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Stagevu Alternatives: Stagevu is an online website where you can watch videos, films and web series in HD quality. To have entertainment and fun for yourself you should install DivX web player on your system. As this web player helps for watching videos and films in high definition and resolution mode. Stagevu offers you to watch, download as well as share films, videos, and shows in a high-quality format of DivX. To get the premium features like uploading videos, subscribe and comment you need to register on this website. There is no use to log in if you want to watch the videos.

You need not worry about the DivX web player because the Stagevu itself provides a download link. The videos of Stagevu offers AVI output format which is not an official file for all your portable devices. If you want to watch the videos either on your Smartphone or PC simply you can convert them into MP4 format. A various number of limitations are offered to use Stagevu where the downloading format is not a big problem.

Some of the users need best alternatives to recover this website. As this site is not working from earlier. If you are a person among them to have alternatives to Stagevu then you are on the right page. So I am here to tell you a list of best alternatives of Stagevu from this blog. For more info regarding their alternatives have a look at this page which provides multiple features.

Stagevu Alternatives

Best 10 Alternatives of Stagevu:

As the Stagevu site is not working for a few days many of the users felt anxious. Are you searching for alternatives of  Stagevu? If yes, then let me tell you the best alternatives and search them based on your interest.


YouTube is the most popular streaming website on the internet these days. Based on its creativity many users have followed this online site. Not more than a year of its development Google has purchased YouTube service for videos. As this service is for free it performs as an online TV. Due to its convenience and availability, this streaming service made the best way for watching in online.

Even though this application lags in few cases but allows the users for original videos, unlimited viewing, and many other features to stream. Undoubtedly YouTube is the best site to replace Stagevu. However, this site is available everywhere even on smart TV, Roku boxes, Smartphones, Tablets, and PC.

If you subscribe to the premium videos or films that can be observed anywhere on the device based on your choice. There is a possibility to watch the YouTube connecting to your TV if you have a Chromecast or Google TV device.


2. Dailymotion:

Dailymotion is the best video sharing website. Most of the users in France may upload and watch the videos. In the world, this is the popular video program which offers a mixed content for users, independent creators. Almost this site is available in 18 different languages and 35 local versions that offer local homepage and content from all over the world. Like Stagevu, Dailymotion is the best streaming site for replacement. It helps the users for operating and uploading videos from search tags or user groups.

The maximum size of a video file is 4GB attained on Dailymotion. Also, the length of video files has a limit of 60 minutes except for Official users and movie makers. You may find video sharing applications of Dailymotion on Windows, iOS and Android Operating Systems as well as the PlayStation 4. For PS4 users this site offers video content to make the game more attractive.


3. Vidme:

Vidme knows as a cross online application between YouTube and Reddit. As this functions as subreddits types, it provides seamless uploads to submit in various categories within the system, games, animated movies and entertainment. The latest round of Vidme aims to produce features that support creators for earning more money by the system.

Even the developers of Vidme designed non-pre-roll ad formats. Where each new account comes with 50 credits and each credit when used uploads a new video. After the completion of all credits that you earned will not roll out until summer and the additional credits are free at present. For the users who want to split a video requires Vidme account.


4. Vevo:

Vevo is the best online streaming site for music and videos around the world by top artists. With this website, you can access thousands of videos from artists who signed for big recording companies like Sony, Universal, and EMI. When site accessed by recording companies it became the most popular music site in online. Vevo program was found for Android users still now but it might be available for iOS in a quiet time. This was found to be a perfect alternative for Stagevu.

Vevo has the ability to stream about 25000 music and videos approximately on your phone from 7500 artists. Offers neat design and simple user interface that enables for searching the voice to find the videos that you would like to play fairly. Even works on 3G network in addition to Wi-Fi which means as you can use it either you are out. Where the quality of video has improved especially in high-quality mode.


5. Vimeo:

Vimeo is the best video sharing site compared to Stagevu. The users are invited to share video clips that support artistic expression and highlights based on some chosen picks of creative videos when you signed in. There is a possibility to follow other user posts completely through the site Feed Manager. You can also create an own webpage honestly in private.

Mainly the users can control over a weekly upload limit of 500 MB and the upload of one HD video with a free subscription. Users are required to buy the premium version of year plan which costs $59.95 for uploading and storing more videos.


6. Metacafe:

Metacafe is not a site of sharing videos but also a video destination which divides a great stuff into waste. One of the best video sharing site on the internet over 40 million unique users every month and a perfect alternative of Stagevu. The videos which are available in Metacafe mostly based on entertainment purposes such as info about celebrities, comedy shows for laughing and latest movies.

If you are looking for fun then this is the perfect video sharing site. Although it doesn’t provide a variety of videos like news, documentaries, artwork videos. But it offers the videos with easy user interface and a massive number of shows on your display.


7. SnagFilms:

The SnagFilms are the perfect alternative to Stagevu. It mainly includes a list of films that inspire you to watch. But it offers a site section for new and favorite movies so that you can follow up to date info even what others are watching. A variety of genres movies are available to see as Crime, Sports, Drama, Family, Comedy, Thriller, Romance and much more.

You are required to create a free account of SnagFilms for signing in. So that you can add some movies to queue while browsing them and can view them later based on our interest.


8. Popcornflix:

Popcornflix is the most popular streaming program on the internet. In this site, you can watch the full-length movies for free. There is a wide variety collection of free movie genres like Drama, Family, Comedy, Action, Nostalgia, Horror and much more. Requires no registration where you can enjoy watching your favorite movie or web series in a few minutes.

This streaming service supports ads where you want to sit even at commercial breaks during the movie. Also, it has the ability to look for movies in Popcornflix with their title or movie links. Each Genre reveals five movies on one single page that is easy to skim. It offers the “New Releases” and “Most popular” pages that reveals dozens of favorite videos in Popcornflix.

Popcornflix offers two additional websites separately called Popcornflix kids and Frightpix. Both of the programs seem to be identical to have movie for kids and horror films also respectively.


9. Viewster:

Viewster is a free online website for movies that has thousands of Hollywood and independent movies. It also offers a variety of polite TV shows. This program can be navigated in a simple user interface through TV shows and movies when you scroll on the site. One of the best ways to stream videos in Viewster is about celebrities. A huge collection of movies in various Genres are available as Horror, Korean series, Drama, Music, Thriller, War, Animations and much more.

Requires no registration and download for enjoying the online content in Viewster but it provides some ads while watching the movie. As it offers many movies to watch which are fairly new to display on TV. In a simple way, this doesn’t have large shows for selecting. Mainly you will find foreign displays of the TV with fewer shows. Supports to filter the results of speech in English, French, German films that are displayed on the site. Includes a free mobile program for Android and iOS users to download.


10. VidLii:

VidLii offers a free platform for the users to upload videos. Any videos can be uploaded from the social comments to satires. If you are not aware of this site learn more about community, uploading of videos, to display yourself. If you want the feeling of nostalgia or a part of this site you can join VidLii. As this is an amazing website developed by a person rather than a team member. VidLii is the best and excellent site for being called as an alternative of Stagevu.


The information that I h ave mentioned here might be helpful to know about the alternatives of Stagevu. If you have any doubts regarding this issues can comment us below. We will come across your issues and find a better solution.


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