The 17 Best Google Chrome Extensions of 2018


Chrome Extension: Extensions are nothing but the software programs that can modify and enhance to function the Chrome browser. And these extensions are written by using the web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Mostly we surf the internet regarding information from the web. Every web browser may have some advantages and disadvantages. Google Chrome is the best choice with a high productivity, multipurpose and rich in extensions. You should be careful while selecting a web browser and make sure that you prefer the best extensions for Chrome. Here we have listed a some of the best Chrome extensions in this blog. Have a glance at the article and find the appropriate one based on your choice.

Chrome Extensions

How Do I Use an Extension in Chrome:

  • Open the Chrome browser.
  • Click on the “Menu icon” with three vertical dots at the top right of the browser window.
  • Scroll down and choose “More tools”.
  • Click on “Extensions” to open the new “Options” tab.
  • Find and select the extension you want.
  • Click to add to Chrome.
  • Some of the extensions can access by enabling in the list.
  • Click to add the extension and grant the access to data.
  • Install the extension.
  • Then the extension will be added to your Google Chrome browser.
  • If you want to delete the extension click on “Remove from Chrome” under plugin you want to disable.


17 Best Chrome Extensions:

1: AdBlock

AdBlock is a powerful extension for Google Chrome that helps to block ads while surfing the internet. As this extension was discontinued you can search for the alternatives like AdBlock Plus for Chrome. It blocks everything including YouTube which contains pre-video ads. When it blocks the ads you can see a notification with a red logo on the icon of Adblock in your Chrome Taskbar.

One of the most powerful ads blocking tool that may look your pages a bit empty and certainly effective. A few lists are filtered to add or delete sites within the add-ons panel.


2: uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is an effective chrome extension to block annoying content while browsing from your web. A free and open source platform browser available for Safari Beta, Chrome, Edge, Opera and Firefox. Comparing to other extensions uBlock Origin has much less memory intensive of CPU with similar functions. With this plugin, you can make free from ads.

For example, rather than blocking all the ads you have an option to combine a few in the lists with blocking the process. By this, the tool has an idea about the advertisements that need to be blocked. Even the extension takes a snapshot of the filters that the user has enabled. Supports various host file based filters besides the ability of emulator.

uBlock Origin

3: LastPass

LastPass Chrome extension is the most popular password management service. Mainly it stores the passwords that are encrypted from private accounts. As it has a standard web interface includes plugins for many web browsers and apps on Smartphones. For the users who have many passwords to manage then, LastPass extension might be applicable to them.

After the setup of LastPass Chrome extension on your Chrome browser, you are required to provide a master password. There are many features that expect you such as files saving and credentials that you want to be as safe. In addition to all the features, this tool offers a security through two-step authentication in online and has ability to remove weaker passwords. The premium version of this extension offers more features if you are ready to pay.


4: WOT Services

WOT refers as Web Of Trust. WOT Services is another popular Google Chrome extension for browser add-ons and website. An online reputation and safety service of the internet that provides reviews and user experience. Offers an add-on for web browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer. There are three signs of indicator as Green, Red, and Yellow which helps to decide prominence of the site easily.

There is a possibility to add the own reviews about the site or services by you right from the window. The latest version of WOT includes many code updates to protect your privacy and to enhance the suitable option from the user settings. As the reviews of this extension made from the global community so that you can trust it when coming to deal with the unfamiliar websites and services.

WOT Services

5: HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere Chrome extension is a free and open source for Google Chrome. Mainly this extension is a sign of trust and security coming about the important data regarding credentials for payments. It automatically makes the website use secure HTTPS connection instead of HTTP connection if its supports.

The HTTPS chrome extension prevents from many of the threats such as privacy hijacking and some of the frauds which are present almost everywhere. If you are worried about security and privacy concern while browsing in online you might find HTTPS Everywhere Chrome extension as useful.

HTTPS Everywhere

6: Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote is a most popular tool available for taking notes. Whatever you might consider as important can be saved to access easily such as web pages, images. Evernote has been installed on various devices but the Evernote Web Clipper lets you read the articles, images and many things which you have been added. Allows the user to save the web content quicker and easier from the Chrome browser directly into the Evernote notebooks.

This extension also lets you take screenshots, files can be saved in PDF and has the ability to mark content and images. With the single click, you can get the many things that include Evernote. As it weighs a low but might be worthy by its usage.

Evernote Web Clipper

7: Google Translate

As you might have already know about the Google Translate which is an excellent web browser service. And this web service mainly translates snippets of texts from one language to another language. In addition to the Chrome extension, it allows translating the entire page with a toolbar option.

The Chrome extension automatically detects the site if you are using a different language from your chrome default and offers to translate it. There is a possibility to listen to the proper pronunciation of words and phrases translation to the users.

Google Translate

8: Ghostery

A free privacy extension of the browser that allows detecting and blocking web trackers quicker and easier for the users. The web trackers are designed to tag movements of you across the internet. Mainly this extension looks after the information about companies and websites with these tracking methods. Also, provides the link to the privacy policy that suits for outside options in this extension.


9: Boomerang For Gmail

Boomerang is a fantastic Chrome extension addition to the Gmail. It is actually an email service that integrates the Gmail interface. Allows the users to schedule and track the email messages which you have sent. As the email schedule feature looks good it lets you send drafted emails whenever you want even though if you are offline.

Where the free users can schedule 10 messages for a month. And the subscribers gain unlimited message credits with a lot of premium features. The arrival of a few messages can be postponed by the option so that your email inbox looks neat.

Boomerang For Gmail

10:  Turn Off The Lights

Turn Off The Lights is implemented for the users who watch online videos frequently. It provides a natural lightning for your online videos that can be viewed in Chrome by Turn Off. Within a few minutes, you can prevent the web page parts with an utmost concentration that put on video viewing experience.

When you are using YouTube or other video sites you can easily dim your window background. In-depth, you can customize add-on for setting colors while playing the video on your screen. Supports a few key features as wide support for video players, shortcut keys for managing in an easier way, and the additional effects.

 Turn Off The Lights

11: Momentum

Momentum Chrome extension enables the new page to your personal dashboard. If you are done with the normal new tab of Chrome then Momentum helps for creating an innovative one. And this is a good extension in terms of its look and productivity.

The new tab of Momentum is very useful and offers much stuff such as the tasks to do, weather in a particular area, excellent background images, quotations that motivate you, ability to set the daily goals. It has the ability to customize things as much as you required.


12: Blur

Blur is the best Chrome extension that requires in this world of privacy threats and online frauds. With the Blur you can do multiple things as the password manager, make online payments secure and have the best options for privacy against tracking by strangers. Users can create strong passwords and sync service for passwords across the desktop to use in an easy way.

This Chrome extension includes tracker blocking for a lot of web trackers.  Some of the unique features of Blur offers not allowing the companies from a collection of data, credits can be saved by auto-fill options, able to create the passwords highly secure, and tracking based on non-cookies. With the multi-platform support, Blur secures in a complete way.


13: Hola Better Internet

Hola Better Internet is a free extension that brings an efficient Virtual Private Network(VPN) in your Chrome. You can browse without sharing identity for anyone who is waiting to track. There is an option to access the websites that are not available in your location with censorship and other stuff.

Hola Better Internet is also known to be best as it provides the fast internet connection that is stable and consumes fewer data. Comparable to other extensions Hola includes a simple task.

Hola Better Internet

14: Click and Clean

Click and clean is a privacy plugin for Chrome protection that lets you analyze the activities of the web browser. It finds the whether data is unsafe to allow a few sorts of agreements. A few tasks help to click and clean extension for instance. Automatically clear all the browsing history data when you close the Chrome and scan your Window PC for malware.

Either it will be as a complete protection in online more or less and gives a solution for the users who have active internet.

 Click and Clean

15: Readability

Readability is a Chrome extension which prepares the web articles to read in a convenient and impressive form. Enables the multiple options as Read now and Read later. If you opt read now it clears the other part of the website and ready to read the content in seconds from the browser screen.

If you choose for read later then it saves the article for later reading. Some of the other features of Readability Chrome extension offers deep integration with social networking applications like Facebook, Twitter for sharing and to read on the list.


16: Save To Pocket

Save to Pocket service lets you save articles as well as web content from offline. With this extension, you can save a website or content to your Pocket so that you can read it on later either on your Smartphone or Tablet or PC. One of the true usage of Chrome extension that integrated into Chrome context menu. Some of the unique features of Save To Pocket creates a shortcut to the keyboard to save web pages for Pocket with instant access by a toolbar button.

Save To Pocket

17: Hover Zoom

Hover Zoom is a productivity tool for Chrome extension that works well with a good user experience. By the name itself shows a full image of hover when you are on a smaller version of the image. This might be quite useful when you browse image galleries. There is an option to resize the images if they don’t fit in a particular window. Supports almost all the video files, and disable the zoom feature in certain websites, and a trigger based zooming.

Hover Zoom

The information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to know about the best chrome extensions. If you have any doubts regarding this issues can comment us below.


  1. Thanks for the list guys! There also one cool extension, Deskun for Gmail. There free features of email tracking, snooze, templates. Check out.


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