has been focusing on reducing instances of cheating in the game. However, there are big plans for the game throughout 2018 which have been laid out in a March blog post.

Starting in March, Bluehole is planning to push out a major update every two months, with each either bringing changes to specific systems and/or introduce new content.

A  brand new 4×4 island map has launched on the game’s experimental test server. This new map is much smaller than any we have seen in PUBG before and it will have a much more intense and faster paced Battle Royale experience. Bluepoint is promising that it will offer a higher player density and shorter match times, resulting in much faster and intense gameplay. Another new map that Bluepoint is working on is planned to be 8x8km in size.

Map selection is something that PUBG players all over the world have continuously asked for. PUBG fans on PC will be glad to know that they will soon be able to choose which map they play in: Erangal or Miramar. The map selection feature will roll out to test servers soon. At PAX East, the PUBG team announced that they are introducing the Miramar map to Xbox this May.

Map selection-PlayerUnknowns-battelegrounds-pubg (6)

According to Bluehole’s blog post, the main reason this has taken so long to implement is that the developers wanted to make sure that giving players the ability to choose the map wouldn’t affect matchmaking times. The other reason is, players in different regions have different preferences and playstyles, so they wanted to come with map selection that works for all of them.

Bluepoint is also getting ready to begin testing their Emote System on Test Servers very soon. They are planning to continue this new system to expand the range of emotes available throughout the year.

In the first half of this year, PUBG is planning to add new vehicles and continue expanding their weapon set and also add new weapon attachments this year. It also intends to increase the detail of vehicle sounds, change the sound that the player produces while moving, introduce different breathing sounds when the player is running or holding breath, etc.

2018 will see Bluepoint building the foundations for an eSports league and a lot of work will be done on improving spectator experience.

Future Updates: What’s coming to PUBG on Xbox

PlayerUnknowns-battelegrounds-pubg (1)

Over the next few months, PUBG Xbox players will see meaningful improvements to optimizations, new content additions, compelling reasons to play, and refinements to the overall console experience.

Console players can expect to see a patch released every two to three weeks which will focus on continued performance optimizations, UI optimizations, improvements to inventory UX, Console Controller Options, and game matchmaking while adding more personalized controller options.

Players can also expect to see those emotes that the PC version now has at some point down the line. And the much awaited Miramar map will be coming to Xbox in early spring.


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