Windows 10 Critical Errors – Start Menu And Cortana Not Working Issues


Windows 10 Critical Errors – Start Menu And Cortana Not Working Issues: Have you been facing Windows 10 Critica errors? Then you need to find the suitable fix to solve Windows 10 Critical errors like Start menu and Cortana not working issues. Whenever you have been working on your PC or Laptop device, you may come across a window bar showing “Critical Error- Start Menu and Cortana aren’t working. We’ill try to fix it the next time you sign in”. Running these kinds of issues on your device screen may bring you a lot of tensions in mind. Today, I am providing the fixes for Windows 10 critical errors that include Start menu and Cortana not working issues with detailed information as stated below. Looking for the ways to solve Start menu and Cortana issues then keep on reading the points affirmed here.

Critical error

Windows 10 Critical Error:

Since the latest release of Windows 10, most of the Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users have been switching to this version. As the latest version of Windows 10 is power packed with amazing features, you might have got excited about its features. But your need for going through this articles proves that you have been toggling between Windows 10 Critical Errors like “Start menu and Cortana errors”. As we people deal with the software, it is not that much easy to figure out the errors that are running in the background. Though it shows that your Windows 10 errors will be fixed for the next time you sign in, you may not be able to get your Windows 10 errors fixed.

Fix – Windows 10 Critical Errors:

Any Windows 10 users fed up with these “Critical Error- Start Menu and Cortana aren’t working. We’ill try to fix it the next time you sign in” can check out for the possible fixes that could solve these kinds of issues from the methods published here.

Method 1: Using ReimagePlus

Any Windows user can use this method to solve their windows issues whenever you come across common errors on your PC. Using Reimage will help you in solving windows 10 Critical errors without losing files, hardware failures etc. ReimagePlus is like an antivirus software that could solve all PC issues and improve your device performance. This method is applicable when you are facing normal issues with Windows 10.

  • Firstly download Reimage Plus on your PC and then launch it on your Windows 10 device.
  • Open ReimagePlus on your Windows 10 and then tap on start scan button to scan your PC.
  • All the PC issues will be scanned by ReimagePlus and will be listed on your device screen.
  • Tap on “Repair all” button to fix all the PC issues in one tap.

Using ReimagePlus

Method 2: Troubleshoot Your device to Fix Critical Errors

If you have been facing Windows 10 Critical errors on your device then you get possible fixes using Troubleshoot method on your device. Follow the steps stated below to solve all the issues related to Windows 10 in one tap.

  • As your Start Menu is not working, you need to hold on Shift Key and tapping the power button.
  • Pressing Shift+ Power button will help you in locating the restart icon on your device screen or else use Troubleshoot->Advanced Settings->Startup Settings-> Restart.
  • Restart your device so that all the tasks going in the background might be stopped easily.
  • If restart method doesn’t seem to be working then type “Run” where you can enter the command “msconfig” and then tap on OK button.
  • You will be directed to system configuration window where you can find multiple options listed.
  • Tap on Boot option and then choose “SAFE BOOT” and click on Networking.
  • Now tap on the apply button so that your device will restart in safe mode with networking.
  • All your Windows 10 Critical errors will get fixed on this safe boot and you can enjoy working on your PC as before without any Start Menu and Cortana issues.

Troubleshoot Your device to Fix Critical Errors

Method 3: Remove Dropbox or Antivirus Software

Sometimes using Dropbox and any other Antivirus software on your device may stop you from using Windows 10 efficiently. If you have gone through the Dropbox issues earlier, you might have known the errors that it causes to the windows 10 users. Dropbox is the major reason behind Windows 10 Critical errors. Antivirus software will always stop you when you are working on malware things or unprotected sites. So using Dropbox or Antivirus Software may affect your device and finally shows Windows 10 errors on your PC screen.

  • Tap Windows Key+ R so that Create New Task tab will be displayed on your PC screen.
  • Type appwiz.cpl in the open bar and then click on OK button to run the command.
  • Now navigate your Dropbox installation file and then tap on Uninstall button to remove Dropbox from your device.
  • Restart your computer so that you could remove Windows 10 Critical errors successfully.
  • Try removing your Antivirus software if you are still facing the same issue on your Windows 10 device.

Remove Dropbox

Method 4: Hide Cortana From Taskbar

Start Menu and Cortana are the major issues which we have been facing on Windows 10 device. Users may have a doubt whether it could be helpful if you hide Cortana from Taskbar. Ending the tasks going on your PC may help you some extent but we are just hiding Cortana as it shows Critical errors all the time when you switch on your computer. Follow the steps given here to get a temporary solution for Windows 10 Critical error issue.

  • Now open search bar and then type Taskbar in the space provided.
  • Right click on Taskbar and the choose Search button so that you can find three option showing Hidden, Show search icon and show search box buttons on your device screen.
  • Tap on Hidden button firstly and then choose search bar again to tap on Show search icon.
  • Now Restart your PC and check for Windows 10 Critical errors got solved or not.


Method 5: Disable Internet Explorer

Disable Internet Explorer is one best solution for Windows 10 Critical errors like Start Menu and Cortana, not working issues. Whenever you are working seriously, your device may break up showing you these kinds of critical errors. Sometimes it is not easy to solve these issues as we may not be able to find the origin. This errors might be caused when you have upgraded to windows 10 version from Windows 8/ 8.1. To work on your computer as before, you need to disable Internet Explorer by following the steps guided here.

  • Hold Windows Key+ R and then type appwiz.cpl in the space provided.
  • Now tap on Enter button or else click on OK button so that you will be able to check out the programs running on your device.
  • Tap on Turn Windows features ON or OFF shown at the top left of the Programs and Features window.
  • Now locate Internet Explorer 11 in the list of programs displayed and then uncheck it.
  • Tap on Yes button if you see any warning message on your system screen.
  • Now Restart your computer and check whether the issue is completely solved or not.


Method 6: Local Security Authority Process

Local Security Authority Process is a major drawback behind “Critical Error- Start Menu not working and Cortana issues”. Generally, Local Security Authority process will be running in the background and you may not notice it until you check the Taskbar. Try to End Local Security Authority Process so that you could solve Windows 10 Critical Errors easily.

  • To disable the process hindering your serious work schedule, you need to open Task Manager.
  • Open Task Manager by holding Ctrl+Shift+ Esc and the Task Manager window will be displayed.
  • Now tap on the Processes tab and then locate “Local Security Authority Process” running in the background.
  • Right Click on “Local Security Authority Process” and then tap on End task.
  •  Then Close the Task Manager and restart your computer so that Windows 10 critical errors could be solved.

Local Security Authority Process

Method 7: Create Another Administrator Account, Delete TileDataLayer Directory

Most of the times your PC will list you a number of unknown errors when you upgrade from Windows 8, 8.1 to Windows 10. Figuring out those problems is only possible for professionals unless you are very habituated to your PC device. If you could solve your PC issues by following the guide given here, then you can work on your device as before. Windows 10 users frequently report that they are facing “Critical Errors- Start Menu and Cortana not Working” problems. Switching to a new Administrator account may and removing TileDataLayer Directory may help you in solving your Windows 10 Critical Errors easily.

  • Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+ Shit+ Esc where you can find Task Manager File.
  • Right Click on File button and then tap on Run New Task so that you can create a new task.
  • Type cmd in the in the new task and then Click on OK button by checking “Create this task with administrative privileges”.
  • Now Command prompt will be displayed on your system screen and press Enter so that command will start running.
  • It shows “Net user/add admin1 password1_” which mean that you are going to create a new user account with an admin1 name and password as password1.
  • Turn the newly added user to the administrator by entering “net localgroup administrators admin1/add”.
  • Now close the command prompt by logging out of the current account in order to switch on for the newly created account.
  • Hold Windows Key+ R and then enter “%localappdata%”, tap on OK button.
  • Now locate TileDataLayer folder on your PC and then delete the file.
  • Then sign out of the admin1 account and then switch back to your original account.
  • Check whether your Windows 10 Critical Error has been solved or not after deleting TileDataLayer.

Create Another Administrator Account, Delete TileDataLayer Directory

Tips and Tricks to Overcome Windows 10 Critical Errors- Start Menu and Cortana, not Working Issues:

All the methods which I have produced above could help you in solving all the PC issues related to Windows 10 Critical errors. Now I am going to provide some tips and tricks that could alter your problems while working on Windows 10.

Refresh Windows 10:

When all the files lagging or running in the background, your device may not respond perfectly. In order to keep on working continuously, you need to choose different methods to solve Windows errors. Try to refresh your Windows 10 so that all the downloaded and unwanted cache will be removed. Before going to refresh, make sure you have performed a backup of all the files available on your device. Complete your Windows 10 installation again by using USB or DVD.

Refresh Windows 10

Restart Your Computer:

Sometimes restarting windows may help you in solving Windows 10 critical errors as you have upgraded to Windows 10.  Whenever you switch from Windows 8/8.1, your windows may not get cleared for one click. So you need to clear off all the data by choosing restarting button. So that all your files causing Windows 10 errors may get cleared and you will be able to work on your PC as before.

Restart Your Computer

Remove and Plugin Battery:

I am seriously asking you to remove and plug in your PC battery to solve Windows 10 errors. People might be thinking that I am making fun or just bluffing something. But it is true as many PC users have tried solving their PC issues by removing battery or supply unit. When your PC does not respond your command, you can remove your battery and then check whether your PC is turned off. Once you remove the battery, all the programs running on your PC will be closed all of sudden. If you are stuck and not able to deal with your computer then try removing your battery. Whenever you remove and plug in the battery, all the programs will be forcibly turned off. Restart your PC so that all the tasks will be ended and you can work as you are dealing with a new computer.


Hope you have gone through all the methods which I have enclosed here for solving “Windows 10 Critical Errors- Start Menu and Cortana Not working issues”. Never get worried when your system hangs or stops working. Follow the guides presented here or else visit a computer repair shop if you could not solve or understand the methods stated here. For more information regarding Windows 10 Critical errors, stay connected with us. Contact us if you are looking for something beyond the information provided here by commenting below.


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