Best 8 TeamViewer Alternatives – Free Remote Desktop Softwares 2018


TeamViewer: TeamViewer allows establishing a connection for any PC or server just within a few seconds. Easily you can access to other computers over the internet by this software. If you don’t want to use the TeamViewer there is the availability of free remote desktop software known as TeamViewer alternatives. These alternatives are available on all platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and even the browser-based helps to access the remote desktop. So I am going to discuss a few alternatives of TeamViewer which are free and the best in this blog. The best 8 TeamViewer Alternatives

TeamViewer Alternatives:

The Remote Desktop program controls the file on your desktop, in addition, to help you at anyplace and your partners. Mostly this application is used in the data centers and in the industrial field. Even for the developer’s remote desktops are a great way to speed the deployments. While the remote desktop benefits are ignored and the ideal tools are connected with the family and friends in a safe and secure way.

Why Are The TeamViewer Alternatives needed?

TeamViewer is a useful tool to get started on a remote desktop where it doesn’t provide a uniformity and dependability from the expectation of a tool. The main reason that many users flock away from TeamViewer is a Security concern. If the user doesn’t configure the setting tools properly your system might be directly in the risk.

Even though the personal license is for free TeamViewer costs much amount for the business version. Offers many useful features such as file transfers, collaborations, and mobile access. A list of TeamViewer alternatives are mentioned and you should decide what to do with it.

1: WebEx

Cisco’s WebEx free and premium versions allow connecting with the people on different systems through a Smartphone or desktop. As this is mostly simple for conducting messages. And these remote desktop setups to attend on the either sides. Sharing files, chat face to face in live interaction, scheduled in Outlook and Password protected messages are also capable with this tool.

WebEx runs on the Windows, Mac, Linux and a few mobile applications. One of the best match for your needs if you are looking a solution for premium business or to interact with an additional section only for the desktop.

  • WebEx is available in a free version with limited persons up to 3.
  • The paid version includes three premium features as Premium 8($24 per month up to 8 persons), Premium 25($49 per month up to 25 persons), and Premium 100 ($89 per month up to 100 persons).


2: Mikogo

Mikogo is a premium tool for the business users with a high price individually and commercially purpose for the companies. As it is a browser-based application doesn’t require any plugins or installation of softwares. A cross-platform where the presenter host the meeting and the people who want to attend can join from Smartphone or Tablet.

Some of the features of Mikogo includes swap presenter, like share documents, remote control applications for the desktop at free cost, video conferencing, file transfer and much more. Where the Mikogo comes with tons of features along with a package. This runs on the platforms as Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhones, iPads and Android mobile devices.

  • Mikogo is a paid version and includes Premium 3($13 per month up to 3 persons), Premium 25 with 3 session channels as ($19 per month up to 25 persons, $39 per month up to 25 persons and unlimited hosts, $78 per month up to 25 persons).
  • The software interface can be changed among 35 languages.
  • Includes VoIP chat protocol tool in addition.


3: Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop tool is another alternative of TeamViewer without installing any software. A free tool which is secure on any system with its extension on Google Chrome browser. Setting up this tool is simple and the add-on lets users remotely access on any desktop. The content and background can be accessed from the browser directly.

If you are searching a solution for the remote desktop without any need to leave your browser then this tool help to work. Acess the files and folders in a fully secured. Easy to use with the provided installation link and costs no amount for getting on your desktop.

  • Chrome Remote Desktop available in a free version.
  • Supports the Google Chrome browser.

Chrome Remote Desktop

4: LogMeIn Pro

LogMeIn Pro is a best remote desktop solution for individuals and business. Although the free version of LogMeIn Pro was discontinued recently and doesn’t prevent it from the listed alternatives of TeamViewer. After establishing the connection you can easily complete the work on another remote system. Allows file transfer for making the tool useful at free cost by establishing the remote connection to completes your work.

A few unique features of LogMeIn Pro are Printer, Audio, and video streaming, Full remote access to transfer files, and share documents with the collaborators. Offers many features which are non-existent in many remote desktop applications. LogMeIn Pro runs on the platforms as Windows and Mac OS X.

  • Variable paid options are available for the individuals as well as business.
  • For the individuals, Premium version costs of $99 per year can access up to 2 computers.
  • For the business, Premium version offers as $249 per year can access up to 5 computers and $449 per year can access up to 10 computers.

LogMeIn Pro

5: Ultra VNC

Ultra VNC is a free tool developed for a system based on Windows to access the other systems. Once the connection is established you can work completely on the other remote system. Allows transferring of files in this tool which is free and quickly get your work done. Within a few minutes of time, Ultra VNC can setup and offers a free solution to a desktop application.

The Ultra VNC application can be used for instant remote sharing of files or help the users against troubleshooting issues. This tool runs only on the Windows platform.

  • Ultra VNC is available for free of cost.
  • A free tool based on the VNC(Virtual Network Computing) technology.

Ultra VNC

6: AMMYY Adminn

AMMYY Adminn is a free remote desktop solution for both the individuals and business. Compared to other desktop applications that are heavy and this is a tiny app comes under 1MB. In addition to remotely connecting the system, you can perform the actions and live chat. Regarding the software requirements, AMMYY Adminn leaves a footprint.

A few features of the application are easy to set up in a quick way with no effort, better system administrations, Remote office, Built-in text and voice chat. The AMMYY Adminn runs only on the Windows platform. One of the free remote desktops clients preferred by most of the users.

  • AMMYY Adminn is available in both the free and paid versions.
  • The free version is used for non-commercial purposes.
  • The paid version includes Starter, Premium, and Corporate licensed tools are priced at $33.90, $66.90 and $99.90 respectively.
  • Consumes less data one who gets professional remote desktop features for free.

AMMYY Adminn

7: Splashtop

Splashtop is the best-paid desktop alternative for TeamViewer. Offers a free and paid remote desktop solutions for individuals and business. Once you install the Slapshot it is easy to use beyond the issues. If you are currently using this app for personal purpose up to 5 PC’s then it can be used for free. Splashtop tool runs on platforms like Windows, Linux, Android, Mac OS, and iOS.

Setting the tool on Windows or Mac and can access over Android or iOS mobile phones is the achievement of Splashtop. The key features of this application are stream audio and video, manage and move the files, and can be used freely for up to 5 persons. One of the best alternative by its cross-platform support in the remote desktop at a minimum cost.

  • Splashtop is available in both the free and paid versions.
  • The free version can be used up to 6 months.
  • The Premium versions include $1.99 per month after that $60 per year for an individual user for business.


8: RealVNC

RealVNC offers both the free and paid versions of the remote desktop client. As the software contains a server as well as a client application for VNC to control the other computer screen remotely. VNC technology or Virtual Network Computing is an open source technology where the tool is built. Setting up the TeamViewer is quite complicated and secures a reliable and dependable connection.

The key features of RealVNC are a cross-platform management, transferring of files, VNC authentication, chats and much more. This cross-platform management help to connect individually to a remote computer or else you can connect to multiple PC’s behind its public IP address. It offers the reliability features as encryption and collaboration for the other persons on the end with a remote connection mode.

  • RealVNC runs on the platforms as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Android, and UNIX.
  • The free version can be used for private purpose.
  • The paid version includes both the Personal and Enterprise use for desktop at $30 and $44 per desktop.
  • RealVNC is quite difficult to configure the network starting with the remote connection.


The information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to know the best alternatives for TeamViewer. If you have any doubts regarding this issues can comment us below.


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