Top 10 Screen Recording Software For Windows and Mac


Screen Recording: A tool that can capture either a video or audio record of the entire computer screen or else a part of it is known as Screen Recorder. In simple words, we use a camera for taking a photo on your desktop is nothing but a screenshot. In a related way, Screen Recording is like using a camcorder for recording a video on your desktop. Based on your principles Screen recorder is not a management or something else, but instruct the other users for doing specific tasks on their computers. If you own a Mac or PC and looking for screen recorder to use on your system content. Well, you are at the right place we have covered our top 10 picks for screen recording for Windows and Mac.

Top 10 Screen Recording Software For Windows and Mac

Top Screen Recording Software:

Most of the screen recording software differ in its price and functionality and offers a number of features such as video adjustable frame, cut and paste editing options, unlimited recording time and share the direct link on social media. Screen recording is the best solution for the issue that makes the whole process simple, easy and more important. Mainly this software allows live capture enhancements, post-capture video editing options and more.

1: CamStudio

CamStudio is the best choice for the users who need in occasionally with minimum editing needs. Mostly this tool is used to capture and record videos in AVI format. The software is easy to use even for a newbie and offers many inbuilt features by developers. Either you can enable or disable the mouse cursor, and sounds can be also be recorded from software or a microphone.

Select the area of the screen to be recorded or a window so that the rest of it won’t be recorded in your desktop. Claims the file size of the video that created in this software at a small size with a great quality. The audio files cannot be synced and SWF files may slow down your computer.

  • Compatible only with Windows OS.
  • CamStudio is a free screen recorder tool.
  • Creates a screen in screen video.
  • The video files which are saved in AVI format can be converted into SWF.


2: Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is a free tool to record and capture the screen. Allows the user for recording specific area and video games on the screen. The user can take screenshots and use drawing tool which comes with the additional features for both the screenshot and recording. For making professional look videos for games and Skype conversations you can use Icecream Screen Recorder.

There is a clipboard feature for the ability to go through project’s history. Supports a hotkey as well as it is able to turn a screenshot into a URL.

  • Icecream Screen Recorder is compatible with the Windows Operating System from Windows 2000 to Windows 8.
  • Access fastly to all captured videos and screenshots.
  • Supports to add watermark on your own for the screen.
  • Along with the screen recording, you can record webcam video.
  • The screenshots can be saved in the clipboard and share them on E-Mail or Skype.

Icecream Screen Recorder

3: Ezvid

Ezvid is specially designed for the users to save their time with its speed. This screen recording allows to record the videos and upload them instantly on YouTube. The web page of Ezvid tool uses your computer processing power for increasing the speed. As it comes with an inbuilt editor you can use to record your desktop, playing media files, games, webcam footage and much more.

The UI of software is related to other video editors but has a clear design. Any mode can be chosen either a basic or advanced when it allows for recording the screen. If you select a basic mode the only thing you need to do is click on an option to start the recording. If you select the advanced mode you need to enable or disable specific features like microphone or webcam capturing.

  • Ezvid is a free screen recording program.
  • Compatible with Windows Operating System from Windows XP to Windows 8.
  • Recordings are imported automatically in low region of the interface.
  • Supports drawing tool while recording to draw freely or else to place various shapes on the screen.
  • Splits the audio recordings and creates a slideshow effect.


4: ActivePresenter

ActivePresenter is specially designed for presentations and it can be also be used for all purposes of screen recording. The main focus of this tool on making screenshots and recordings and quite useful while explaining educational topics. To make things easier this software offers few features as callouts, annotations, voiceover, and graphics etc. And the recordings can be paused or stopped at any time with the usage of small remote overlay program.

The editor allows to play a video and connect to multiple videos each other. While starting your first recording you need to open the preference for once. It is an ideal program for the creation of video tutorials, demonstrations and also the presentations.

  • ActivePresenter is a free Screen recorder that can also be available in professional and standard editions also.
  • Compatible with Windows Operating Systems.
  • Supports to export your video into website or desktop or a mobile device.
  • Video presentations can be saved in the different formats as AVI, MP4, WMV, WebM, and MKV.
  • Supports the SCORM compliant Learning Management System that suits to role corporate training tools.

ActivePresenter  5: Jing

Jing is an excellent tool for capturing and sharing the images and videos on your screen in a simple way. The users who cannot afford for Snagit TechSmith has made Jing which is a small effective tool. An interface of this tool feels like a web application instead of a real program in a bubble shape. It might be quite confused for capturing the elements. Jing is a free screen capture application and different from all other software.

With the Jing, you can create short keys to make the things faster. Either you can record and select a Window or region in the Jing to record a particular area. Being a free application it grabs free technical support from TechSmith. This software doesn’t come up with a high quality and rich in its features and other stuff. In a few seconds of time, it lets you plan to record and share the videos.

  • Jing is a screen capturing tool available for free.
  • Compatible with Windows Operating Systems and Mac.
  • The captured video can be saved in SWF format.
  • Uses the mic recording option for a five minute of time to record the video.
  • Allows showing your recent captures as thumbnails with a double-click to open.
  • Some of the editing tools are text, color, an arrow which are available in a sufficient way.

Jing Screen Recording Software

6: Camtasia 2

Camtasia 2 is a most expensive screen recording tool that makes videos simple and intuitive. With a great layout, the user can make the editing and recording of a video in a smooth way. Offers a series of visuals effects with unique green screen mode which allows inserting into the video by yourself. A companion mobile application TechSmith Fuse was allowed to import photos and videos directly from your iPhone to Camtasia studio.

No need of video experience where anyone can create the videos in an informative manner. Each and every effect in the video can be dropped and edited directly from the preview window. With stunning video effects, you can access to a variety of backgrounds, set music track based on your mood, icons, and graphics from your computer.

  • Camtasia 2 screen recorder is available in both the free and premium versions.
  • Compatible with Mac in the premium version at a cost of $99 and Windows Operating Systems in a free trial.
  • Adds titles, annotations, transitions, and animations for increasing the efficiency of the video.
  • Records any part of the screen even down to the pixel.
  • Imports video, audio, images up to 4K resolution.
  • Allows adding a webcam for the personal touch to the video.

Camtasia 2

7: QuickTime Player

One of the best screen recorder that can record everything that happens on your computer’s screen. This is a default video player on Mac. It can be used for playing the different media files present in the system with a wide range of video formats. Only records a microphone audio but not the system audio. The video files can be saved in a high-quality format.

Arrange the windows that you want to capture and then click on the record button. Even though it is a video player supports for the screen recordings easily. You can choose the entire area of the desktop or selected area for recording.

  • QuickTime Player is a free application developed by Apple Inc.
  • Compatible with all versions of Mac OS X.
  • Launch the QuickTime Player from the File menu and start screen recording session.
  • Allows adding microphone audio while recording the video.

QuickTime Player

8: Snagit

Snagit is a simple and powerful screen recorder software that create images and videos in a less time. Another screen recording software from TechSmith which doesn’t offer professional-level tools. Comparing to the other screen recorders this comes with the best editing features and can be used easily for recording on the desktop. The main focus of the Snagit is on screen capture both in stills and video formats.

Offers extensive effects and timeline controls with a unique scrolling capture mode. With this mode, you can take snapshots of long web pages for easy sharing. Grab any web page or application with a single click or hotkey. You can also record, narrate, and trim your videos of your screen for feedbacks, demos, reviews and much more. Enable any of the short screenshot recordings into an animated GIF.

  • Snagit software is available in both the free and premium version.
  • Compatible with Mac OS X and Windows OS.
  • For the Mac premium version costs of $49.95 and for the Windows it can be a trial for free.
  • The plain screenshots can be enabled into clear and concise communication.
  • The recorded video can be saved in MP4 format with a size of 1GB.
  • Snagit toolbar is completely customizable with simple key areas.


9: ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow is a video editing and screen recording software for Mac. It offers professional editing features for the recordings on your screen. Easily you can edit your video and share with the social networking applications. As it is a user-friendly application that has a significant learning curve. ScreenFlow has many features but with a less complicated interface. Not only from the Mac screen you can record video and should connect with the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Even the videos can be recorded on the retina display of your screen for high quality. The stunning videos can be created easily with this tool on any part of your screen or window. It can be used and learned easily even for newbies. Supports to add, edit and publish ADA complaints subtitles for your videos. Allows creating animated GIF from any part of your video with ScreenFlow.

  • ScreenFlow is available in both free and premium versions.
  • Compatible with Mac Operating Systems.
  • The premium version of ScreenFlow costs of $99.
  • Import video and audio from the external webcams and microphones.
  • Supports multitrack timeline with visual use of elements.


10: Monosnap

Monosnap is a screen recording and screen capture software for Mac which lets you take screenshots. With the option of enabling webcam, mic, and systems audio you can do before recording the video. Either the inbuilt camera or any external camera can be used for recording by this tool. Always you can access to the webcam videos to the recordings and also the system audio at the same time.

Monosnap can record the screen in 60fps for a smooth playback in the demanding situations. The video recordings in this tool are small and can be shared in a quick way. Because of its standalone features, this tool was the favorite for Mac users. The important details can be highlighted with a pen, arrow, text, shape and hide the private information with a blur tool. Crop the area of screen perfectly by using an 8X magnifier.

  • Monosnap can be available in a free version which was developed by Farminers Ltd.
  • Compatible with Mac OS X and a 64-bit processor.
  • Through a third-party application, you can record system audio.
  • Instantly record and share your videos with others by social networking applications.


The information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to know about the best screen recorders on all operating systems. With this top screen recorders, you can easily screencast videos by this blog. Since there are many screen recording software we might have missed some from the list. If you have any doubts regarding this issues can comment us below.


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