How To Turn Off Auto Sync in iTunes When Connected to iPhone, iPad or ipod


How To Turn Off Auto Sync in iTunes: If you plug an iPhone or iPod with iTunes installation across all your iOS devices it automatically opens and tries to sync with the device. Apple designed its convenience and it cuts to open iTunes manually. There are a good number of reasons to stop syncing for your iPhone or iPod. However, there is a way to disable auto sync feature in iTunes. Once it was done you need to click on sync button to transfer your content manually. Let us have a glance at this article to know how to turn off auto sync in iTunes.

How To Turn Off Auto Sync in iTunes

Reasons to Disable Auto Sync in iTunes:

You may not prefer to sync automatically iTunes on your devices for a few reasons they are:

  • Not your Computer: Sometimes we plug our iPhones into our own computers or other which don’t belong to us mainly for charging the battery. In such cases, you need not want to sync your iPhone with a computer.
  • Not your primary Computer: Even if it belongs your Computer, not the one you normally syncs with no correct data. If you no need to overwrite the data with outdated information.
  • Don’t have time: Sync for a long time if you have a lot of data to sync or if you are facing problems with some contents. These settings don’t apply over Wi-Fi to sync only connections made directly using USB cable which comes with your iPhone.

How to Disable Auto Sync in iTunes:

Connect your iOS device to your Computer where the iTunes is installed with the latest version. Simply follow these steps to disable auto sync features in iTunes.

  • After connecting your iOS device to a computer you will notice an icon right below the top menu in iTunes.
  • Simply click on the device icon and move on text menu.
  • Under the options from the right side uncheck the box.
  • Now it syncs automatically when your iPhone is connected.
  • Click on Done from the top right corner to save your settings.
  • For syncing easily you can click on sync option on right next to it.
  • Move to edit and click on preferences located in the top menu to disable the auto sync feature.
  • Or else use the shortcut “Ctrl +” for getting into iTunes easily.
  • Now iTunes is displayed on your device screen with a pop-up window to customize the preferences.
  • Go to device section and check the box.
  • Click on next to prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically.
  • Finally, click OK to save your preferences after finishing all the settings.

How to Disable Auto Sync in iTunes

Disable Auto Sync in iTunes 12:

If you are running iTunes 12 or up follow these steps to disable auto sync.

  • Connect your iPhone or iPod to your Computer.
  • iTunes should launch automatically if it doesn’t launch now.
  • Now click on iPhone or iPod in the left corner located with a small icon.
  • Control playback options and go to the summary screen.
  • From the options, box clicks on uncheck a box and then automatically sync when your iPhone is connected.
  • Click on apply to the bottom right corner of your iTunes to save your new settings.

Disable Auto Sync in iTunes 12

Remember to Sync Manually:

Make sure to sync your iOS devices manually from now on. With the sync, you can create a backup of data on your iPhone or iPod to restore data. When you face problems with your device to transfer data or upgrading to the new device the backup data can be helpful to restore all your data. If you don’t have full backup data then you may lose important information like contacts and photos.

 Sync Manually

The information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to disable the auto sync for iTunes. If you have any doubts regarding this issues can comment us below.


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