How To Stop Windows 10 Updates – Methods Of Solutions


How To Stop Windows 10 Updates: Microsoft has made the frequent updates for Windows 10 users to their PC or Smartphones. By the default, the company has set to receive automatic updates for new Operating Systems. For the users of Windows 10 Pro, there is a possibility to delay updates they receive by using the Group Policy editor. When coming to the Windows 10 Home users you are unable to stop the automatic updates. Generally, with the regular updates makes an Operating System more secure but a few users are fearful for updating their Operating Systems. Windows updates may annoy a lot to overcome these issues have a glance at this article to prevent from automatic updates on your Computer.

How To Stop Windows 10 Updates

Windows 10:

Windows 10 software installs automatic updates on your device whether you like it or not. But you may not have an absolute control over the updates of software on Windows 10. By this article, you can decide when to install the updates and mostly you can take them in your control. Many of the users are convenient about this approach where not everyone wants it.

If You Use Wi-Fi To Access The Internet:

With a simple option in Wi-Fi settings if enabled stops to download automatic updates from your Windows 10 Computer.

  • Open “Settings” or Cortana on your device.
  • Search for the “Wi-Fi settings”.
  • Click on advanced options and enable for metered connections.
  • Once done Microsoft allows to stop updates on your PC.
  • By this, it realizes that you are on a limited plan.
  • If you have a broadband connection and using an Ethernet Cable for connecting to the internet may not work this feature.

If You Use Wi-Fi To Access The Internet Stop Windows 10 Updates

How To stop Windows 10 Automatic Updates:

Microsoft has released a tool which can be used to hide or disable Windows 10 updates selectively. All you need to do is download from the company website and install it on your computer. You can prevent updates to disable by using the Local Group Policy Editor.

Using Local Group Policy Editor:

While you are unable to stop Windows 10 from the automatic update for OS you can stop it by updating the device drivers. If you run Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise with help of Local Group Policy Editor can prevent updates. With a change in settings quickly you can stop automatic installation and download of updates. From here you can have an idea of how to change the Local Group Policy Editor settings by this article.

  • Press and hold Windows Key + R shortcut from the keyboard.
  • Open the Run command.
  • Type gpedit.msc and click OK to open the Local Group Policy Editor.
  • Browse for Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Windows Update.
  • Double click on the right side for Configure Automatic Updates policy.
  • On the left side check for enable option to enable the policy.
  • You may under go for several options to configure automatic updates which include to Notify for download and install, Auto download and notify for install, Auto download and schedule the install and Allow local admin to choose the setting.
  • You need to select the update option to configure based on your interest.
  • If you select to Allow local admin and choose settings there is a possibility to specify an exact time when to install the updates.
  • You can choose to install update during auto maintenance on a particular day and time.
  • When updating the Operating System you can even check for the other Microsoft updates.
  • Now click on Apply.
  • Click OK to complete the task.
  • If you choose to Notify for download and install.
  • By this option, you can save data with a metered connection and also prevent OS from automatic download for updates.
  • You will receive a notification in Action Center when the new updates are available for your device.
  • Until or unless you are not ready updates won’t download and install.
  • Open “Settings”.
  • Scroll down for “Update and Security”.
  • Click on “Windows Update” and tap to download if any updates are found.
  • Click on Restart for the completion of a task.

Using Local Group Policy Editor


The information that I have mentioned in this article might be helpful for preventing the Windows 10 updates automatically on your PC or Smartphones. If you are looking to prevent the OS from feature updates for installation such as Windows 10 Creator Update you can have a glance at the guide for the major updates.

Usage of Computer without the latest updates are not supported as they are a key to function properly to run Windows 10 on your device. However, you need to have manual updates to your device frequently. Or else you want to install them in a particular time or you are required to wait until or unless sure about the update which doesn’t cause any issues.

To prevent your PC from the restart when you are using in active hours can configure Active hours from the settings applications on your device. If you have any doubts regarding this issues can comment us below.


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