How To Use Tinder Without Facebook


Tinder: In these days Tinder became the most popular application for meeting new ones. It is also known as the World’s hottest dating application which sparks a million matches each day. Mainly this uses your nearby location to discover people. Tinder application was designed for the operating systems like Android and iOS. A relationship and interacting application that can be used by location for searching people nearby you who might be interested in you. And this application was used by millions of users and if you are new to Tinder have a glance at the blog as this is for you. Most of the users are also searching for how to delete Tinder account and use Tinder without Facebook. So I am here to discuss you in different ways to use Tinder without Facebook from this article.


Tinder Without Facebook:

Are you a newbie to Tinder? Then note that Tinder application uses your Facebook account information. As it is not necessary to use there are many ways to disable Tinder using Facebook. If you need not want your family or friends to know that the usage of Tinder app you can delete it. Who are not interested in dating applications? Tinder is the only app where you can spend much time conveniently. Earlier it is very difficult to find a perfect match but now it is possible by Tinder.

But most of the people love to use Tinder without Facebook so that they can’t access toTinder with their Facebook details. Easily you can log in to Tinder without Facebook and needs to get the function of software properly. No need to worry as I am here with all the solutions for your questions to delete them.

How To Use Tinder Without Facebook

How To Use Tinder Without Facebook:

You might have already know that Tinder is one of the best apps where a million users have installed on their devices. You can download the app from Google Play Store if you are a newbie which is a highly rated app for Android. At present every app or software requires a sign in option of Facebook account even Tinder app posses the same. As many sites don’t have a stable signal they ask to sign in with Facebook. But for using the Tinder service you need to link to your Facebook account.

The people who like to see the common friends with attachments this might be a simple process. Most of the teenagers are not ready to talk with strangers in online. We all aware of Facebook which is a most popular social networking application in the world regarding dating Tinder is best. The only thing that Tinder uses your Facebook account because for finding best matches to you, based on your friend’s list, likes, shares. Even though you can also have a secret look at others profile and connect with them.

We all don’t like our personal life linked to the social life. But coming to Tinder you need to log in with your Facebook account. If you want your personal life away from social life as it haunts very much you must try to find the different ways. You can also use Tinder without a Facebook account but before have a look at the issues Why Tinder is linked to Facebook? Tinder can access the following information of your Facebook which is listed below here.

  • Facebook profile
  • General info like age, date of birth
  • Friend list
  • Email address used for Facebook signup
  • Relationship interests
  • Status updates
  • Education
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Current city
  • Pictures
  • Liked pages

You may know that Tinder app uses your Facebook account where it stores and requires all your facts of Facebook as well as contacts, profile picture and much more. However, it is not at all good for security reasons that may crack and chances to lose information. If you are interested to use Tinder but without connecting to Facebook account then this article is for you. I will explain to you why to link or unlink with Facebook account and also how to use Tinder without Facebook for improving your privacy of Facebook.

Why Should Tinder be Linked With Facebook?

Tinder requires some info regarding the user from their Facebook account for preventing abuse. No need to upload new pictures to Tinder where you might have already many pictures on Facebook.

Why Shouldn’t Tinder be Linked With Facebook?

  • Access your contacts: If you click Yes suddenly to view your contacts then Tinder will go through all of your contacts and gets accessed to all your contacts from Facebook.
  • Auto-sync of photos: Auto-sync is another reason why you should not link Tinder with Facebook.
  • Online privacy: All the dating history will be stored in Tinder which is linked to your Facebook account so there are a few chances related to privacy issues.

How To Use Tinder Without Facebook?

If you are not interested to use a Facebook account on Tinder then here I will show a solution how to block Tinder app for not displaying things on your Facebook account. Follow the steps which are mentioned here to disable access of Facebook on Tinder.

  • Open Facebook application on your device.
  • Enter your Facebook login credentials,
  • On the homepage from upper right-hand corner click on “Lock” icon.
  • Now click on “See more settings” and select it.
  • In left-hand side, go to Apps and click on it.
  • From the list of apps find the Tinder application.
  • Click on the Tinder app now.
  • Click on drop down box of Tinder app on the top right side and select “Only me” for visibility of app and post.
  • Check all the info and click to check off or uncheck info of the Tinder app from your Facebook account.
  • Once the completion click on “Save” for changing privacy settings.

So from the above steps, we can use Tinder without Facebook which is important for all of us so that anyone cant misuse your information. According to many of the experts, it is the best to use Tinder with Facebook.

Why is it Good To Use Tinder With Facebook?

Due to some privacy issues, many of the users have no idea of using their Facebook account to log in on Tinder. Based on this reason it might be fake. But we only recommend your personal identity for two reasons where the first one is Tinder doesn’t post anything on your timeline so that your Facebook friends may not know that you are using Tinder software. And the other one is through your own identity make sure that it cant appear to your Facebook friends.

The information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to know how to use Tinder without Facebook. If you have any doubts regarding this issues can comment us below. We will come across your issue and finds the better solution.


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