The 8 Best GBA Emulator For PC and Android For Free


GBA Emulator: An emulator enables the host system to run the software designed for a guest system. A GBA emulator refers as “GameBoy Advance Emulator”. Many people desire for the games played on the GBA devices may also be played on other platforms as Laptops or Desktops. GBA is one of the best video game product form Nintendo with a 32-bit console. This software was designed for making the games of original GameBoy that run on basic computers. It is available for the desktops which include running on different OS like Windows, Mac, Android, and UNIX.

The list of 9 best GBA Emulators mentioned in this blog are very capable. So today I am here to discuss a few of the emulators for both the PC’s as well as Android platforms. Have a glance at the blog to know about the amazing and full-featured GBA emulators availability to enjoy by playing most of the games on your Operating Systems.

The 8 Best GBA Emulator For PC and Android For Free

Best GBA Emulators for Android:

1: My Boy! GBA Emulator

My Boy! GBA Emulator is one of the best emulators available on the Google Play Store for Android platform. A super fast emulator which is lightest and fully featured to run the GBA games from low-end Smartphones to modern Tablets of Android OS. As this emulator can be used easily so you should get for your Android devices. Customizable controls are also available on this emulator.

This emulator allows managing everything with a real console. With help of this simple emulator, you can easily play all the games on your Android platform. Allows saving the game at any time with a screenshot. Also, supports the external keyboards to hook up comfortable on controllers as Xbox or MOGA or any other on your Android device. Start playing your favorite GBA games where it almost runs all the games without any problem.

Enjoy playing the games like Pokemon without any trouble or issues. A plenty of options are available for the users who want to tweak their experience to the next level. As this GBA Emulator can run on both the free and premium version from play store. Where a few features function on the free version and play the game perfectly. The premium version costs $5 from the Google Play Store.

My Boy! GBA Emulator

2: John GBA Lite

John GBA Lite GBA Emulator was quite proud of his creation and titled with his own name John Emulators. As this emulator doesn’t work without the own game files and works brilliantly with no hitches while playing the game. And it comes with an original GBA engine also possible to select the cheats to use in the game. One of the lightweight emulator for Android that works on all platforms of Android running 2.3 or higher version.

With the high-quality rendering, graphics look excellent. If you have the zipped file support the emulator is easy to search the game files in SD card and as well as Internal Storage without any extraction. Includes turbo buttons for a few titles which really make you hurt. Either you can fast/slow down the gameplay with the controller as MOGA for all your favorite GBA titles.

Both the free and paid version runs on this John GBA Lite emulator where it costs of $2.99. The free version offers all the same features of the paid version available from the Google Play Store. A unique difference between the both the version is ad display. If you are annoyed with the ads you can buy the premium version to get rid of all the ads.

John GBA Lite

3: GBA.emu

GBA.emu is one of the most advanced GBA Emulator for Android Platforms with many options. Everything includes saving a game in different states as well as different slots to configure the controller work with the game. For changing the saved state files with GBA Emulator VBA-M will take to save files and use them with GBA.emu on your Android device.

No BIOS file is needed and allow the benchmark of the game on your device before starting to play. Supports for the cheat codes with the same format as the VBA-M emulator where you cant run any problems on your device. With the landscape mode, a few buttons are visualized on the game that distracts hardly.

GBA.emu is available for free as well as in the paid version from the Google Play Store. The paid version costs of $4.99 where the free version offers all the features included on the paid version. So you can play your favorite games with GBA titles for free.


4: GBA Emulator

GBA Emulator offers to play great titles by Nintendo for Android platform. One of the simple and straightforward emulators that play all the amazing GBA games available in the market. When compared to all other apps in the list this emulator falls shot. If any emulator doesn’t work on your device the GBA Emulator save your time to run the game perfectly.

The interface and design of the emulator are capable but has a quite drawbacks. You can use cheat codes and fast forward the gameplay with higher speed emulation even on the older devices of Android without any problems. Allows customizing the control layout on the screen joypad. Also, supports the file in extracted or compressed format.

GBA Emulator is available in a free version on the Google Play Store. Almost all the features are included except ROM where you can download from many websites if you own the game already.

GBA Emulator

Best GBA Emulators for PC:

1: Visual Boy Advance Emulator:

Visual Boy Advance Emulator refer as VBA which is a real GBA game in the market and available for free to download. The latest version of Microsoft DirectX needs to install for the most of the Window emulators. This is compatible with all Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and GBA ROM consoles. Besides its direct version for Windows platform, it is also based on the free independent graphic library SDL platform.

For making more amazing games VBA emulator brought a few cool features with its new version. Supports all the games with a Joystick. From the other emulator, this supports to import and export the saved games with the full save state feature. The gameplay can easily speed up by pressing a single button. Allows the full-screen mode to stretch all your games and screen capture supports for pixel graphics.

VBA is available for almost all the platforms including Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, and BSD. This emulator is of free and offers many features. You can download VBA GBA emulator from the link provided here.

Visual Boy Advance Emulator

2: No$GBA Emulator

No$GBA Emulator can be known as “no cash GBA” emulator. A free GBA emulator for Windows Operating Systems and DOS. The main thing of No$GBA includes connectivity with GBA multiplayer support with other No$GBA emulators. Even the No$GBA emulates the Nintendo DS games to use as a two in one emulator. For playing the game on Windows with No$GBA navigate to the Cartridge menu and select the Nintendo DS emulator ROM which you want to play.

Almost all of the games on No$GBA emulator can be played with help of Nintendo DS. Allows the Joystick support to play the GBA games with No$GBA emulator. You can download this emulator from the provided link in the blog.

No$GBA Emulator

3: Higan GBA Emulator

Higan GBA is a multi-emulator system which supports the Super Nintendo Entertainment System(SNES). The systems which are supported beside the  SNES include Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, GBA, and WonderSwan Color. One of the amazing emulator for GBA and other Nintendo systems.

As it supports a multiple Nintendo systems in Higan you can play all games with different consoles directly on your PC for free. Besides the game console, you can specify a custom BIOS ROM to emulate Sega Master System and Game Gear. The color production is good for this GBA emulator with the quite lag in audio. You can easily download the Higan GBA emulator from the link provided here.

Higan GBA Emulator

4: BoyCott Advance GBA Emulator

BoyCott Advance is a simple GBA Emulator which can be used easily in the market. Although all the emulators run on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 versions but the BoyCott advance GBA Emulator also runs even on the older versions of Windows as XP and Vista. As it is simple emulator requires BIOS support for playing all the commercial GBA ROM’s on your PC. From the link provided here, you can easily download the BoyCott Advance GBA emulator.

Without buying a GBA system you can directly play your favorite GBA titles on your PC by this emulator with the full sound. Supports the save state and load your games from anywhere without losing the progress in any game. You can play your favorite games with the Joystick or Joypad attached to your PC. Allows accessing from online browser for playing your GBA titles without downloading the emulator by Java applet.

BoyCott Advance GBA Emulator

The information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to know about the best GBA Emulators for Android and PC. These are the best emulators with the Gamepad or Joystick support. If you have any doubts regarding this issues can comment us below.


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