The 9 Best Kodi Skins For 2017 (XMBC Skins)


Kodi: Kodi is an open source and most powerful media player for free. This known to be as XBMC previously. And runs on almost all the platforms as Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Raspberry Pi, Android and Amazon Fire TV. Lets the user access to play and view the streaming media such as videos, music, podcasts, and even from the storage media. As it is a free and open source installing and customizing is too easy. Still, there are many people who want to customize their Kodi with the best Kodi Skins. The Kodi skins change an entire look and software and simple to download. In this blog, I am going to discuss a few best Kodi skins so have a glance for a detailed information.

The 9 Best Kodi Skins

How To Install a Kodi Skin:

Before going to know about the best Kodi skins you might know its installation process. Follow this steps to install a Kodi Skin. You can also install a zip file manually.

  • Open Kodi Player application.
  • Select “System” settings icon from the top of the menu.
  • Select “Interface settings”.
  • From the interface settings select “Skin” under the “Look and Feel”.
  • Select “Get more” for installing skins.
  • A new window popups and select the skin you want to install from the list.
  • After the selection of skin, it began to download.
  • Once the skin is downloaded it install all the dependencies it requires.
  • After installation, Kodi asks if you want to start using that skin.
  • If you want then Select “Yes”.
  • Enjoy using the new Kodi skin.

How To Install a Kodi Skin

Best Kodi Skins:

Now you know how to change the Kodi skins and let me show you some of the best Kodi skins. Choose the best Kodi skin based on your choice.

1: Amber

Amber theme is a lightweight Kodi skin that works smoothly with a good interface. Offers many good features and runs smoothly on all the devices. Allows the custom icons of home along with its menu options in a horizontal or vertical manner. Although it runs on the low configuration device with a sharp and clear text. Amber includes many features as the custom home menu, custom home shelf and supports to add the custom background.

amber kodi skin

2: Aeon Nox

After the Confluence, Aeon Nox is mostly used Kodi skin. Includes many new features in a horizontal menu to customize. If you are a beginner for Kodi then Aeon Nox is best. Includes the best features to customize the menu or add or remove the items from the menu. Allows changing the background for looking the best. One of the awesome Kodi skin with the default feature.

Aeon Nox

3: Mimic

Mimic is the most popular Kodi skin with the great features similar to ReFocus and Aeon Nox. Offers custom item of the skin to begin with its main menu. Some of the features are Live TV/PVR, Touch Support, Extra fan art and shows the TV logos also. It contains two main menus one is the main menu which can be opened from the left and the other submenu appears on the right side. Acess for the clean and fast menu with the change in background.


4: Black Glass Nova

Black Glass Nova is the best Kodi skin to use with lots of features and customizations. It was built for easy use even on the big screen like HDTV. Access to big buttons which can be used well with the remote control just by a single click to move in an easier way. This Kodi skin is quite similar to Windows Vista. Even the small child can use this skin with the simple themes of finding any option easier. Some of the unique features are Artwork, skin widgets and clear logo etc.

Black Glass Nova

5: ReFocus

ReFocus was designed in a beautiful way with rich skin features and customization options. This Kodi skin can be used even on touchscreens or Smartphones. One of the skin which supports a vertical menu bar and lets you know about the episodes you are watching. All the episodes of your favorite shows can be calculated to watch. Offers a few key features as custom home items, Extra fanart, and Touch support.


6: Eminence

Eminence comes with the simple user interface and main menu designs. This skin is arranged in a horizontal menu and works fastly. The layout of Eminence icons are in a regular order and not good at a few custom options. Even with the more custom options works smoothly on every gadget. Adds YouTube to your home screen and slides the tools for music, movies, Tv shows and much more. Even it is not much customizable but works the best out of the box.


7: Nebula

Nebula is an amazing Kodi skin with the Kodi smart TV or Samsung or LG smart TV. Offers rich skin features with a simple interface. The main thing about Nebula includes touch support display and recommend the random options to its music center. With many customizing options, it works well with smart TVs and PVRs. Even it is not good on design but completes the work in an efficient way.


8: Transparency

Transparency mostly looks like the XBMC skin with an updated look. The menu bar is on the left side to click the options easily. It is available from the Kodi Repository default.For music lovers, Transparency is the best skin with a simple and easy UI. Compared to other skins this allows for creating your own fanart. Some of its key features are custom home items, vertical home menus, TV show logos and much more.


9: Xperience 1080

Xperience is a full HD display skin which is designed mainly for a high resolution supported devices. Offers many customizing options like a horizontal menu. Doesn’t have the touch support in this Kodi skin. This is a simple and basic music theme for a good page. Includes the features as custom home items, TV show logos, and horizontal home menu.

 Xperience 1080

The information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to know the best Kodi skins to stream. If you have any doubts regarding this issues can comment us below.


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