How to Install Remix OS for PC : Step by Step Guide


Are you fed up with using the same old Windows OS? Do you find any kind of issues whilst operating your device on Windows platform? If you are willing to install a new operating system on your PC and acquire Android experience then, here is an excellent OS. Remix OS is one of the perfect operating systems available for all the PC users. These days, people have become immensely accustomed to smart devices especially the devices that run Android operating system. Almost all of them are looking forward to getting devices that deliver the experience just like Android provides to its users.

Remix OS is exactly for the people who fall into this genre. People might have some queries about Remix OS installation process and its features. If you have any such doubts then, this post is for you folks. In this article, you can understand about Remix OS in detail, its features, step by step process to download and install Remix OS on your PC or Laptop. There are numerous ways that help the users to install Remix OS on PC. We explain each and every method in-depth so that one can pick their preferred method for Remix OS installation.

remix os for pc

What is Remix OS?

Remix OS is the best operating system similar to Android platform for desktop PCs and Laptops. This operating system is compatible with UEFI boot and Legacy BIOS. There is a possibility of operating this OS on ARM devices too. The latest version of Remix OS is 3.0.207 which comes powered by Android Marshmallow version. Through this operating system, the user can operate various Android apps on their PC or Laptop. Once you start using Remix OS, there is no necessity for the users to install another emulator or software exclusively for running Android apps and games.

Jide Technology Corporation has designed and developed the Remix Operating System for all the desktop users. This was a company originally initiated by 3 ex-engineers at Google. In order to exhibit their knowledge and achieve their dream of showing the potentiality of Android in the current computing realm, they have rolled out this OS. You don’t have to rely on the third-party software programs like Bluestacks for installing Android apps on your PC. Instead, simply download and run Remix OS latest version on desktop devices.

Download & Install Remix OS – Step-by-Step Guide

Before heading towards the downloading process of Remix OS, the users need to know the basic system requirements to install this OS on PC.

To install the latest version of Remix OS v3.0.207, the users need to have the following system requirements:

  • 2GHz dual-core processor
  • 2GB system memory
  • 8GB of Minimum Free Hard Drive Storage Space
  • Decent Internet or Wi-Fi connection

Steps to Install Remix OS 3.0.207 on PC

The Remix OS software for PC lets the users run the optimized version of Android on any computer or laptop. By following a fast and easy setup process, one can enjoy running different Android apps and games along with abundant impressive PC features that are integrated into Remix OS.

1. Download Remix OS

  • Initially, the users need to download the latest version of Remix OS on their PC using the direct download link available in this post.
  • This software shows two files that must be downloaded.

2. Unzip Downloaded File

  • From the downloaded files, you can find that one is a zip file.
  • You must unzip it through the best application.

Extract Remix OS File for PC

  • Extract the Remix OS zip file from the downloaded file.

3. Copy File using a Pendrive

  • Make sure that you have the Pendrive that supports the required amount of storage space.
  • The Pendrive is essential in order to copy the files for installing Remix OS on PC.

4. Format Pendrive

  • Connect Pendrive to your PC or Laptop.
  • Navigate to My Computer and right click the pen drive folder.
  • You can tap the format button to FAT32.
  • The formatting process might take some time.

5. Install Remix OS

  • After finishing the formatting process, just remove it and insert it again.
  • Double click the Remix OS installation file.

Remix OS Installation on PC

  • Ensure that you have selected the precise drive wherein the pendrive is plugged into your PC.

Install Remix OS using ISO File USB Drive

  • Then, a pop-up window displays on the screen saying that ‘All the data on your USB flash drive will be erased. Please backup your data before proceeding.’
  • For that, just hit ‘OK’ button.
  • You have now acquired a bootable copy of Remix OS on the USB drive.

6. Reboot your PC

  • You can find the boot menu of your PC while the rebooting process is going on.

Reboot your PC

  • Just tap the OK button in the configuration window.

7. Browse through Different Modes

  • You can then view the boot menu and two different modes display on the screen.
  • Two different modes include guest and resident mode.

Select Guest Mode

  • Just select Guest mode which means that no data will be saved after each session.

8. Finish Basic Settings

  • After selecting the guest mode, you need to choose the language.

Select Language - Remix OS Installation

  • Ensure that you run the basic settings in order to enhance the device’s accessibility.

Wrapping Up: That’s all! This is the simple process to download and install Remix OS on your PC or Laptop. Hope this detailed installation guide to Remix OS 3.0.207 on your desktop device helped you to download various Android apps with much ease.


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