The Best 5 iOS Emulators For Windows PC {Updated}


 The Best 5 iOS Emulators For Windows PC: Are you interested in the iOS applications? Do you want to run iOS apps on your Windows PC? Well, that’s normal as there are many numbers of online sites on “How to run iOS apps on Windows” or else “The best iOS emulators for Windows”. Don’t worry the only thing in your hands was to try the iOS emulators if you are financially low which chosen to be perfect. Still, now many of the users tried to get Android applications on their PC. But now there are equal numbers of users who are willing to have iOS emulators to use iOS apps on their Windows. You might wonder what emulator is right to run iOS apps on your PC. So today I will be sharing you the top iOS emulators for PC from this blog. Have a glance at the article for more information about the emulators.

Top 5 iOS Emulators For PC

What is an Emulator:

Before going to know about the top iOS emulators let me tell you what is an emulator. An Emulator is nothing but a hardware or software that enables a computer system(host) for behaving like another computer system(guest). Mainly it allows the host system to run the software designed for the guest system. This can be referred as the ability of a computer program in an electronic device to emulate another program. Mostly the emulators are designed for testing applications and other programs from developers. It allows running the apps from a multiple OS like iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows.

iOS Emulator:

iOS emulator enables to run an iPhone or iPad applications and games on Windows Operating System. However, you can run them from your Windows PC for a perfect access as you run them on Apple devices. With the emulators, you can test and run your apps while developing them to find any errors. After installing the iOS emulator on Windows PC you may feel the environment of iOS on Windows which helps to run iOS applications. So be ready to have a good experience of iOS app and games on your PC.

Why You Need iOS Emulators:

An emulator for iOS is made for app developers that helps to test applications and other programs. As they are the Cloud-based for running the programs from one or more OS like Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android. There are a few uses of emulators where you can have them for entertainment like playing games or creating apps of iOS on your PC. Most of the emulators are free to use and supply with SDK by the release of each OS which are easy to install, use in a simple way and fast.

iOS Emulator

Features of iOS Emulator:

An iOS emulator offers a few unique features even though you access to the iOS applications and games. Have a look here for knowing the benefits of an iOS emulator.

  • During the development process, it tests the iOS build applications.
  • Supports to run on multiple devices that contains the same OS.
  • Tests the app from developer tools that are available only for an emulator.
  • Major issues of the app can be known earlier while testing and designing.
  • Provides better graphics quality and additional features.
  • With the look and feel many users decide the actual experience of using an iOS device whether they would like for buying it or not.
  • Easy installation of iOS emulators on windows.
  • Requires no high technology processor systems.
  • The emulators are simple to use and allow faster programming.

Difference Between an Emulator and Simulator:

Both the words Emulator and Simulator are quite different from each other as they sound same. An emulator acts as a replacement for original device. It can run the same app and software from the original device without any modifications and can’t find even a point difference in the duplicate system. Mostly these emulators are used by non-iOS users who are interested in the interface of iPhone or iPad without having the original device.

A Simulator can also set up the similar environment of the original device OS but doesn’t try to make an exact copy of hardware. Because of this reason, a few apps can’t be work in Simulator. The main feature of Simulator to run the code faster and smoother then launches instantly within a seconds. Most of the users and developers prefer an Emulator to test applications due to its user-friendly feature and flexibility.

Top 5 iOS Emulators For PC:

I think you might have got a clear idea about emulator till now like what they are and why it to be used. So let me discuss of the best iOS emulators for Windows without any delay. There are many emulators available for PC but we have listed a few best emulators for the users so that you can easily choose the best one from this blog. Have a glance at the emulators and have the best emulator based on your interest.

1: Smartface

Smartface is the most popular iOS emulator which offers basic functions for Windows Operating System. It allows the users for developing unlimited applications at free of cost and this program can be used in an easy way. As this emulator is a full-featured platform that reduces cost, increases the productivity, and provides necessary mobility solutions. The only thing you need to do is install the app on host device through App store and later on connect to the Windows Operating System.

This emulator is widely used to build cross-platform iOS applications. Either you can choose the paid or free version of Smartface based on your choice where the premium costs of $99. The Windows device should install the iTunes so that the sync becomes easy. Once the iOS is emulated to Windows it’s easy to develop native applications through Smartface. In order to emulate the phones go to the option that says “File” and open the app that you wish to emulate for iOS.


  • Compatible with Windows XP, 2000, Vista, 2003, Server 2008, 7, Android, iPhone and iPad.
  • Supports plugins to extend Smartface applications.
  • Javascript library and codebase.
  • Supports to test applications and debugging.


2: iPadian

iPadian is the best emulator for PC that runs Windows XP or higher. It is easy to launch on the Windows desktop and looks like an iPad screen. Although iPadian is not an emulator but slightly a simulator. Actually, iPadian is a desktop application based on Adobe air platform and needs to be installed on your PC or else it doesn’t run the emulator. Many of the native iOS applications cant be accessed on the iPadian so that it comes with the own App Store where a set of apps can run on Windows.

With this emulator, you can get amazing Apple features like Siri, TvOS, iMessage. iPadian is available in both the free and premium version where the free version can be used in a good manner for any iOS games and apps. Along with the basic apps, you can find a few pre-installed applications like Facebook, Clash Of Clans, Photoshop for use. A few basic applications are Safari Browser, Clock, App Store, Mail, Calculator as well as Music and much more.


  • With the premium version, you can use any app for free from App Store.
  • No ads in the premium version that costs of $10.
  • Supports multi-tasking and the apps can be easily found with search or browse page.
  • Easy to access the internet connection on your device by Youtube and Safari Browser.
  • Offers a user-friendly interface.
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.


3: AIR iPhone Emulator

AIR iPhone Emulator is one of the top emulators that creates extreme real effects. With the support of Adobe Air Framework, it recreates Graphical User Interface of selected iOS on Windows Platform. It brings the great importance for developers who upload their new apps to AIR iPhone before its release to see how it looks and feels like. Although this emulator offers many features a few core apps like Safari Web browser are not available. This emulator was mainly designed for the users to make and receive calls from Ribbit.

Ribbit was a telecommunication service used by the developers mostly for connecting with telephone networks. This is an alternate simulator for Windows which makes an exact copy of iOS. It creates an exact virtual iPhone on your PC to see the actual screen. To see the iOS emulator in horizontal mode simply choose the orientation arrow located on the top right corner of the user interface. For the vertical mode click on it again. As this emulator is not used for the testing purpose of apps but gives the feel of iPhone simply on your computer.


  • AIR iPhone Emulator is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone.
  • Requires hardware configuration to access all the applications.
  • This emulator available only in the free version.
  • Adobe Air needs to be installed and downloaded for the functioning of AIR iPhone on your Windows.
  • You may find differences in running apps on emulator and on the iOS device as it is not a fully functional application.

AIR iPhone Emulator

4: MobiOne Studio

MobiOne Studio is the best iOS emulator for PC which allows running all the iOS applications and games. It helps to emulate the iOS apps but also move ahead to develop apps just like in Android SDK. One of the easy software to use where more than millions of the users have been downloaded since its launch. With the App sync technology, MobiOne supports for the large sized applications to reviews and testing. By the common Text Messaging, users can transfer the apps directly from any mobile device.

This is an iPhone simulator cum emulator for Windows to develop cross-platform mobile applications for iOS and Android systems. Mainly these are built on HTML 5 app model by means of Cordova or PhoneGap an open source framework. With this emulator, you can build notifications on the desktop, share the app links by email, configure to run your app on iPhone or iPad, custom icons, view status of the app by App Center progress view. Without any effort test your apps and games immediately using this emulator.


  • Enables status notification similar to iOS.
  • This emulator is available for free.
  • Compatible with the Windows, Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
  • Supports multi unique capabilities as custom user interface templates.
  • Use drag and drop function for portrait and landscape orientation to modify.
  • AIR iPhone emulator is discontinued officially but you can download with exe file from third parties on your computer.

MobiOne Studio

5: iPhone Simulator

If you are interested to run popular applications and games of iPhone on your Windows PC then iPhone Simulator is a perfect choice. One of the best iOS emulator which fills all the requirements. For finding out the major issues you can test the applications with this simulator. iPhone simulator doesn’t give access to some of the crucial apps on iPhone such as Safari browser or App Store. This is quite handy when it access to the more applications like notepad, clock, and calculator.

One of the main disadvantages of this simulator is that cannot access the Apple App Store where a few of applications are in default. As this program is for free you can easily install on your computer. It might not be the useful app developers for advanced features such as debugging etc. There is a possibility to track the app where it has major concerns related to it.


  • Compatible with Mac and Windows.
  • iPhone Simulator is for free.
  • Supports high-quality graphics and interface on iPhone clone.
  • Allows changing the wallpaper and works on flash to access a few default applications on the iOS system.
  • For the users who want to feel real iPhone then it’s quite handy.

iPhone Simulator

The information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to know about top iOS emulators for windows. Select any of the emulator based on their interest from the above list. Here are the great tools for the app developers to develop and test their apps in the real OS environment before its launch. If you have any doubts regarding this issues can comment us below.


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